100 Days to Love You
Romance / Historical / Chinese Classic

100 Days to Love You

Daxingdao Comic
100 Days to Love You
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Jungkookie Bun
Nothing Unusual ಠ_ಠ
He's not wearing a mask
He ain't Cold or Arrogant
He doesn't have white hair
He doesn't have another Identity
Yo we have an AvErAgE ML here
fInALlY NoRmAl
Ha_Zel: he also is a playboy
Radleo Readman: Yes I have read it ☺️☺️☺️
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..B L A N K..
blue haired girl is gonna deceive FL I bet
demonic.neko.chan: if it's not the ml blue haired guys are always trouble, I've learned that from reading so.much romance manga
★Pragati★: I am with u sis
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R. Komi
he's already in the Fl's hands she can kill him already, and then end of story, best ending ever..Bravo...but obviously not gonna happen
KPOP_ANIME_MANGA IS LIFE: i love your comment!
Lucas: Hahaha,your right
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rain heart
One day one of them will betray her
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Kpop's life✌️🥰
I thank this zhong Yuluo for pointing something out, which I’ve been thinking about a lot. That is that war is war and eventually someone is going to lose. Even tho what was done to the FL’s empress was unnecessary and cruel. I don’t blame the ML ANYMORE because he is just a pawn of the empire dowager sooo. I kinda feel pity for him because he doesn’t even have someone who loves him. His mother is a bish who only cares for power, even tho she uses him she could at least trust him, but no she hides weapons in case she has to fight with him. And I said this before but Idc, she is the mastermind and he does all the dirty work to bring power for her and if something happens she will be clean as water, TF.
Naveena Kasarolla: pp oo oo p
Naveena Kasarolla: pp oo oo p
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Tamara Milojkovic
How her dress didn't fall off when he caught her between her breasts.
Brenda Ai: nice story
Winter boba Faizal: i suppose it has the same gravity in anime too
total 7 replies
yooo guys the ML doesn't have a white hair and he's not wearing a mask
Yifanfan💖💕: ik they are indeed handsome😍😄 i didn't mean anything about my comment

"yooo guys the ML doesn't have a white hair and he's not wearing a mask"

if I said anything that upsets you I'm sorry✌😊
Lazy Reader😁🙄: but i like guys with white hair
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》¤♡Julia_Chan ♡¤《
okey the blue haured girl is a fake friend of fl
army(bts lover): no cap about that
Nan: she wants a better life
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key_^~^: Yeahh she wants to get benefits instead I guess
Nan: uhmmmm i think it's you white who called the emergency meeting , blue was with me on cams
total 24 replies
soooo the empress dowager is REAL CULPRIT
Nan: she didn't get ejected yet...
TotallyNotChelle: Empress dowager was the imposter. 0 imposters remain
total 3 replies
෴ ❤️ Cha eun woo ❤️ ෴
hide and seek😂😂girl you won't find him the entire night until he comes back 🤣
RenRen: he's just really good at hiding
total 1 replies
She fell again...TWICE, in 1 minute
aristia9999: Oh goshhh haha you're right.😂😂
Rinku Dutta: omg ur dp and your line is so funny
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Lil Dove
poor eggs. Mama bird's going to be mad when she finds out
Lucas: Hahahha, i wish they're mama can find them
Rinku Dutta: you guys are so funny that I can't #########
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rain heart
Oppsss I think the ml is pretending to be a playboy
Yoshi✨💎: yeah yeah, maybe🤣
Alan Faredon 😜💋💄❤♐♐: rain and Alan Faredon 😉 😘😲
you love me my ata and
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boys life 홀로
Girl you got the chance to kill him now without wasting time just kill him and don't show mercy to him. go on
boys life 홀로: Fiona follow back fast
total 8 replies
sᴏᴜʟ xᴅ ❁
There's only fl in his eyes
Aubery virus 😎 pranoid 21: he can't get bored by her . she is just perfect for him in everything . 🔥🔥🔥
Purple Fairy: Sorry for disturbing you but if you may please check my story "I love my kidnapper"
That would mean a lot!😊🙏

If love stories aren't your type..how about a horror novel?"The Creepy family(No one gets out a alive😈)
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∂εα∂ℓყ รเɳ { MDC - O }
i don't trust blue haired girl
Hinata Byakugan queen: Same, Amah Hinata fan ❤️
Itachi's wife: Same but she gives me hinata from Naruto vibes
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kinny heenim
i think this blue hair girl might become a trouble for the ml and fl later
somehow I feel the blue haired girl will betray the fl and help spy for the empress (ml's mother)
army(bts lover): could be true
Annanya Nair: I also think the same
total 4 replies
if i where her i would kill him
dontruinmyship!: But the white hair guy cold also be the ml because his hair is white. Hahhahahahah
~Zen's Waifu~: But i think hes the ML
total 2 replies
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