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Norowareta Hime

Erisyuki Valrose
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Esmee Leticia Serafall is known as the infamous Princess who brings death. Caught up in her siblings fight for the throne she is cursed and sent to another world. In this unknown, modern day world, Esmee ends up being taken in by an otaku, Higa Kei. Her daily struggles with otakuness is one problem, but how did she end up being involved in the battle of succession of the big time gangsters too? Perhaps Higa Kei is… but more importantly, will Esmee ever be able to return to her own world?

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Erisyuki Valrose
Hi All Readers,

Thank you for reading my work Norowareta Hime.

This is a MANGA (traditional Japanese) style so retains the black/white format. Chapters will be released as soon as they are written and drawn so please be patient. It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure the pages are of good quality.

Please do support Norowareta Hime and leave us your thoughts.

Many thanks!

Wai: cant wait for more
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Rita Ramirez
ohhhhhh man another great ONE I can't wait. it's another diamond in the rough and needs to have more attention than it truly does forget about the black and white why is everybody fixated on the black and white and no color if you truly enjoy a story color with your eyes and your heart I'm pretty sure you get a good sense of what it looks like just from the lines the black and white that they typically give you in most mangas
Rana Anees Abu Hakema
waiting for next chapters verysoon
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