Meant to Be Separated 🔞
Romance / CEO

Meant to Be Separated 🔞

Meant to Be Separated 🔞
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Meant to Be Separated 🔞 Novel Online. This is the story about Bossy CEO and his childhood crush, but in their life there are many ups and downs by which they are seperated from each other, now it has been 12 years. They are going to meet once again.
This novel consists some sexual🔞🔞 content which can make you feel uncomfortable.....!!

MangaToon got authorization from *VAKA*ISPP to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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MuMu my opinion, let's wait & see how behaves.....then we'll think whether to trust him or not.....after all it's all his fault not to properly investigating & jumping to a conclusion based on the half information they got & hurting he deserves what he's experiencing & it's very small amount of the pain that she went through bcoz of him.....what would've happened if he directly killed her back then due to his anger or if he didn't mind her when she stopped breathing & went to his study as usual or the time when she fainted, he had already left for the office & she was already dead by the time he came to know that she's Choco???? could his apology or regret bring back the life she would've lost??? just suppose, she's not Choco but was an innocent one who's also a victim of that accident, & he did all that to her mistaking her for the culprit, could he get back Choco by harming others?? could he compensate for all that she went through bcoz of both the accident & his doings after learning the truth??? I feel he doesn't deserve another chance in this context....but he also deserves another chance bcoz whatever he did, it's all for Choco, to avenge let's see how he makes up for all his doings........
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I'm still new at this but I hope you like it
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aiyaaa...this stupid guy...he should have told it earlier...then she wouldn't have been notified...& what does he mean by she killed his Choco?? she's Choco...even if she wasn't, that doesn't mean she killed someone...& what right he has to conclude everything like that?? it doesn't make sense that if the other person doesn't tell u what happened to them in the past, then u can conclude that it's only bcoz they're guilty of some crimes they simply implies that that person isn't ready to share their pain with u...when they're ready to share, they'll share it... sometimes the incidents maybe too painful that they doesn't want to recall it or maybe they lost their memories... anything can do...I really want to slap some sense into him....
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just a reader
I hate this ML....... but author it's my humble request that you make him regret so much that he wants to die with it........ Make him feel like each and every breath he's taking is adding a ton of guilt to him.... Let him beg for death watching her with someone who isn't a complete blind in love who knows that if a person has to die it can be any means, it can be a natural death,a murder or an accident and yep especially let him know that the person he's misbehaving to is none else than COCO...... And if she gets to know he is her BUNNY don't let her forgive him or how will the cycle of KARMA work!
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thx for reading ☺️☺️
🥔Marsh.Potato🥔: hi there..please read my chat story "homeless love"
I'm still new at this but I hope you like it
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