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Martial Master
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simon is a bad actor good thing he is to stupid to catch on.if you look you'll notice Simon's smiling when he sees he almost got beaten to death does that sound to you like something someone would say with a smile.
Nicolas: Follow me and I follow you 😁
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I figured the reason his caltavation was low was to increase the strength of his body but I didn't expect him to say it was to the maximum the question is is it the maximum for his caltavation level or the maximum period.
Nicolas: Follow me and I follow you 😁
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im imagining like he was staying there for more days and when the team need him he will make a grand entrance and say he stay in the pool for a month haha
Serid :Weirdo {Stalks Bestie}: thanks
Owen: im reading the Money is not an issue
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well seems like the type of situation were people like the light blue haird girl and Joseph will use to try and kill Simon not that thay stand a chance
wondering lord
why does the episode have to end as he is existing. now would be a good time for a crazy update I can't stand the torture of waiting for one day much less four whole days
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Simon will be ok.. Then he would go find his fellow people of the country? and help them.. Then he would come across the other princess.
Although I hate Joseph, it's such a slap in the face and of other countries that Joseph is at a higher level than them. But we all know who's really the strongest
Serid :Weirdo {Stalks Bestie}: would you please check out my novel..
1. Money is not an issue
2. The Legacy of Monster and
3. Jokes all on.
thank you for reading my comment as well
Sueci Shinny: Yup, and that person is Simon of course...😂😂
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Rod Nialba
also... Henry, watch out for Simon... you'll regret definitely for what you've done.. retribution is coming for you!
is the green haired the FL?well it's fine for me tho HAHAHA and I don't want the princesses (Alice and zilia)hm that's for me
anime goddess Haughton
what the heck is with these girls thinking every guy is a pervert
Tomoe Gozen: well he did kinda peek on her. So of couse she would think he is a pervert
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This might be the first time someone has made me in this state and it's you author
My heart can't take this any longer
well even if she doesn't tell them about simon being in that side of the pool there probably going to find out when the light blue haired girl sees simon and atacks him again.
Biggest fool I've seen...he should've know he is weaker than Simon after throwing so much punches.
anime AMV
3 days from now if i haven't seen simon appear with a powerful level of cultivation because he jist swimmed around and collecteng perls then let me beat you up
InSaneGal: hey there plz read my chat story...would appreciate it
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guys do u want to read the next chapters of this comic read my novel with pictures its much better than this
Taranjit Kaur
You fu*king bit*h how dare you give the cat pain, I will find you and do the same as you did with the cat.....
Umaru_UMR: let me join and ill torture her 24/7
Hegel Romeo Cabibil: count me in
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Dolo Snal lol
not only in this world in real world too people are more scarier than animals people like thugs and all
You should worry about your life than others...Simon will kill you.
Wei disciples, good luck. Bet no one from you will return alive by then 😂
Dolo Snal lol: they gonna need it so that they don't meet the 8 top from qi
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BloodyMaria The Virgo
Wait doesn't he already awakened his bloodline? The dragon like black tattoo on his arm?
Marc Smith: I think he has another one; 2 in total
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