Permeated All of Me

Permeated All of Me

رحمه على
Permeated All of Me
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Permeated All of Me Novel Online. She is Walaa Walee a well_ known Egyptian bissness woman Who loves her husband madly, So she broke down after her husband's death

As a result she was admitted to a mental hospital & stayed at it for 4 years

After4 years she got out of the mental hospital to find him came back to life agian,She didn't know How

Unfortunately he has different life now & he is gonna get married to another woman

But she loves him madly


She decided to stand against all the world for him


Challenge Everything, Everyone & Circumstance

Will she be able to get him back?


Why did he leave her from the very beginning?

Many of secrets will be revealed even which no one ever could expect through this novel

The copyright for the picture does not belong to me. it belongs to it's artist but the cover is created by myself

MangaToon got authorization from رحمه على to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
Hottest Comments
hey author i said to your another story that is the best story i have ever read.

but now i want to say that this the bestest story i have ever read.
thankyou so much author for your hard work.
you havè such a vision that makes impossible possible.
you gave me such a happiness by feel of your story
i can't believe that such a author really does exit.
god bless you
keep going for your work and make us feel happy by your stories
love you😙😙😙
رحمه على: Would you kindly reply on me as much as possible
رحمه على: I'm so worried about you, Are you fine my dear
total 6 replies
hey author i do not know what to say. its a great loss for you.
but don't be sad. i m with you.
رحمه على: Thank you so much my dear, Pray for me I really need your prayers
total 1 replies
Lara Mara
Don't hate me but i miss the original story with Steve and walaa. I ship James with lucy too but i prefer Steven and walaa intimate moments! Btw great job author!!! 👌👌
رحمه على: I won't ever be able to hate you my dear, You can say whatever you want & I will respect it & accept, Further more do my best to chive it for your sake, lots of love & respect to you
رحمه على: please don't be mad on me, Thank you so much for your feedback.& supporting, I'm so grateful & thankful to you
total 4 replies
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