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The Prince's Runaway Bride

Crystal Hahn
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The Prince's Runaway Bride Novel Online. The pampered young miss and decorated military tactician of the Anisen household once asked, “Why do I have to be the sacrificial lamb?"
The Crown Prince of Tissuria in his younger days once declared, “I will marry you when we grow up.”
The trusted retainer once informed the grown Crown Prince, “The replacement bride was reluctant to take on the role.”
Vaughn smirked. He knew that Zenia would likely refuse the marriage.
“Should we continue monitoring the movements of the siblings, my Lord?”
“Yes, that’s already a given. A prey like that is not easy to capture and keep.”
The Crown Prince promised, “We will meet again soon Zenia. It’s time to put you to your rightful place.”

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رحمه على
Author I wish you all success, After your permission, If that bother you, Just comment then I will delete my comment Immediately.

Hi, Everybody there, I'm Rahma Ali

I have 7 novels on this website, If you want to read it, Just tap on the picture beside this comment, Then all my works will appear to you, I hope you enjoy it.

I wish you all happiness form the core of my heart.


Kim Kim
thank you i have visited the site and finish it, i hope for the update on the site
Lel Villar
The story has not ended yet and there are many more volumes to come. But the author is no longer allowed to post her work on any other platform except the one that contracted her. There are more recent updates on Webnovel when you visit.
Kim Kim: i know what you mean i was so disappointed that they don't earn points like here
Animegirl005: No why did it have to be webnovel. There is no option there to earn points to read so sadly I can't continue but this is such a good story I NEED more!!! Wish you could chose a different place to post. 😭

Anyway great story and at least it was sort of a happy ending/conslusion in a way! Great job, keep up the great work and maybe sometime in the future I can read more. ❤️👍
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