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Contracted Lover

Marie Gomez
ang hilig kong magbasa ng mga ganito ♥️ pero sana naman sa susunod pag naunlock na ung episode sana unlock naden pag babasahin ulit 😹 lalo na ako paulitulit kong binabasa pag wala ng load tapos lakang magawa syempre diko mapigilan basahin ulit 😹 ska kung may season 2 naman dapat ganon den title pero may 2 para mabilis lang namen makita 😹😌 ang hirap kaya sa mga addict magbasa tapos bitin diba guys 😹♥️ just saying lang naman to 😹♥️ pero sana naman mapansin nyo den ung nararamdaman ko at mabago ung mangatoons kasi sayang den ung points hehe 😹😹😹 but ilove thiss very much #Mangatoons 😘😘😘

#Justsaying 😚☺️
🤐 my opinion the author just dragged this story a little to much , because after she saw mr ou and his ex she should have at least had a talk with him to know the situation than assuming for five freaking years . After all she agreed to marry him and relationships are about communication not running away because you saw him with his ex jeez 🤦🏾‍ . They would still have raf and live happily ever after ❤️
Manar M.
Gosh this comic reminds me so much of Pure girl! Especially the ML here his name is similar to ML in Pure girl “Aotian” and his hair too 🙂!
BUT of coarse there is no comparison of the arrogant “Yu Aotian” he is the top arrogant ML I’ve ever seen!😍💘
why is she even trying to solve the misunderstanding between her so called boyfriend and his mother when she even doesn't like to be his girlfriend and She even made things more complicated than it was....She is really stupid 😒
Snow Bunny
Oh My God...he is really a good gentleman!! He really is never force her! He still keep her virginity, her pride, even cares for her mother so much!!
My God!! I want Haotian to be my husband!!
such a cute and beautiful and happy ending.😍😍 i love this kind of stories ,its simple and cute and mainly romantic with some twist and turns.this was a too good one though😊😊
eventhough in the earlier part there were aome misunderstandings i started to hate this but i didnt give up and still read this manga...and now i dont regret
Alyssa Gunter
when the blackout happened and I watch a video to read the next episode I was thinking of him jumping out and yelling boo when she turned around.
Gaby Daoud
But wait he didn’t tell her that he was the one in that bear suit. I was waitingg for that moment for a long time
Rosie Strickland: I meant bear
Rosie Strickland: He should have proposed in the near suit
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Snow Bunny
oh they have known each other since little?? Hemmm looks like something happened to FL that she forgotten about her past...! 🤔🤔
Snow Bunny
The Woo toot toot cry is just ruining everything...But....the last panel....
The surprising good night kiss!!
Adrina Ino
I liked this manga, even though in the last 20 chapters the story has developed very fast, it was worth reading
Well no need to judge her but we should learn to trust the ones we love more than strangers who bear us ill will.
However understand that from her background and hardships, she didn't dream she could meet and marry a rich guy. So didn't trust her self enough
Maryrose Nebril Valentin
what a beautiful story with a happy ending, thank u so much author for sharing us your very wonderful story.

she walked in the rain for so long but how is it possible that neither her dress nor her hair is wet
that guy is deeply inlove ..i like that kind of guy ! do everything for need to be shame ..thats love
Ging Asister Antique
if i have a father like him and put me in this kind of situation id rather have him be killed by them😒😤😡 i can be an evil daughter 😈
you freaking kidding me? you do what your boss said when he have to check your body. i rather not.
Snow Bunny
hahahaha the Pride Haotian is wearing a bear costume....Kyaaahahahaha Here comes handsome bear!!
Anime _lover😁😁😁😎😎😎😍😍😍
so she's adopted?hmmm..i bet she is rich,and someone is trying to get rid of her when she was a baby thats why..🤔🤔😂
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