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Tales of Demons and Gods
Chenae Winfield
Anybody else thinks that she might be a fox transformed to a human after cultivating for years. Then died while cultivating for immortally but became a strong spiritual being to help future cultavist save the human race from "alien" creatures.
Sai Krishna B: l
so, x
StressedByTheMountainsOfBook: I wrote novel "Prince of The Heavenly Realm" Can you please read it like if you can and follow if you like 😊😇🙏✌️👍 thank you free kiss and hugs 😇✌️🙏👍😍
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Vi na nga lang
I dont know why a lot of readers hate Yizun 😭
In his past life despite Nie Li’s weakness she accepted and loved him. People have diff attitude & personalities. This ofcourse show in love- some are aggressive, some determined while others are meek abt it, etc. She’s young & inexperienced when it comes to love & courtship but she’s also nice. I think she’s just very insecure abt herself and that is very normal for a lot of young women today. And yes Ninger is a great girl no doubt but pls just stop hating her besides it’s difficult to forget a lover who loved you despite your weakness. That’s why despite her meekness, insecurity & indecisiveness I think she’s still a great choice for Nie Li! ❤️
Vi na nga lang: Well, if you put it that way @L Myles - didn’t Ninger started liking him bec he’s able to heal/help her? I dont hate her but I dont think your argument is convincing tbh... and on Yizun nd Nie li’s past I think too little information is given/shown to just assume that she liked him “situationally”. Besides I dont think Yizun liked him just bec there’s a lack of guys. We could even assume (based on the flashback) that Yizun treated Nie li sincerely/kindly and them they started falling in love. I think there’s a reason why she is Nie li’s greatest love.
L Myles: Yizun dated him situationally not because she just picked him 🤷🏾‍♀️ the other girl saw him for him from day one and that's why alot of people don't like Yizun. either way he could just date both later nobody can say anything once he's city lord
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Beah Jayme
if I could ask, how many days have you all been watching this? I just found this app this new year, now, it's been three days and last night it never let me sleep even I am a meter away from the phone. now that I think about it, how big would my eye bags be if I were to do this in one day ( not really gonna happen, for father would use the but luckily he gave me the chance to use the phone) so restless 🤤🤤
KEN LOXLEY: How many days would they take to upload new episodes?
Nessie34: It took me a week or a month to finish this but I'm still waiting for more.
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Ning'ers fans are so dumb, you think ZIYUN will say that without a reason, Ziyun did that on purpose, ZIYUN is softhearted, she cares about her bestfriend, while your NINGER only cares about herself! Ziyun dont want to hurt his feelings. Dont you understand the whole story? IN HIS PAST LIFE, ONLY ZIYUN ACCEPTS HIS FLAWS, WHILE NINGER DONT DO ANYTHING GOOD TO NIE LI BE WISE IDIOTS!
Ricardo Capatan: don't forget that Ninger is busy in her first life with getting stronger to escape her fate on being married to that Shen asshole so she never really thought about getting in love
Ricardo Capatan: actually Ninger is his 2nd lover in his past life.......but Ninger got inflicted by a curse so she looks really different and she never mentioned her past to Nie Li so Nie Li pretty much gave up looking for her...not until Ninger mentioned having a weird dream of another life on which she got cursed when she ran away from glory(Bec. of that arranged marriage) then after many years she met Nie Li again who is the only survivor of glory city so she got closed to him...so Nie Li realize that his 2nd lover was Ninger all along.....also another important woman in Nie Li's life is his teacher
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
i think the master of the nether realms was that mysterious old guy from the other realm where nie lie visited to help his friend from dragon clan avenge his family and pride..remember how they mentioned the master of the nether realm wasnt found for almost a decade already or maybe 1000 years? i forgot haha..maybe that was the mysterious old man that even the goddess was afraid of..so that must be him😆✌ im just guessin folks..what bout u guys?
Catie Rey: you'll find out later if your guess is correct after the 9 layer deathlands arc
Anime God: how did your sense of time jump from a decade to a millennia
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at first i really like nei le to be with ning'er but i'm having a change of heart, i want nei le for ziyun, nei le's affection for ziyun runs much much deeper than with ning'er... if you understand nei le's feelings then you'll know why he keeps on pursuing ziyun❤
Thousand Sunny
That old man, like Nie Li, is one of Emperor Kong Ming’s Five successors who have each read and formed their own understanding of the following ten word maxim:

‘Infinite nothingness has no beginning,
and no beginning means no end.’

The five successors each have their own comprehension towards this maxim, and are destined to kill each other and absorb each other’s understanding of the maxim. Once there is only one successor left, and he/she has absorbed the other four’s knowledge and understanding of the maxim, he/she will be able to meet Emperor Kong Ming in person. Basically, Nie Li and the old man are destined to kill each other. And they both already know that.
Thousand Sunny : I’ve read it.
M L: try to read the wuxia official.
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Thousand Sunny
Well, that cute little cat conversation never happened in the novel, but it funny!

Thanks for the chapter update,
kingcat: phew thats good to hear
Thousand Sunny : What are talking about? I’m not mad.
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Dark Ace
he is waiting for u lotises to bloom once it happens it will be a very powerful spiritual gos and then will confront the master of nether realm
the madter of nether realm is very good but doesn't think any difference between NIE LI and DEMON LORM
i mean good people and bad people, they are just human for him

Dwight Draper: I already followed u before I commented😊
Dark Ace : u are frndly aren't u
i followed u bro/sis
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Just in case somebody wanted to know. This is at about chapter 225 in the light novel
Tiamat: fear me
shin solano: well you could go to novelplanet.com its good enough for beginners to use but I would definitely recommend wuxiaworld.com
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Nie li: *Saves me*
Me: *Thinking: My Hero*
Nie li: *Drops me and uses me as bait*
Me: 😱
Nie li: *Shouts* Save me!!
Me: *Dies as an Untalented youth without even saying my last dying words*
Nie li: You good bro?! oops.
gamerboy striker
all of you are wrong i read this repeatedly and i can really understand the story dark guild and sacred family are team together

SPOILER ALERT:but in the 200+chapter Nie Li will beat/kill/vanished all the sacred family and he will go in underworld to find dark guild
Mtho Nicheolas
Guys this demon beast has the same as Nie Lie's third demon spirit mutated bloodwing saint jaio Dragon bloodline God level demon spirit
Thousand Sunny : The strongest are god level primordial bloodline demon spirits, then god level ancient bloodline demon spirits, then god level dragon bloodline demon spirits. Although there are god level dragon bloodline demon spirits that are equivalent in strength to god level ancient bloodline demon spirits, there are none so far that are equivalent to god level primordial bloodline demon spirits. Although I’m sure there’s a primordial dragon out there somewhere, which would probably automatically have a god level demon spirit.
Mtho Nicheolas: Nothing standing can win against dat demon spirit it's physical body is far stronger than the demon spirit it's self when everyone saw it the level of jealous already reach Deity realm or Emperor level realm 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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she said "duan jian haven't received any trainging" and i'm like:whatttttttt?how did he even get to reach gold rank?without any training?and have a muscular body?without training?lol
Sєddd: by getting bullied by guards
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Am I the only one reading this for the 6th time while waiting for the next update?
Lucy Elle: red it 5 times already! still far from your 12 Choco prince
Lucy Elle: red it 5 times already! still far from your 12 Choco prince
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James Wright
Sooo you guys saw Goku. Piccolo. And Saitama , but no ones going to talk about THE GUY LITERALLY DRINKING OUT OF A JUICE BOX WITH A BENDY STRAW??
Lucy Elle: hahaha.. I'm not blind though~~
Bhrian Micko Tiongco: because were blind
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I want to read the LN but I don't want to. I don't enjoy Solo Levelling as much as I did before reading the LN. Still cool though.
Paul Asi Barnuevo Morada
what chapter is this on LN? i want to start reading the LN coz the manhua is so slow...
_hizuka_: Nah, I don't want to 😂
Paul Asi Barnuevo Morada: i want, i want
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mathew simon
please before you update again give us atleast ten more chapters I can't do this one chapter thing anymore 😭😭😭😭
leo indiago
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