Boy in A Girls' School

Boy in A Girls' School

Chudao Comic
Boy in A Girls' School
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Boy in A Girls' School Comics Online. A boy was transferred to a women’s school with a lot of pretty young girls. Seemingly a fantastical paradise in the eyes of other people, but it was a world of unimaginable future actually.

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Hottest Comments
Rahul Maheshwari
1. chouxia
2. wiwie
3. niaxiang
4. yayao.( feng doesn't like her at all but she is a troublemaker)
5. figure ( monitor may have some chance)

Note. I guess chouxia and niaxiang are going to clash at last. .But considering chouxia behaviour towards feng .And feng's honesty ,loyalty, and something which concerns feng the most what chauxia thinks about her when he is caught after doing something. He almost looses his nerve in front of her . And this is the case of husband and wife.
But still it is doubtful who will be the winner.
hope we is not principals daughter.
💘 محمد جلشا 💘: hello jowri?
جوري🌹: هاااي
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Whoever wants it to be chuxia ye raise hands ✋🏻
Bey Raiders: 🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚
Inferno_style 9: ✋ an rich and caring girl is 🏅🥇👍
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I think the only thing that doesn't love him is the plant wtf and seriously I liked the idea of daily small adventure but who is the main evil of this it is more like a slice of life with a flavour of action no enemies it is more like nothing against him and he just in a harem show with no limit of women ( I like that part yes ) but we need something against him or something he fight for it is like this comic will and once he pay off the debt and one confusion and story done .
Groudon: i guess he will never pay the debt and the story will eventually forget about it
Hakuro Daiski: he's fighting against her sister friend that girl that he killed (but not) because she only wants feng qin for her self so we will know it in the later future
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