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Mr. Darcy Next Door
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Kaith de Javino Vizector
I'm officially inlove with their eyes.
kallaine: me toooo
520: inkmn
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I cant wait for next episode
It's awesome I really enjoy reading this
one of my favourites ❤
BrightWin: me too . forever fav one
Gil Morcia: yeah goodluck to this story
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I feel, like both sides are somehow right:
On one hand, she is not to blame for how her parents raised her and messed with her conscience.
On the other hand, most children rebel at one point in their teenage years. It's an important process to find your own way in life. obviously, this didn't happen with her. She lacks rebellious spirit, otherwise she wouldn't cross that line.

Then again - why does she think he'll help her family, just because he might marry her? I can imagine, that he wouldn't do shit for her family, if she forces him to marry her. And all this is, if he even would marry her. I see more of an outcome like he would make a deal with her: She gives him the child (because he wouldn't want his child to be raised by someone like her) and he helps her family - and one other condition would be, that she disappeares out of his and his family's life ...
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Meow: I agree with you. The ml and fl have a harmed each other too much on an emotional level and physical for the fl. I get it that ml wants to bring out the fl's true self but by make her lose her own self worth and giving her traumatic experience is not a way to go. There is a very fine line between being in love and being obsessed, the ml has clearly crossed that line. To be honest I don't want them to end together because too much harm is done. for once in life I want the fl to step up and save her self and company and find a man who isn't obsessed. I want ml to let go of fl and live peaceful life.
this not gonna happen right in the end the fl will give away herself and they'll get married, so predictable plus the ml will be forgiven for disrespecting her. I like ml but the relationship harms fl more than the ml again at emotional and physical level.
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Queen Elsa
Strange parents!! I don't know why these parents give importance on teaching a girl to satisfy a man's desire in stead of teaching daughter to keep her own dignity and self esteem??? These types of parents are nothing but selfish. They only think about themselves but they don't consider about their daughter's feelings..
On the other hand, FL is really dumb and useless. In stead of satisfying tang shi, can't she show more strong attitude?? Can't she be more straightforward??? She should tell her parents that she can't entertain a ML by losing her dignity..
And the ML is really strange.. Yes, it is true that he loves her in his heart and wants her to be more strong but it does not mean that he is doing right thing by playing with her.. If he truely loves her, he should teach her how to keep self esteem. He should tell her about his likings and dislikings.. By showing anger, he has not become a gentle and good person.. He should let her know what he wants from her. By doing these stupid things, he will become more stupid person...😑😑😑
All I see, they have really a communication gap..😑😑😑😑
Rondaserenity: Agree with you i everything you just said...and I think that is why Tang Shi doea this to her because he wants to see if ahe will grow some back bone to say no instead of being so weak and willful...he loves her yes but this isn't the girl he fell for when they were kids her parents made hee change as she grow older which is sad as hell
M: so true...I wish she could think for once and follow her heart
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I can't stand his attitude anymore. Honestly loving her doesn't justify your stupid actions. You think your the only one suffering? Shes been raised to meet your every need, thay was her parents fault, not hers. Just because your mad that she acts differently around you doesn't mean you should treat her that way, if you do it's only going to make it worse. If you scare her and then embarrass her, do you think it will make her act better around You? Have you ever thought about how she feels if you really love her? Growing up to be what your parents want isn't easy for her, she must feel a lot of pressure and uneasiness, and your attitude doesn't help. If you really love her, take her feelings into consideration. She's had a pretty crappy life and you being mean to her doesn't make it better. Her parents are selfish and greedy, forcing her to do everything to your liking. Its not that she wants to, or how she was raised and all that she knows. Living under your parents pressure is hard. You have no right to think your the only one suffering, for one act like a proper man and get your attitude in check, slamming her on the bed, ripping her clothes, and forcing her to do things won't help.
Rosalina Sanchez: I mean if someone else comes who can help her business and is willing to treat her right I won’t be surprised if the Fl chose them instead
Alter-ego-princess: If we could just slap him with the truth no?
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LMAO I knew he'll be pissed at her! What she did is wrong indeed but jeezzz ffs, stop listening to your parents & do something for yourself & your own sake! I can't really blame the ML as well cuz tho his intentions for her is good but he's soooo bad at word ( & action too I think 😅 ) so there's no point of us trying to blame the whole thing to the ML or the FL parents unless she suck it up & started to stand for herself instead so yeah hopefully I'll get to see something drastic happen to the FL soon so that she can become wiser or stronger & not something like Kate ( from The Deserted Woman comic ) cuz tho we have reached chapter 209 but b*tch still is a bimbo asf 🙃🤦🏻‍♀️
BDean2: Oh my gosh!! So true... 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️ This girl needs to get a grip and live her life for herself. Even if she’s concerned about her parent’s company, she can go about winning Tang Shi’s heart and affection another way, other than scheming like this! 🙄 She’s no different than villainous females in comics who do the same thing, except she happens to be the FL. I’m disgusted by her! 🤮

And... and... and... I hate Kate in Deserted Woman! She irks me to no friggin’ end! 😖😖
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Queen Elsa
This girl is really so dumb.. I have never seen so much dumb FL like her.. So annoying!! Is she robot or material???...😡😡.. She has completely lost her self dignity just because of her parent's desire??? Does it make any sense??
And I am also annoyed with Tang shi. He is really annoying. In stead of being angry, please explain to her what do you want..
Queen Elsa: I hope so...🙂🙂🙂🙂
j for justice 🤣🤣😜: You’re a hundred percent right they need to fix themselves before they can be in a relationship
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You are pathetic all this time to yourself but it's your fault anyway u love her but why do you threat her so cruel and ur always blaming and judging her when u don't really even know the truth and didn't even try to ask her for the real reason behind all the queries in your heart and mind. You are blaming her for her absence in that e years when u are actually the one who made a mistake first and the it's u who made her misunderstood u from the start that's why she became distant towards u . It is u who started it so u should be the one to make it up first and apologize.
Fallon Ashryver: i agreeeee
May : yeah but his doing it wrong
why bother testing the FL
why not just tell her directly
just like a forum
keeping things to one another
will just cause a misunderstanding
If he needs to tell something he
should say directly and besides his
a man he should do the first move.
just a suggestion
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Her parents are so disgusting honestly. It’s not her fault that you can’t manage your company well and you’re losing money because of it! Instead of pimping your child out and selling her off to a man, why don’t you do something to save your company yourself!? That’s not even her responsibility 🤦🏻‍♀️

And girl, stop kissing so much ass and think for yourself already! You really think trapping that man with a baby to save your family’s company is a good idea!? So you don’t mind going into a loveless marriage and having your poor child having to grow up in this kind of environment? Jeez everybody is so selfish in this story :(
Kanmuri: I fully agree with you. If only she just studied how to run the business with her father but looks like this is those traditional patriarchal family.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I don’t agree with it either, and I do fully acknowledge that she’s been brainwashed and is a victim in her own right. But the way she’s trying to to get pregnant and use their baby as a bargain chip grossed me out, it’s not fair to the baby and for sure not fair to the ML either. Wrong is wrong
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neko chan
I don't really like this kind of character that the fl of this story is. Using someone's name and wealth to save ones own family would have had still made some sense if her family was in poor condition but, it seems her father is also wealthy... maybe not that much rich compared to the ml but still in a good place. I hate her father too and family also... Wonder how could they use their daughter like this to get the shade of sympathy of someone else's power/money? And where is her / fl's dignity?? I understand that she had been raised like this since she was born, but after she left for aboard, it was 3 yrs, quite a good amount of time to get sensible, think and take some good decisions, and grow a better mentality. But sadly this didn't work out. I wonder how did she study abroad with this brain?!!
💥Kacchxn💥: My English essay is not this long
kira solomon: You’re describe half the comics on this app
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Fallon Ashryver
Damn, I feel so bad for her. It's like she's stuck. On one hand, she's cheerful and laid-back, but on the other hand (when she's in front of him), she doesn't know how to act because it seems like she's been programmed since the beginning of her life to suit his tastes, and thus, is willing to let go of anything to accomplish that certain goal. PLUS, THEY'RE MISUNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER SO BADLY. He loves her but treats her like shit bc thats his way of helping her (stupidass strategy, i know). Yet, she doesn't even seem to love him, but is trying her best to be a match for him for the sake of her family.
Mastet: I feel bad for the ml
haeyaone: You’ve completely read this comic? Or the novel? I was overwhelmed by the graphics but the the couple giving me headache by being stubbornly dishonest and not saying the truth.
Yes!!! I do love strong couple too. Where the FL can protect themself well, independent, having a strong mind, will, and character. And not easily being fooled by other. It’s also rare to find ML who was not being abusive and s e xualy harassing the FL from time to time. Most of them also have trust issues with their so/girl/wife. I wish more manhwa author to make more characters with dignity and humanity.
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Byeol XuFeng
Okay, I get it. I really get why the guy is mad at her. He has all the right to feel angry, and frustrated and so on, but what I will never accept is that he abuses her everytime he wants. He could just be cold to her and skip that awful part, but anyway, this girl is quite weak in character and doesn't know how to stand for what she really wants. I get it too, she's been brainwashed all these years to behave as she is now, but it is just too frustrating at some point, that anyone in ML's shoes would feel it 🙄😒 just hope someday she can break this game and stand for herself instead of other people's happiness only..
Maulida Muarofah: trueee... can't agree more with you..
isra: Me too now i understand the whole point
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ok...after reading this chapter. i officially done with this....after some time i will return back. i cannot see how stupid she can be..getting shameless just to help your family..i understand she want to help her family and thats good.....but, by doing something shameless..i don't think so. where is ur dignity and pride girl.. Her mind set should really change. you won't get and find your happiness as long as you did something you don't like. just love yourself first, speak for yourself, think for yourself.. this FL is the type that if the family ask her to sell her body for the company, she will do it without hesitation.. ahh,,i can't😣😣
bazOOka: but still, i cant take it if something like this happened.. ....
💥Kacchxn💥: It just a comic
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His eyes are so mesmerizing 😍 gorgeous! Reminds me of the ML from My Only Sunshine, they both have the most stunning ocean blue eyes ever!
BDean2: He’s McDreamy b/c we’re all mesmerized by his dreamy blue eyes! 😍
🌸LENG~~: from the same author
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Devi Olivia
she is graduate from colage in uk. why don't she use her capability or knowledge to take over her dad's company rather than being a slut without integrity. be a women dosen't mean she must to depended to a man, right? after all she already assume the man hated her. so juat struggle a little bit. show what you can do with your own hamd first at least. and doesn't she have a lot of high class friends. why don't she use that opporunity to gave a proposal that gave a win wim solution to both parties. after all busssniss will always see the profit.
V_army: Even though many of you will disagree with me, it’s how she was raised, she wasn’t raised to use her intellectual capabilities but to instead please people.
Mysterious reader : And some time you need parent's support
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This is really a heavy burden. To protect family this is a lot. 😔😔😔 someone pls say her he dont want this.. he want her true nature, her true free laugh.
さくら—さん: I will💖💖
SUMMER : yea.. 😅😅 thank u 😀😀 and good luck to u also with your school life.. Enjoy its every moment..
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Devi Olivia
at least i will use my head first before my body. everything you have must get by effort. is there any rich people who doesnt start from zero? is her father start from already being rich? heloo?? if what you want to become permanent than you must reach your dream with your effort, capability, brain, knowledge, personality. well doing bussniss without good personality equal no one will trust u to do bissniss with u. okeeeyy!! even tough this is just a story, but with this mindset as a story will get people misled too right??
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okay I came to know what shit is going on( if anyones wants to know please continue reading) basically he knows what the FL is going through...I mean under what circumstances so the remark that he made that with me around she wont be means that he thinks that she acts fake around him meaing not pleasing herself but trying to please him which is actually true but in reality he loves her and he wants to see her happy so he is willing to let her hate him in order to see her happy.....he wants to see her and love her for who she really is...and he wants the same thing love him for who he really Is...
JUNE^-^: once I'll read yourll I comment
JUNE^-^: and unbalanced Rivals
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Feels like both of them are equally wrong.
One should love yourself first, then you can make other people love you.

But here she keeps pushing herself on Tang, Although Tang is not better, he is a heartless man who may have feeling for her, But he treats her like shit. Have he ever asked her why she is doing this, or have he ever stopped her for, doing things that he doesn't like. No, he didn't instead of stopping her he always demands her to do those kind of filthy things
googirl: please read my chat Story nation of love
googirl: please read my chat Story nation of love
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He is so like lu junnian (ginny) from bring national husband home. Act rouge in front of her but not letting her know how he truly feels toward her. Seriously, they could just talk over it. How come someone understand what you want if you not saying it. Im pretty sure he love her but i don’t think she love him back (or yet). It’s clearly shows she always act to please him, while he want her to stop act like one and more becoming her true self and love him regardless the family maters. If only he told her and she realized that is the best way to stay by his side and eventually love him, both can live easier life. JUST BE HONEST PEOPLE, damnit!!
Mastet: They do that so they can have more to write. Most of these comics can be solved if they just had a serious talk for 5 minutes without interrupting or sexual harrasment
haeyaone: Wait, is this the one that at some point it turned out that the FL was a reincarnation or a soul transfer? I barely remember
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