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Boy in A Girls' School

Chudao Comic
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A boy was transferred to a women’s school with a lot of pretty young girls. Seemingly a fantastical paradise in the eyes of other people, but it was a world of unimaginable future actually.

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School life
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Ciel Plantomhive
Ok guys listen here~ This is a big spoiler but you might want to know about this cause it's gonna have a big impact on Chuxia & Feng~

Apparently That new redhead guy is planning to force Chuxia Ye to sign a Contract of merging the school & she WILL do it but on the other hand Feng & the Principal & others are trying their best to avoid it.
Chuxia will be broken down & won't talk to anyone. Feng will visit her but she still won't see him. At the Board meeting, The VIPs & Principal along with Chuxia & others will discuss what to do & on the other hand Feng & the Red Dude will be chatting with each (Feng mistakenly will drink Alcohol & spit it out that scene was quite funny). Anyways the Red dude will say he's going to win & the School will merge but Feng Proves it wrong & in the Board meeting it becomes decided no merging will occur. Chuxia will learn Feng gave a lot in this & she will moved to tears hearing it.
Feng & Chuxia will meet each other outside but Feng will be beaten up & he'll fall to Chuxia & after waking up they'll have a chat & Feng will get to a moment where Chuxia will think he's gonna kiss him but will not (He will be beaten heavily by Chuxia's maids for this).



★Source from Chinese ones
Ciel Plantomhive: Messenger?
Suvendu Sekhar Tripathy: so if you have any other contact then it's alright
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I wanna see Chuxia and Feng be happy together, it seems like Feng is the only person in this imaginary world that Chuxia would fall for. If from all that voting a while ago was real and people have chosen anyone other than Chuxia, everyone basically set up her to be forever alone. I chose Chuxia and Feng to be a thing since the beginning because out of all the girls in his current life, Chuxia is the only one who loves once. She'd be both heartbroken and alone if Feng starts to date/love another. I'm really hoping, no... I'm praying that the author thought about this as much as I did and will make their relationship better. This ship is meant to be, it's fate, it's their destiny. BTW, thank you author for making this series so amazing with so many twists and turns that always make me wanting more. This is without a doubt my favorite comic ever, and that is counting every comic app I have and every physical comic I've read. This is a true masterpiece and I can't wait to read more.
mikasa: @Eren Jager
but i like you
Adion D'ark: you seem antusiasm
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so basically the mc doesn't have dignity aymore😂. I mean I heavily doubt he would have been sent to jail in the beginning. but even then who sees a girl changing then thinks taking pictures and threatening her is the best course of action. also at this point anyone could tell she's just fucoing with him. tbh I think he's enjoying all of this.

on another note, how boring was this school before he showed up. like he's become the centre of attention and seems like everyone else doesn't have much to do apart from torment him.

Also anyone think about how this girl school is a girl school to protect their students from having indecent thoughts and save them from harassment but the bigger issue is how all their students solve problems by being manipulative to others. I mean all the girls the Mc has met all tried to drug him, get him to do nasty stuff etc.

I feel like this is so cliche. This manga isn't for me so I'm just gonna stop here. this wasn't meant to throw shade or anything, it's just things that made me turn away from this manga.
Rojin Raj: a quite impressive understanding aspect of yours that's definitely be t
Putra Maqbul Ihsan Basyar: I expect thot slayer like on some anime but whatever
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