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Tales of Demons and Gods

TaXue Comic
Clarence J. Tillman III
Rant time

Why the hell does Nie Li ignore Ning'er?! You may be like "Omg zi yun died for me in my past life", Ning'er would do just as much and then some, that's how much she loves this guy. He came into her life and helped turn it around and she actually tries to get to know him. Zi yun literally is a huge brat that isnt honest with herself but Ning'er has openly stated she loved Nie Li and is actually a considerate person. But yeah, the dumb pretty purpled haired tsundere is soo much better than the brown haired normal girl with a heart of gold. I can't stand seeing Ning'er's tears anymore, it is actually painful at this point! 😥😓😢
Dope Productions
This is my first ever manga I have ever read and I have to admit it got me hooked in a lot of other manga’s. I’ve been reading a lot similar to this because I love the whole concept. Been reading Star Martial God Technique, Battle Through the Heavens, Holy Ancestor, and this one. I have also read a couple more but these are my big reads at the moment and I’m sad that I read too much and now I’m waiting on episodes ):
MTHUTHUKI NGWENYA: where u get ur battle through the heavens wanna Check it out
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Sorry if my translation is trash!
Wtf, I’m confuzzled. Getting to gold rank at their age is considered a super-genius. Yet Shen Fei got to it, saying “wait wut? U also got gold rank?” Meaning that a useless trash like him, HIM got to gold rank without any special buffed moves from nie Li or anyone else. But ning’er said it was a “decent talent”, but ye Han got 2 rank ups in 2 years and was called the “number one genius”. Only one explanation, POWER LEVELS ARE BULLSH*T
Kendal Douglas: power levels are not the important thing its demon beast
weeaboo: sorry hes seventeen
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What kind of "teacher" are you that you would go off on the whole class over your own prejudice and ulterior motives. It's always a shame when a teacher/professor does not actually TEACH. Seriously that's not what anybody attends school for so yes he deserved to set you straight. 😂
Bi Ken
All manga have their crazy update recently.I hope this manga Tales of Gods and Demons have also atleast 100 chapters of update come soon.
Ty Hanks: Yup my dudes this manga is not updated very much
Paul Us: Welp, the LN only update every once a month... The author want to end tdg early too..
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Art the Artist
My boy really doesn't know when to hold back, he really gonna say stuff that makes him come off as a creep, like I know that you've see her naked and sh*t but THAT WAS THE LAST LIFE, I'm oddly surprised he hasn't been slapped yet for obvious stalking, meh not that i don't enjoy the banter
Fr8 Train
I get where the people are coming from, with him trading the purple stone for rice. But when your village is starving to death, c’mon don’t get greedy or he might just walk away
Loverria Heartonia: Love the story outline, not like those too op main characters
Dmitri Nishikino: true dat
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John Beckett Dube
Why is there many strange things in this episode oh not only this all the episode have it like time travel like the guy wearing super man t-shirt and with headphones oh and I the others like kakashi and the guy with lipstick on what's going on 🤨🤨🤨
Aprilmae Malazarte
i really hate this kind of people nei lie tried to help you guys from starvation and this how you treat him ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanted pounch each one of you. nei lei just go continue your journey.
Bruh why did people get so attached to Nie Li, like whenever he is about to fight with someone people say stuff like: "OH YOU'VE DONE IT NOW!!! NIE LI TRASH HIM!!!!1!" Or something like that like BRUHHHHHH
Dmitri Nishikino: i agree with ya but Nie Li is the MC it's kinda expected
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i bet when they try to disturb Nie li Cultivation place they will get their Ball Smackk By HEMM GUHH BETTER SQUISHED IT TOO SO THEY FEEL THE OF THE PURPLE STONE POISON ★UwU★ i'm satusfied now *inhale* yeas
Sorry if my translation is trash!
My god this is a scam. It is said that you need a silver rank to actually hold a demon spirit, yet look at that kid. He was impressed by the “muscle density” of a 1 star silver rank, meaning he was lower than him, meaning he is not. Yet he just transformed with the power of a demon spirit.
Clarence J. Tillman III: He was a 3 star demon spiritualist with the body of a 1 star fighter, that's considered impressive since most people focus in only one category
Xx×Mercury : he already achieved silver rank bruh....
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Dylan Franks
The story does have potential it can you go on As long as the creator wants it to You forget there's a big world out there and they've hardly explored Not to mention the groundwork is already been laid there are 5 other people besides nearly the are as strong as him and there's of the emperor forget his name That hes chasing after the a mortal emperor So all you have to do is create a new goal which the creator to me it seems is already setting one up
Yamamoto Soskie: Thanks now i have hope.
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*sees one episode*
me: yeay~
*episode ends*
*stare at the phone screen*
*still staring*
*keep staring*
kirito- -kun: so true XD
Devan Roberts: right I keep thinking why just why
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I really love this manga please keep up the good work and thank you so much author for putting in the time to do something for others pleasure. Thank you
Art the Artist
My boy is a STRATEGIST, he knows if leaves the meat to tenderize longer, it'll be even tastier when he sinks his teeth in... He's already got the ENDGAME IN MIND!?!?
Trey Vernick
did i see yugi and joey by the back of their heads in this comic?

or am i seeing things?

reply yes if you see them or your seeing things for well you get the idea
Thank you author!!! 2 chapters today!!!! This is my most favorite out of all that I read!!!!😋😋
Unitz00: I’m really thankful too! I love this story 😍
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just can't wait for Nie li Cultivation Training soon so that he come back to Glory city after training he archieved Beyond Legend rank after training the cultivation 😁
Mihaiio Official
wait , he didn't measure his spiritual lvl after absorbing this thing and that guy's spiritual energy , could he be somewere close to 150 or more? getting close to 2 star bronze rank?
Humera Khan: he is already at bronze 2 star. each time his soul sea expands, he gains some more soul power.
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