Norowareta Hime
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Norowareta Hime

Erisyuki Valrose
Norowareta Hime
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Norowareta Hime Comics Online. Esmee Leticia Serafall is known as the infamous Princess who brings death. Caught up in her siblings fight for the throne she is cursed and sent to another world. In this unknown, modern day world, Esmee ends up being taken in by an otaku, Higa Kei. Her daily struggles with otakuness is one problem, but how did she end up being involved in the battle of succession of the big time gangsters too? Perhaps Higa Kei is… but more importantly, will Esmee ever be able to return to her own world?

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Lizbeth Guananga Espin
So when is the new chapters coming?
Yay!!! My prayers were answered!!! I'm so in love with traditional style manga, but though Mangatoon is my new favourite app I basically live in now, it clearly lacks this part of my heart. I was kind of sad about it for the long, long time, both as a reader and as a creator, because, while I'm a writer and am bad at drawing, guess, what kind of scripts are laying around my PC? Specifically traditional b/w stylish manga! And if I ever going to finish them, I won't hesitate a moment from now on to put them out there on Mangatoon despite all this. Thank you for your awesome work and for lending me your courage! Please, keep up!!!
I need color I'm depressed
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