The Cage of the Past
Romance / Modern / Adventure

The Cage of the Past

Anna Shannel Lin
The Cage of the Past
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The Cage of the Past Novel Online. She's nineteen years old girl living in Shanghai. Her only family is her sick mother who needs medical expenses. Sacrificing herself to produce the money, she agreed a contract to become a mother for a wealthy man’s heir. She didn’t see him even once. She can imagine a fat, old and nasty man to sleep with her until she the day she gives birth. She only knew the person is willing to pay five million dollars. Huge amount for her mother’s medical expenses and to start a new life after the contract. There was no doubt that the man is wealthy. She couldn’t find herself being happy with it. Discover how two different people fall in love after separation.

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firstly, i was quite amused when i read the conversation between chao and his grandfather....😃😃😃
but after listening to harsh words that the old man said to xaioxi made my heart bleed.....though lui gu being a protective father and a prominent chaiman wants to secure his business....but what all he said to xaioxi was really heartbreaking....

I dont know what will happen when rouzhen will arrive😔😔😔
Anna Shannel Lin
Spoiler for those who are waiting for the succeeding chapters,

Chao is the real son of Xiaoxi and Rouzhen, who was taken and swapped by Rouzhen's ex-fiancee sister who planned revenge against his father Lui Gu together with Rouzhen's half brother Tom Jones. As for Han, he is Zion's and Samantha's son. Zion and Xiaoxi are cousin's.

Xiaoxi identity also belongs to rich family and she will discover everything later on and there's still a big twist that will happened.

As of now I am waiting for my work to be part of paid story, that's the reason I haven't uploaded some chapters lately.

Hope my beloved readers will still love to wait 😉😉
Bloom: Of course I will wait desperately for the story I love. It's such a nice story...i can never afford to miss it....3 cheers for you dear author 😉😉😉
Marie Fhe: Hoping for an update😥
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hey!!!!! can that old man Gu take Han away!!!???
I This is really ridiculous. How can he do so and even threaten Xiaoxi that he won't let her meet Han.
ooò man Gu..just wait and see...let Rouzhen arrive first..then we will see how are You gonna be this rude again.
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