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The Cage of the Past

Anna Shannel Lin
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She's nineteen years old girl living in Shanghai. Her only family is her sick mother who needs medical expenses. Sacrificing herself to produce the money, she agreed a contract to become a mother for a wealthy man’s heir. She didn’t see him even once. She can imagine a fat, old and nasty man to sleep with her until she the day she gives birth. She only knew the person is willing to pay five million dollars. Huge amount for her mother’s medical expenses and to start a new life after the contract. There was no doubt that the man is wealthy. She couldn’t find herself being happy with it. Discover how two different people fall in love after separation.

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two things made my heart flutter....the first one was when Rouzhen saved Xiaoxi from that man at the restaurant and the another one ...was when Rouzhen said to xiaoxi that he wanted to spend some family time with their children.
I am so happy but i am also worried for their relationship as Xiaoxi is note ready to accept him. I hope everything will be fine soon and they will accept each other.
All in one...dear author, i love your story. I can't wait to read the next chapters. Waiting for the next update desperately.😄😄😄😄😄
the story is so great it makes me cry when chao find out the truth 😭😭😭 its really hurts my heart. and i think han is not thier bioligcal son, and chao is really thier son oviously! well i hope that chao and han is thier bio son, rotting for more update author, u did a great job😘😘
leviii: wher did u read it
Anna Shannel Lin: chao is the real son it will be reveal in a few chapters soon
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tasnim juthi
i just dont understand why man just why girl should always in pain cant just she live a simple life
please author just let her all pain go and make her much strong and please let that ruru tell the truth
Anna Shannel Lin: we still have a long journey for this novel. 😊😊
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