The Princess of Vengeance

The Princess of Vengeance

The Princess of Vengeance
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The Princess of Vengeance Comics Online. She was the king's daughter, yet treachery took her whole family's lives. With the help of a legendary artifact, she was granted a new life. She decided to hide her astounding beauty in disguise and concealed her real power, only to seek her vengeance!

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I seriously love this FL. She shows no mercy towards anyone who dare to harm her family. She has the full courage to take down whoever is trying to play dirty with her. She is totally amazing, pretty, smart, strong, awesome, and really savage. I can totally tell that ML will dote on her a lot
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Have a good reading. 🙂
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"She was the last survivor of her clan. Now she sets on her journey avenging it. But one thing she didn't consider is that how the people she'll meet will change her very perspective."

The Girl Named Amanda,(Action-Fantasy-Romance) written by Takoyaki N Sushi (me). Read the story for more! Don't forget to like and subscribe if you liked it!
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Snow Lily
Why does our FL look so small compared to the ML?🤨 You know what it doesn't matter that will make them look even CUTER together!!! ☺️
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ㄚㄖㄩ’尺乇__乃乇卂ㄩㄒ|千ㄩㄥ💜: Ohhhhh lol
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🌺Violet Feddeline🌺
but it's okay author...just take your time doing this manga we will support you
小EnZi🎶: Hey guys sorry for interrupting but if you have time please read my chat story "Venomous Cure" and leave your thoughts for me
This is the first time I'm writing so i wanna know about your thoughts and opinions thank you ❤️
★🥀GB❤️ [C🥺]🥀★: ok sis
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