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Flirty Boss, No!
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Hmmm is he really a player, or is he acting so that he can purposefully test the waters to see if my cinnamon roll will get jealous? 🧐 hopefully it’s just him pretending to flirt with that girl but who knows! And honestly the FL looks so adorable like a little puppy, I think it’s the glasses and the cute hairstyle she’s rocking! Love the fact that she has purple hair too! Good girls can rock purple too 🥰😍
Shayan Ul Haque: you are so beautiful😍💓
@ Vampire Knights ❤❤: ya! ya!
I saw! 😒😒
look, I was fast asleep😴😴, you woke me up.. 😁😁😁
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manga/anime or comic lesson; on how to get a guy or even a playboy to want you
step 1: work at his company
step 2: work late and after hours
step 3: be prepared with the weather
(depending on the weather)
step 4: when asked to share an umbrella start walking faster and one you know it's a playboy behind you started running
he will begin to become interested in you
deadlyfandomtrash22: no kidding
I mean just look at the high schools before quarantine
NumNum: Haha real life is too different. everyone want to be same
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Byeol XuFeng
OMG what an awkward situation when your playboy boss who's normally super cold to you suddenly keeps asking you if you're alone and moreover, if you have a date with another man? Hahaha I feel you girl, it would be soo weird. And well, I think he's getting interested in her because she isn't a b* like the other formales around him. And she behaves indifferently to him most of the time and that's shocking to him haha. I really like this story so far. And the art is amazing! Just wanna know more about the stepbrother's story as well 🤔
@ Vampire Knights ❤❤: It's a great work
Plz do check out my first novel named Beyond the boundaries..
A story Between Sia and Lin.. ❤❤
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♡🐰Bubble🐰♡: Hey guys I'm writing a novel ..."Hide and seek" in which there is romance..comedy..drama..horror..18+ stuffs😅😅 if u r free ..i would like to know your opinion on my novel so i could do much better in future. I need support and encouragement . So, if u don't mind , give a try to my novel and leave your opinion there..Thanks :) ♡♡♡♡

And yeah if you are not interested just ignore my comment.. don't bad mouth me.. Have a good day ~♥~
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Xiao Chen is rushing to the bidding venue with Shen Ruo while she was facing with yet another challenge. Will she able to get through it this time? If so, who is the one who actually secretly lends her a helping hand?

Click to expand (ep 41-45)
SpoilerBean : Just click to my profile and check my moments. Then you will see it. Click onto my post and scroll all the way down under the reply section
Blessed: @SpoilerBean: I am not able to find it😭..I was waiting for it.
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Writing from the future

Previously I wrote until Xiao Chen‘s stepbrother asked her out to ask her what’s her relationship with He Lian. What will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 35-40)
Queerie Myeh: thank you😊
SpoilerBean : Just scroll all the way down the reply section
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Writing from the future

Previously I wrote until Xiao Chen’s stepbrother, Zhou Cheng Ze told Master Lian that Xiao Chen is his girlfriend and master Lian was upset and angry when he heard that and left. What will happen next? Will master Lian give up?

Click to expand (ep 46-50)
SpoilerBean : Yeah that ep was way before this
Single Princess: hey I Think there is some past between ML & FL in university🎓 if I am right
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Xiao Chen has successfully presented the business negotiation between Wushi and Hengyuan despite encountered some challenging problems. What will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 19-23)
SpoilerBean : Yup! I totally understand your perspective as someone who doesn’t like spoiler; however you do always have the choice to choose not to read my comment/ spoiler. Hence, your suspense won’t be ruined.
Anabell: Hey, nobody is forcing you to read the spoilers, if you don’t want to see them don’t read the comments 😁. There are a few of us who would like to read as many spoilers as possible for our favorite comics.
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until He Lian asked Xiao Chen to become his woman. So, what will Xiao Chen say?

Click to expand (29-34)
AlexHD6: Ig thanks
AlexHD6: Jeez wtf
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Snow Bunny
i really hate when someone involving jealousy into the work!! Love Jealousy and Work is two different things, never ever involving each other. I know this kind of thing also happened in the real life, and i was the victim too. That is why i can say this clear and loud! Must separating Work and Love Life. Well, i'm glad she remembers her proposal even without the document. Girl, next time, even if you have made the copy, but please also write it down in your notebook...that was what i always do. So if i got bullied again, i still got my rough draft on my notebook and i still can do the presentation.
Writing from the future

Previous, I wrote until Master Lian asked Xiao Chen to handle their upcoming project. Will she be able to handle it well?

Click to expand (ep 16-18)
Mira Syamsuir: thank you 🙏
Latoya Doyle: part 3: that evil bitch
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Writing from the future

This is my first writing for this comic. I will write a few episodes for the time being and see if I wanna continue as time goes by. Even though I may enjoy reading a comic, I may not enjoy writing as much. Hahahha! Let’s see...

Previously, ep 12 was until Xiao Chen started her work as the assistant to the president. What will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 13-15)
Hina A Horani G: Me... me... me 😍😅
SpoilerBean : Alright then... I shall start writing now. Lol!!
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Xiao Chen didn’t wait for Master Lian and she left by taking a taxi. What will happen the next day?

Click to expand and scroll all the way down. (Ep 24-28)
taetae's gf 😍: can't wait...tqvm 😘😘😘
SpoilerBean : Hey everyone! This midnight, I will post another 5 episodes. I actually want to post 10 episodes but then 5 episodes already took up 11 part. So, I am afraid it will be long post. So, decided to post just 5 episodes first. Haha!
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Jiminie ♡
"My name is Jungkook... Yeah.... International playboy" 😂😂
Sabrina🦋✨: infires man😂😂😂
Avianna W: im not a fan of kpop, i like rock:)
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I can't stop reading manga!
I kinda dont like that the FL is so weak honestly i would just slap this b@ they should not act as little childeren to get jealous over something yes sure i understand that they dont like having a step mother or step sister but does not mean that they should be mean also the mom left her for fricking four years just because she married does not mean she gotta leave her daughter like that and after four years she only sends one text??? Like visit your daughter or something honestly kinda hate how the FL was so weak and did not stand up for herself
Yvana Njiekam : you're kinda right, I don't like the way she's so submissive
ALEAH Pergamino: that's how story is made, Cinderella found a prince to be free from being treated like a slave. snow-white need the kiss to be alive, Aurora need it to wake up. FL need ML to protect her.

OH BTW Happy to see a purple hair girl who is actually a FL. I purple you girl 😄 LOVELOTS ALL😍
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I have the feeling that her brother is going to appear and I hope I'm right cause if he does I really wanna see whether he will ignore her or do something😍😍😍, ahhh thinking about it made me even more excited🤯🤯🤯, I really can't wait till next chapter please do quicker updates 😢😢😢
Ng Kate
why do I feel like he have boobs
Ng Kate: your answer sounds quite accurate
rebel_in_space: Haha maybe he does
Maybe That's why he always wears a trench coat
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I think that Helian will fall for the FL, and that her step brother will be jealos
Nut Ella: Or maybe she will be another victim of helian
Mid Night: Yeah, but step
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Disappointed that no one examined security footage to determine if the file was stolen. Theft of such things is disturbingly common, industrial espionage is a big problem in many businesses. So WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE LOOK AT THE FOOTAGE TO FIND OUT WHO TOOK IT AND KICK THAT SCHEMING REPTILE TO THE CURB?
why does his name remind me of HELIUM on the periodic table
F*ck You 🖕: There's


Idc if its wrong spelling lol
Nagurl1: LMAO 🤣🤣🤣
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YamYam Gnirum
ooooowwhhh..WHATS HAPPENING WITH ALL THESE BOOKS I AM READING..FIRSR WAS THE "THE FIANCE CANDIDATES(SOMETHING LIKE THAT)" NEXT IS THE DESERTED WOMAN AND NOW THIS?!..😍😍😍i am in terrible pain right now just got hit in a wooden chair..😁😁oohhh mmmyyy gooodd!!..hoping the passing days would end soon so I can read it in no time..😍😍😍
julyish: 😛 heh I feel the same way
AlexHD6: 😂 ..
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