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Boy in A Girls' School

Chudao Comic
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A boy was transferred to a women’s school with a lot of pretty young girls. Seemingly a fantastical paradise in the eyes of other people, but it was a world of unimaginable future actually.

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School life
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Junior Kabana
I believe this little girl is not supposed to intervene in this romance between ye and feng and weiwei... why?! if we look at the picture, the plot I mean. ye made the first move and realized her feelings to the point of confessing and kissing the guy and become his girlfriend. weiwei on the other hand was teasing the guy and released her feelings for him without making a move at all. in love, the one who takes it all wins. outside interference makes it pointless. I don't believe in Divination and bs... she said she wants to help weiwei?! why even bother if she can't hold her ground or decide to attack?! more like she wants to set things up like it happened with ye's mom and Tong's mom. nonsense. if weiwei is late in the game she loses that's simple. she shouldn't involve herself in this regardless of what her skills are. the one who will decide will be feng qin plain simple
Juris Reyes: beauty full story
Raju Dabhi: if it is to an women I want to meet her right nowto have some nice and normal (in their term normal)conversation :p
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ShE's A wItCh

sHe MaDe A PoTiOn AnD pUt iT iN tHe FoOd
ShE tOld HiM tHaT iT wAs GoOd FoR hIs HeAltH-tHAt's A lIe!
okay ima stop it takes really long to write like this
so she made a potion or smth and put it into the food and brought it to him, telling him it's good
the potion would help her see who his crush is-only the girls that hes close to/know will appear and she'll see who he'd reach for/call
Chin Lu
One of the best harem manhuas I read so far. All the girls are waifu material but of course my top 3 candidates are Chuxia ❤️, Weiwei, and Naixiang hehehe
I'm really entertained for I did read everything again while waiting for the next chapters.
I hope for good arcs for each waifus to come but chuxia is best hehehe I don't mind having them all though 😉
Good job author! I support! Make the chapters longer please 🙏🏻
Ali Swesy: Idk why most people forget about fiefie (class monitor) she's a strong candidate and a very waifu matrial.
When he had an accident and "lost his memory" she went to the hospital to take care of him and tried to help a lot after to restore his "memory"
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