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Shape of the Wind

This Gary is more than trash. Maybe he takes her now and she doesn't even know who she really loved. As a girl I really want to hurt or even kill that guy.
Levi Doyle: As a man I find his behavior disgraceful.
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you're stupid if u believe that Gary guy
you just lost someone that loved you and trusted you......honestly.....I wanna feel bad but (emoji)
she is just a little weaker than gary so if they both teamed up they could've defeated gary. All of this extra stuff was not called for smh
honestly I don't like her ... what kind of love is this??? 🤔...she doesn't truly love him ..... I like Princess only....he is such a stupid man
Pervert Girl like Food🤤😍😘
I like Lynn😍.. She's better to you😘.shr many sacrifice to you but I think it just nothing to you 😭
Tarek Crash
you don't have to kill him because he is already weakness against her but This really hurts a lot 💔💔
Karlos Gamboa: damn you are dumb
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Christopher Murray
Why the random dance ? Have I missed something?
Lucia: i dont't think so but maybe she just wantef to cheer him up or let him forget the pain for a little wile i guess
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Christopher Rodriguez
The girls annoying for liking him but not at least saying she’s a girl not likes she’s saying she is the princess.
King Nelson
Hhh man just read the story dam 🤦🏾‍♂️op MC in the making there’s always a reason behind what the Arthur does in a book
yeah I like Princess more than White haired girl..
my god author pls give Lancelot (mc) half of knowledge 😂😂
cup cake
does any one feel happy for she to betray him now he will hate her was and go to d princess hooray well....for sure he won't die he is d male lead
Komo RuBu
a blowjob would have been better
I ship them but lancelot is a little stupid 😍😍😥😥
i really like and appreciate this story thank😭😍
James Smith
where this is at is just aids nothing but aids
I'm actually happy that she betray him, but not the fact that she stab him wtf-.
i'm your mother pfft😂 -ali baba
Zaraki Kenpachi
She really loved him.. 😭😭 UwU...
just enjoy this cuz YOLO 😂😂
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