Woman..Love Me Again !
Romance / CEO

Woman..Love Me Again !

asa maria
Woman..Love Me Again !
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If Ml really love our Fl then he did clear her name and expose that bi**h. But he didn’t and that’s why even now everyone thinks that it’s Fl fault that she got hurt and they are separate.
I really don’t know what to say about Ml but Fl don’t deserve this. And even more Ml, his family and Fl’s family don’t deserve Fl. Because they don’t understand Fl feelings, her pains that she buried in her heart.
But one thing I hope that they deserve the things that they did with Fl. The pain.
I hope that now Fl become so much stronger that whatever they do and say that doesn’t effect her life and feelings. She become independent enough that she can make her own decisions.
And I really hope that you can give us at last a daily update or else 2-3 updates par week.
AAB: sure 😊 I will read it
Crazy joker: Hey author, I am writing a new novel, hope u will read it if u have some empty time

Novel name: Dawn

I promise u that u won’t regret reading it.
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Past is repeating but the difference is that in the past ml rejected and insulted our fl and now it’s our fl who reject ml. Now ml will understand how she feel that time.
Even though ml understand his feeling for fl, he can’t force her to be with him.
I know that fl still have feelings for ml. But now she is mature and understand that the self respect is the most important thing in the world. So she can’t go back to him just like that and nor to her family specially to her father who doesn’t respect her decision.
And I want our fl to give everyone, ml, his family, her family the second chance when they understand her value, feeling, suffering and hard work and also realised their mistakes.
I can understand that ml is suffering but he is suffering because he realise his love for fl. Not because of insulation and humiliation. And our fl was suffered for years, for his love from insulting and humiliating by ml, ml family and fl family.
And if I compare them I think fl was the one who suffered more than ml. Because ml have his family to support him but fl suffered alone, there were no one to support her, even her family.
So even I feel sorry for ml, I am not sorry because he deserved this.
And now I think it’s time for ml family and fl family to sufferers. And I want to watch their faces and reactions when they will know that fl is the mysterious CEO.
And hope that they will realise their mistakes and apologies to fl.
And want fl to more strong for fight for herself. Not like fake when she met ml.
I know it’s difficult for her. But the thing is when the world is against you it’s difficult to survive but when it’s your own family who are against you it’s even more difficult to survive because you can’t go against them because it’s your family. But the world aren’t. So I hope and wish fl to become more strong and independent. And everyone realise their mistakes and the story end with the happy ending.
I don't want forgive him
i want more suffering ml
more than FL
i want FL love him than leave him then he understand how feel FL alone😔 in her life
꧁✿𝕼ÚĔĔŃ𝖔𝖋ßÁŔ²✿꧂: I also want end up together but
mL humiliated very much FL
so I i want him humilit like mL
gorobi: I agree with you but they'll end up together in the end but the MLS needs to suffer more the fl suffered for about 20 years it's nothing compared to his 3 years and the humiliation and hate that she got for loving him
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beauty with 🧠...
author why only ml is suffering I want all the other ml family n fl family they were no less than any devils for her.... I want them all suffer for their bad and inhuman behavior towards fl....
beauty with 🧠...: still not accepting that... they feel guilty but they are same as before ....
Ami Sugg: That kind of works
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Yes, it’s been a while that you update. And it’s been awhile that we wait for the updates.
So now we want more updates and crazy updates.
We want see how Fl family regret for their decision. How Ml regret for hurt her feelings. How Fl become strong, independent and more powerful than her family and Ml family.
How Fl be known to the world for her hard work and who she really is but by her family name.
And Ml chase after Fl the way Fl did but end by heart broken. How Ml suffer for Fl the way she suffered for him.
And How Ml feel when someone came between them and try to take Fl from him.
We want to know all of this.
So please more updates please .
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Akshaic recordkeeper
Ha Ha Ha Ha... hate? Fool... apathy is what will give relief... and torture for them? You make me laugh... he abandoned her like junk earlier... after they marry... what guarantee is there that he won't misunderstand her and throw her away again and maybe even separate her from their child? Evil people don't change... he hasn't... and what he has now is selfish trash... if he had the least decency... he would have gone to Paris in the first month itself to find her... he took his own sweet time .

I for one want her to never be with him... once he has something, he will get tired of it and throw her away again... he only begs her now because she avoided him for 3 full years.

The truth is always bitter...
beauty with 🧠...
whatt u think that's enough🧐no u ur wrong u have not suffer enough from my point of view u should suffer n ur and her family for not appreciateting her... u all only give her pain nothing else... n now he wants to be only her... huh... shine u need to suffer more 3 ya 4 years is not Enough... for me to see u in suffering... ok u got it shine or ml whatever
Heart Pepito
yes thats what i want revenge tho i think im cruel but make them realize shine shines family and ur family girl.!
love youself
He should know broken things can’t get together again but if try hard maybe there is a chance to fix it everyone deserves second chance even how hard time they gave you in the past.
If anyone doesn’t deserve a second chance we can’t be what we right now everyone can’t understand stand the value of a person or a thing until it’s gone from us.
If still he deserve a second chance then her family also doesn’t deserve one because they believed a strangers words than their one family member
love youself: One day if that some people can be any of us when we are asking for forgiveness maybe that forgiving person thinks we don’t deserve a second chance
Ginny: bruhh someone people don't deserve second chances duhh.
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fan of manhua
author I was wondering today that why haven't you update yet and was going to comment that(author where is update) but you have already updated but you didn't change the profile of FL now that I think she look childish in it, if she is a CEO than put some beautiful profile for FL
fan of manhua: okay author!
Asa Maria: soon...very soon...it's a surprise...stay tuned... 😜
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Miara Youky
he ,his family and fl family have to suffer more and lily should find another man
Miara Youky: if lily forgives shine , troubles will begin so he and his family may hate lily and say bad words about her they are not trusted nor her family
Elenora✴: Yeah Lily suffered for 16 years and bear all of the humiliation and swallowed her pride but shine didn't even care a bit. He has to suffer
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author please make FL's family suffer...
I hate them because they didn't believe her....😠
Shinjini Das: yeah that's true
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.•♫•♬• MIA SNOW •♬•♫•.
lily I pity you the man who treated you like a trash for years, he just visited you once and look at your condition behaving like a mad person..... if it goes on like this your bound to get hurt and it will be your own fault....
Mr. and Mrs. Cullen: Exactly... at least make him suffer a little
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Najma Khatun
so what if he miss her he thought she was wrong till the time that so called miss goody two shoes have not said herself that she made a fool of lily . let's see if shine cane be as patience as lily
firewolf girl: exactly..... he should also know how it feels to wait and get rejected by someone
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🍁Abhog Roy🍁
What about her so called family???🤔🤔🤔 shouldn't they suffer???😐😐
🍁Abhog Roy🍁: Seriously 😊😊😊 I am too waiting for their suffering
Anuhenka: yaa I will eagerly wait for that episode😊 when author will help our fl to go through the same situation🤗 or feel the pain that our fl had suffered all those years staying with them...😈😈
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kim jonghyun ❤❤❤
i know he had done bad and he regrets it...and i think it's enough for him...so author just forgive him but don't make her love again with him...not now...and make her and his family suffer...and not Shine
don't let her forgive him! and how dare that ml mom said that they will all apologize , what they have done to her apology is not enough!!!
Vino Suji: sss she is right
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Maybe her heart still has that spot for loving him. He is after all her first love. But thankfully she hasn't reduced herself even more and has started putting herself first before others. Hope she can successfully get revenge.
beauty with 🧠...
author at least reply something.... yohoo r u alright.... it's been days to update... author come soon be healthy and keep updating ur great stories which specially I can't wait anymore author read the comments and reply to us atleast ur updates not the story it been days to updates...
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