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A cute girl Xia Li got involved in endless supernatural incidents but she was rescued by a popular young man Li Youjun.
Was it for love or just because Xia Li was his destiny?
It was a love story starting from Big Band till today.
It was a curse triggered during Tang Dynasty.
It was a love between an immortal and a mortal…

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School life
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Finally she realized that wasn’t the real Youjun. It was obvious but it showed how much she loves him. Even if it was just a copy she got so jealous that she didn’t notice the many differences. Which means............…
SHIP SILING~~~~~~ *insert my profile picture here*
Love💜theButtlerFromSeven7️⃣: I meant sailing
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Rita Ramirez
I feel so bad for because I was the always the fat girl in school actually thanks that what is happening to her is something of a great and honest miracle in in the meantime it's just something or someone trying to get clothes to pair a truly feel for her because when she has to turn back to herself she may be miserable but she needs to realize she is beautiful inside and out it does not matter what people think cuz if they don't like you for who you are and they're not worth your time
Cutie ki Anny
he..he. I've all those ep and I can read them whenever I want.😁😁😁. Feeling lucky 😀😀😀
Paeton Spillman: I’m watching ads so
Fnu Kainat: Nah!!! I don't wanna ask, cuz you know what I'll ask
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