Boy in A Girls' School
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Boy in A Girls' School

Chudao Comic
Boy in A Girls' School
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Boy in A Girls' School Comics Online. A boy was transferred to a women’s school with a lot of pretty young girls. Seemingly a fantastical paradise in the eyes of other people, but it was a world of unimaginable future actually.

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School life
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benji noble
Let me guess, somehow he'll accidentally open the door and see she changing. If that happens and you saw this comment, feed me likes, cause I'm Craving for it
Anjan Sharma: predictor baba
Rithik Kumar: when will they release 420 episode
total 89 replies
I wanna see Chuxia and Feng be happy together, it seems like Feng is the only person in this imaginary world that Chuxia would fall for. If from all that voting a while ago was real and people have chosen anyone other than Chuxia, everyone basically set up her to be forever alone. I chose Chuxia and Feng to be a thing since the beginning because out of all the girls in his current life, Chuxia is the only one who loves once. She'd be both heartbroken and alone if Feng starts to date/love another. I'm really hoping, no... I'm praying that the author thought about this as much as I did and will make their relationship better. This ship is meant to be, it's fate, it's their destiny. BTW, thank you author for making this series so amazing with so many twists and turns that always make me wanting more. This is without a doubt my favorite comic ever, and that is counting every comic app I have and every physical comic I've read. This is a true masterpiece and I can't wait to read more.
Yohata: can't it be just a harem ?
and everyone will be happy
Alexa Khalista Roma Sanchez: gawa ka story
total 97 replies
Rahul Maheshwari
1. chouxia
2. wiwie
3. niaxiang
4. yayao.( feng doesn't like her at all but she is a troublemaker)
5. figure ( monitor may have some chance)

Note. I guess chouxia and niaxiang are going to clash at last. .But considering chouxia behaviour towards feng .And feng's honesty ,loyalty, and something which concerns feng the most what chauxia thinks about her when he is caught after doing something. He almost looses his nerve in front of her . And this is the case of husband and wife.
But still it is doubtful who will be the winner.
hope we is not principals daughter.
Arif Hossain: mmmmmm
Rahul Yadav: me too
total 239 replies
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