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Salty Lime

Lily Louis
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A newly promoted secretary, Limon, with a sweet and sour attitude with vitreous green eyes versus a salty dull eye, Sel, CEO who never truly fell in love for someone but only got hurt until he laid eyes on her. In a game of jealousy and rumors will they thrive?

Created by BunnyHero AKA Lily Louis

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April Loves RJ Proctor
some people may not understand how hard it is to do different expressions and poses, just do what u like best, I think the last 2 r the best, but ik drawing art on phones, computers, tablets etc. is harder than on paper, so as long as the story is good just do what u like best and I'll be here on my moms phone or on my phone supporting u, I also wanted to create comics but I'm not very confident in my abilities, and it's good to see someone I can relate to who also wonders how exactly to draw the characters in order to please the readers, anyways goodluck, ill be here reading every update
Lulu Ling
I'm fine with whatever as long as the story is good, you don't have to stress too much on the art style not that it isn't important but you naturally get better as you go a long. I've seen work with art that is awesome but the stories were big turn offs, so story is the best part for me. Don't get too caught up in practice and eat, sleep, do what u need to do but most importantly relax n have fun with it. Looking forward to what comes next!

Btw I envy u for being able to start ur comic, I also want to but have no idea how. I'll also work hard!
Warda Usman
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