The Cage of the Past
Romance / Modern / Adventure

The Cage of the Past

Anna Shannel Lin
The Cage of the Past
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The Cage of the Past Novel Online. She's nineteen years old girl living in Shanghai. Her only family is her sick mother who needs medical expenses. Sacrificing herself to produce the money, she agreed a contract to become a mother for a wealthy man’s heir. She didn’t see him even once. She can imagine a fat, old and nasty man to sleep with her until the day she gives birth. She only knew the person is willing to pay five million dollars. Huge amount for her mother’s medical expenses and to start a new life after the contract. There was no doubt that the man is wealthy. She couldn’t find herself being happy with it. Discover how two different people fall in love after separation.

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Hottest Comments
What the hell..!
Since the beginning I don't like the ML he is indeed a piece of shit I want to beat him to dead..
How can he do this to her..I don't know why but I've sudden urge of not reading this novel anymore..😒
Her life is already so complicated and hard and now this angel..🙄 sigh it's very frustrating
Author I'm not saying that I don't appreciate your work but this is something I really can't take it
I don't want her to suffer anymore I just want her happy..😐😭
Shruti: It's okay take your time I don't mind to wait as long as I can read it and I really appreciate your work ❤💫
It's just that I felt very angry after reading that he left her alone (like he saw the ghost)😅
And thanks for giving some spoilers 😄✌🏻
Trust me I really appreciate your work and I won't stop supporting you💜 and all I want is a happy ending 😌
Anna Shannel Lin: Hahaha, chill he will chase her again, and xiaoxi's father had come. The real struggle of their relationship had just started. Sorry I am too busy updating my 3 contracted novels in Webnovel that's why I seldom write chapter for this one.
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Ning WA
I feel like she will regret meeting him again? I scared she will get pregnant then him disappointed her...
You piece of a shit just don't hurt her more...
I swear I feel like killing him😡
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