WARMNESS(Seasons 1+2)
Action / Romance / Fantasy / Completed

WARMNESS(Seasons 1+2)

رحمه على
WARMNESS(Seasons 1+2)
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WARMNESS(Seasons 1+2) Novel Online. W͟A͟R͟M͟N͟E͟S͟S͟ S͟E͟A͟S͟O͟N͟ 1͟ / genre Romance, Action

I'm Daniel so charming and super rich man, but I'm a mentally retarded person who his parents were murdered since his childhood, Thus, I have been tortured continuously and everything I had was taken away from me, I have no one to defend me nor stand in my back, I'm helpless, So I'm living this cruel life.

Out of nowhere she showed up in front of me.

He : Who are you?

She : I'm Donia, The bad As* Police officer.

He : I want to leave this life?

She : Why?

He : .........

She : Don't be afraid, Tell me all of your pain and you won't ever regret it.


W͟͟A͟͟R͟͟M͟͟N͟͟E͟͟S͟͟S͟͟ 2/ genre Romance, Action and fantasy

She : What are we gonna do in this season?

He : I don't know ask this Author.

Author Rahma : It would be an amazing mix between the characters of two of my stories.

He and she (shockingly) : W....W... What?

Author Rahma 😊 : All I can say, There would be an amazing 5 love stories in this story.

I hope you enjoy them😊😍😘

I love interacting with the readers, Silent readers make me so sad.......So please give your Review in comment section. 😍

The copyright of the picture does not belong to me, It belongs to its artist, but the cover is created by myself.

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DAMN vulgar shot🔥
Its so cute and heart warming... Every moment is too lovely.. The way he describes his story and the way his kids comfort him is just too much good and gives the warmth and fill you with love and life💕❤️💋♥️
I really appreciate author for such a lovely, kind, amazing and the novep full of love and happiness.. Keep it up gurl.. You made it💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
رحمه على: I really missed you
رحمه على: love you sis
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little sunshine
wonderful 😉😉😉😉 thanks for the amazing work I just love it ur books are really amazeballs.... although my favorite is peremated all of me and warmness but I still like nightmare and cursed love although I only read a few episodes ... in total I just want to say the book is mhua 💋 💋 I love it and God bless you and your mom I might not be online for a month I am writing an exam but don't worry I will read immediately I come online so keep writing and thank you for joining manga toon I love you and I am your biggest fan!!!!
رحمه على: I have already released season 2 of WARMNESS, I'm Impatiently waiting for your feedback my dear
رحمه على: I'm so lucky that I joined to mangatoon to know you, Thank you so much for everything, Nomatter How long it will take, I will always be waiting for your coming back as long as I'm living, Thank you so much
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Mary Hurlbert
I agree mental retarded is not a disease or illness. They are special people is what I tell my kids. In you should treat people how you want to be treated. Like I tell my kids if you don't want someone to treat you like like then you should not treat them like that.
رحمه على: Thank you so much my dear, I'm so happy by knowing that you loved my story that much, but unfortunately it's not the best story of mine You can read my story Permeated all of me, The readers told mr that & said it's a masterpiece.

Actually I have 10 novels on Mangatoon & I'm doing great with all of them, I would be so happy if You gave them try, Just tap on my picture beside this comment it will take you to my home page Then tap on the word works all of them will show up to you.

I hope you enjoy them too, Have a nice day my dear
Yu Er Lee: the sweetest novel ever..
total 11 replies
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