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Contracted Lover

Run run run
I can’t stop running
Run run run
I can’t help but running
This is the only thing l can do
The only thing I can do is loving you
Run~ Don’t tell me bye bye
Run~ You make me cry cry
Run~ Love is a lie lie
Don’t tell me,don’t tell me bye bye............
There r few lines that l wrote in English but they r according the translation of the lyrics those were in korean.!!! Fell like singing Run by BTS when I read “ Love is a lie “ which the ML said!
OT7: it makes me happy whenever i see my
co-ARMYs borahae 💜💜
Suga-nim 😘: everywhere ... worldwide famous BTS 💜💜
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One that actually show their kid together with them after they marry. Some of the mangas I read that already have their kid, right after the couple married they would leave out their kid, like they’re not even apart of their happiness. I mean I be happy the couple is finally together and married but I want them to also include their kid too. So with this manga ending I’m glad and happy they also include their son at the end holding hands with them instead of just leaving him out. Idk to some it wouldn’t matter but to me it kind of gets to me cause the kid also plays a big part in the story and also help with them getting back together so leaving them out is just a big no to me
Duchok John Tache Tagia: nice thought .....sugoii
Maria Graciela Sarmiento: jjdjdjkroeikkkkeofe
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Boy with luv 💜
I just remembered jungkook's 6 packs.🤭💜
Krisel Montelibano: me too haha
MS XXX (Radha👸😘): me too 😉O(≧∇≦)O
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😉😉😉.....what should i say.....its just a perfect story with a perfect ending.....the plot of the story is so so cute....and exotic.....its a simple story and i really really satisfied with it....actually i also want that my betterhalf must be like him.....really adorable,handsome,loving.....nd having a special aura that attracts everybody...😁😁😁 actually this is bit too much...if his aura attracts others too much then ......what should i say.....😂😂 i'll have many love rivals......😂😂😂
1. Good Ending
2. I think the story is a bit short
3. Conflicts between Mother's
4. Misunderstandings
5. Not all Ex's are bad
6. Run away from ML so they will look for you
7. Typical love story
8. A kid who's smarter than their Mom and me 😂
9. Age doesn't matter (if she's 15 when she got pregnant 😂)
10. Ungrateful biatch 🐍 Ungrateful father
11. Money doesn't solve everything
12. Forget and Forgive
13. Social status
14. Insecurities
15. Trust, Love and Communication
PijuRadiya💖V: 👍👍👍👍 great summary
Amiksha (never gonna change my dp😁): 😂😂😂😂😂😂you really summarised it well🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Just imagining how to cry with that kind sound (WO-TOOT-TOOT)😕😕😕
LOGY LOGY: same I tried to cry like that😂😂
Heirness “laye “for life: Same it sound like I’m saying sum thin bad 😂😂
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Drowned Fish
Why am so bitter that haotian is being calm and composed lol while I’m sitting here reading and my body is boiling with anger coz of how she’s acting. She left without a word, hid their child, lied to the child and haotian and doesn’t want haotian to butt in in her life and business but she’s been butting in on his business when they were together.
Self talk—-‘calm down, it’s just a comic’
Louis ♥️: You know if you truly love someone you Will do anything for that person even let you self-respect go ( Sorry for the bad English) 😘
Mezzaluna: even its just a comic, i feel the same too..
i think its gonna be so much better if haotian angry to her selfisness..😅 well we both need to calm down
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can spilling a coffee on some handsome guy can get you a luxurious ride and dinner in China!??? In reality I don't think we can get anything more than scoldings🙆
temperdbones: lol! if that's the case, im guna spill him a bucket!
Nista Rai: hahaha I wonder about it too 😂😂😂😂
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next morning she b like
"where are my panties???!!!"
and d panties be like
"am gonna swing from chandelier, from the chandelier....."
Bléssed: Maddison sorry hope you didn't really get an attack sweetie
Arsema : I’m gone 😭😂😂
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Me: bhahahah they kissed on accident

Mom: *comes in* what you doin laughing?!

Me: I’m reading something awkward and funny

Mom: you woke me up with your laughing 😡 and what are you reading let me see

Me: *oh no*

Mom: *looks at my phone and see’s two people kissing* What the heck is this?! Give me your phone right now and GO TO SLEEP
The Rich Guy thinking: “1 million? Is that it? No one would want anything less than 5 million.”
The Girl thinking: “1 million should be enough to pay it of!”
Nightwing_02: I’m legit broke right now ;-;
Heirness “laye “for life: I’ll buy the whole Burger King and hibachi 🥰🥰😘😘🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
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Haotian: no one asked for less than 5 million
MC: Need to pay my dad’s gambling debts
Me: Need 1 million so I can unlock chapters without worrying how much coins I have left
Suga-nim 😘: i need money too for BTS concert and merchandises 😆😆
BTS ARMY : Me: need one million so I can go to Korea and buy a BTS concert tickets and attend their fan sign 😂😂
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Yawina Rada
somehow murag gibati nakog sapot aning bayhana.. nimels.. ingrata sab. i mean, mas nag inarte pa xa sa ML nga...
-nihatag niyag 1 M pero wa xa gi jerjer
-gihatod pauli
-giluwas sa xa sa vip888
-giluwas nasab xa karon

mag hinilas pa xag kasuko sa ML? unya mukuyog ug makig date sa stranghero kay nayabuan niyag kape? di ko kasabot hahahajaja
Jennifer Tutor: hahahahahaha, nice explanation hahaha. ❤❤
Julita Ayon: 😂😂😂😂😂 same here
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this story is so good and different from others.,💓💓
Nefertari👸🌹😚: right..
Mariam Samas: Yeah the Ml doesn't force her to do things its pleasant to the eyes.
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vs 😊
All perfect gentleman's are living in comic world.. Not in our world... 😬😬😕
Naruto Uzumaki: i know 99 percent of men are horny bastard, but we are not all bad, there are still a few gentlemen out there.
not alot bu still😅
zanoshia: ahhhhh😧....if they were in the real world and my boyfriend comes i will kick his a$$ saying "why did you take so long " 🐸💔😑
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There's no easy way to break news like this, but COME ON...adoptive mom is obviously older, might have heart issues, and big, very stressful shocks are bad news. And you can't tell just by looking at even young people that a person is free from serious health issues, so...what if her daughter or her grandson has anxiety issues? Panic attacks can make people with anxiety hyperventilate. And there's a whole spectrum of potential trauma and stress related A DOCTOR with you, lady. Or at LEAST a paramedic. Heck, if somebody got mad and dropped a planter on your head or something, the life you save by being cautious could be your own. Just saying.
Miriam Vl
just a little opinion of mine but fl running away was totally unnecessary or they should've atleast created a bigger that type of situations wouldnt a normal person confront ml or atleast breakup with them but she just ran away..just shows how weak she is and how little trust she has on the man she loves 🤷‍♀
why does the car changed suddenly?🤔
Yawina Rada: amina jones, hahaha i was supposed to comment that
Yawina Rada: amina jones, hahaha i was supposed to comment that
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dee_s0_b0red: SHE NEED SOME WATER
Anonymous: What if she’s lactose intolerant huhhhhh
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Now the real happy ending~ With this the manhua is finally completed 😅

It's a beautiful ending but I wished it had more with the reconciliation and preparation for the wedding fluffy stuff.

Still, thank you author for the wonderful story~ 💕
👑💙pearl_princess💙👑: yeahh
👑💙pearl_princess💙👑: yeahh
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