My Cool Wife...
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My Cool Wife...

My Cool Wife...
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My Cool Wife... Novel Online. An arranged marriage. I thought she is behind my money, I loved someone else. but it seems that we are fated together only.

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Dark Phoenix
Come on cutie pie, you are just 13 and also you are updating such beautiful story, why do you care for haters, think that you have more fans club not haters and keep going, I know it hurts cuz I'm one year older than you and I'm also a writer, don't mind them k, keep going your story is good and we like it, never mind what others say, they reported your work only cuz they are jealous and they can't do it, don't mind those brainless people, and moreover love you
Author crazy update plzz....this the interesting chat story i've ever read....💕💕u have stopped till mileva harvard....plzz update fast....let mileva to punish james veey badly...afterall he had hurt her feelings way too much....
Magic Muffin
oh god, hilarious ......
firts Wen became a gay.... then a girl....and now he was kidnapped 😂😂😂😂
this pair of brother and sister as well as girlfriend and boyfriend
Bhaskar Kandpal: Hello guys, sorry to disturb you, can you please check out my novels if you are free

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I hope that you wouldn’t mind checking it out and try to give some feedbacks about my story.

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Thank you for reading my comment.
Magic Muffin: sure 😊😊
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