Woman..Love Me Again !
Romance / CEO

Woman..Love Me Again !

asa maria
Woman..Love Me Again !
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Woman..Love Me Again ! Novel Online. shine : I love you
lily : but I don't love you ..anymore !
shine : I will make you love me again...

heart brocken by the rejection of her 16 years undying love for shine and shut out by her family....lily wowes not to fall in love again... what happens when shine can't forget lily and starts to crave for her presence???!!!!!

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Its better to spend her Christmas with Edward rather than her family who never care about her feelings and as for shine it would be retribution for all those words..she want to meet him for last time but he didn't come... neither he cared about her feelings nor he was concerned about her presence...he believed Lucy and he insulted her ....then let him suffer
musu: ya your true sister I Am with you
sattu: yup yup true
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I want fl to cut all her relationships with her family. They don’t care about her and her feelings. So let them be by their self.
I want fl continue her life without her family support and love and becomes a strong and independent women who need no ones help for archives her dreams. And lead a happy life without them.
Sathya Palagari: update it fast s
musu: I know but It is not great time
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I want more updates. Can’t wait anymore.
And also want ml to suffer more.
And want fl to become more famous and rich than her family and introduced her forester family as her real family to the world And I want fl real family became jealous of fl forester family.
And regret for their decision.
Anesel: thank u just said my words
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