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Slayerdramon Ant

TaXue Comic
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A high school student Zheng Lang reincarnated into an ant after the death. The world he lives now is another world, which is under the control of monsters. One day, he ran into some people who accidently intrude this world and they became friends later. A new and exciting journey is waiting for them…

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Jack Early
This author did something rare they actualy did something orignal.I love the whole concept it has so many possibilities he could become powerful and create a monster empire that rivals humans and dragons or he could become powerful enough to turn human it's an amazing concept kept it up l.Also I like the whole monster empire concept.It could have a spinoff later on in the ant kings descendants Please Keep makeing this is my favorite series so far.
Ben Jeffrey
1st even tho no one Cares
but WTF 7days??? one weak to translate just 1eps ??? atime i'm just like they are really lazy
saphire: yeah man 1 week is a bit too much for 1 episode
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Arun Samanat
what the hake happened. going to school on beutifool ladies. there is ant?????
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