Flirty Boss, No!
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Flirty Boss, No!

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Flirty Boss, No!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
It is sign of jealous wow~^^•
Hope miss wu always win from these peoples who wants her in trouble ~`°°

Mr wu, you have to give company with them or
Rose Hathway
Sorry author but trust me do we have to wait for 2,3 years to complete this manga i may not know how hard this work this but dear author plz u have to understand you have to update fast and upload this manga and complete this manga💓💓💓💓💓😣😣 you have to listen to your supporters
Ship ship ship!! *///*
haha it's normal for a single man to become playboy after all he's still single anyway it's not like he already have 2/3/4/more wife
Ship ship ship!! *///*: welp that's normal bcz he can't control himself to kiss her after all just imagine if there is a beautiful girl sleep next to you can you control it? and I'm a girl when I saw a handsome guy sleep I can't control myself well...I didn't mean I can't control myself to kiss him or anything I mean I can't control myself to stare at his good looking face....and everyone has their own limits so thank god I still can control myself :) and were not god so we always make a mistake
Ship ship ship!! *///*: but it's not like he confess to her that he said he like her that just fl thinking and he don't have his girlfriend or fiancé or wife so it's okay I he enjoy his single potato life and look at me still single and don't even have any guy likes me...
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omg this is such a toxic environment for an office. like the ceo purposely creates such a cliquish high school work environment by hiring ppl with ulterior motives and not even putting a stop to all the drama, gossip and back stabbing that happens. where is the HR department? this was bound to happen. i can't even imagine all the other girls who were fired just because of spite. thank god real offices aren't like this.
tf, he can't keep her by force. id be like "im quitting, this is my 30 day notice. in 30 days ill be gone. until then all my paperwork should be ready, same from my part. byeeee!" anything else would be forced labor and against workers rights and i could sue him for that, or at least threaten. noones gonna keep me anywhere against my comfort
Allesianne Carter: Actually, they can't force her to stay as there isn't any contract stipulating she's working for him. Without a contract, she's not promoted, therefore he has no right to push her into doing something she doesn't want to... These kind of people make me sick... Why the hell do they think they have to overpower women in each and every field?? And why the hell don't they understand there're other ways to '' conquer'' a woman' s love?
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Li'l Coconut
Aww he's getting jelly
❤️ROSE=AUBERY ❤️ NINA: noo ..... 😅.....i love roses..... that why it's my nickname 😁
Mia / bei wei wei: aubrey nina i know who is rose is she that blackpink member
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Sparky ✨
She looks beautiful with or without her glasses
Haruka Catteneo
now I see his reason. If it was known publically that she is her mom he wouldn't be able to court her with intentions of marriage. Since no one knows he is free to do so xD
hurricaine A: me too. I have a feeling that he likes her.
pearl: I thought of it at first second while I was reading 1st episode
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Hahah Mr.Wu really cares about her private affairs so much.Xiaocheng is so casual about things like love.She is casual and easy going about everything and anything.She didn't even see the other person's hate for her.
bruh girl I'm so proud of you I admire how your temper isn't bad because if it were me and they didn't let me quit my work then I'll take it to the step where I'd be lacking and sleeping to fire me. or I would slap shit out of people who talk in my bad
Brandine Casting
I've never known people to be force to drink wine in a business meeting with clients. now them offering, yes. and if you can't, tell them no thank you, or you are allergic just so you will not have to drink.
KᗩY <3
I like she she doesn’t even bother at this poin about the past and like the other stories she wants the so called “revenge”.
Fayora Everbloom: yeah theres more to life than making people pay for hurting you
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kawaï panda
don't touch her you bastard you can't see that there are a lot of beautiful girl how want to play with you or you are juste blind
Sandjo Kamwa: 😂😂😂💔💔
sakii..😍😍😉: sss😂😂😂🤭🤭
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Queen Ellarh
Thankfully, she's not a delusional fl like the other dumb ones who fall in love easily regardless of the man's bad habits
Neethu Thomas: same thought
Ashe: That's their charm
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I think he's also confused with his feelings reason why he is starting to go out with girls again. Yknow, to distract him and probably convince him that he ain't attracted to anybody.
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Well, good thing she blocked his kiss bc who knows--he may have herpes or Corona!!!
Nada Mohamed: ✋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nada Mohamed: ✋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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oho jealous sooooo cute
wuuuu bosss are you jealous?😂😂😂😂
Supandi Shakur
Why can't all the episodes be released's just making me so so so curious and nervous does anybody agree with me??? Anyone????
chilla: it's feeling sad that we have to wait days😭😭😭
I m angry too😠
eyna hairul: Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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