My Mom is Not to be Messed with
Romance / Historical / TimeTravel / Completed / Unscheduled

My Mom is Not to be Messed with

My Mom is Not to be Messed with
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
"You father exploded?"
Me: Yes Po, my good child. Your father exploded upon your mother and had you know what....😂😂
Stella: Me to
lunar eclipse: * reading yo comment*
Me: - _ -..................................... Just epic
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Anika アニカ
FL: Relax, I'm not interested in you

a few seconds later...

𝑅𝑜𝑏𝑖𝑛-𝐶ℎ𝑤𝑎𝑛: $@##$@
heartbroken person: i think punjabi tuhade tu bina koyi v nhi samaj payoo ethe soo personally punjabi vich likh rhi aa (punjab toh oo tusi v )
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Kaname Yuki
Oh wow!!! Seeing Badass Mommy is so cool!!! Also Her son is so damn cute and smart!!! I love them both!!!
Yeah Mommy just kick their asses!!! Bad ones really deserved to be punished anyway!!!
Kaname Yuki: Yeah!
Zhianelle Mitzi: yuppp agreed with you! I like them both, her son is so cute i wish i'm also cute like him🥺 and mommy she's so damn cool!!
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I think white headed man's blood worked but it took a while to effect I don't really think that blue headed is po's actual father
i dont know my name: Hi sorry to bother but can you please check out my sister’s story the name is “ but it’s your baby” thank you😘
Zhianelle Mitzi: yeahh I think that too
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Am I the only one who is reading Sheik as Shrek?
love_yosahi_treasure: lmao , me too
XxBTS_BlinkxX: Lol!! Don't worry I'm also too😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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I swear this Fl must've been Tarzan's wife in her past life. She's not only skilled but beautiful. Hell yeah!
Mariyah: Lmao wtf
Namjoon's potato: Tarzan's wife was dumb 🤡
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Kaname Yuki
Mommy is strong enough on her own but ML is more stunning and skillful 😍 Gosh I can’t take my eyes off him!!! He is beautiful than woman lol 😆
Oh Well When Old geezer awake he will die seeing the corpse for sure!!! Wanna see his scared face so badly!!! 😈
BTS no.1and fuck_the_grammy💜: really handsome 😍
Reiko Mei: but he raped fl
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He probably ate the Amra Fruit and is allergic to it like the princess that's why the princess asked to take it away
otaku three: bloodline * what I mean is the royal's bloodline who own/have that sigil
otaku three: yes maybe their bloodline is allergic to amra fruit
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Snow Lily
Ok listen carefully.. I mean read carefully..😂
You can find this manga online! It's called "It’s not easy to bully my mother"!! Hope this was helpful!😊
Kozu_Kamado: thank yoouuu!!
Zhianelle Mitzi: thanksss dude!
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woah ML is so hot anyways I guess Po’s birthmark is probably from a royal family, his Father must be a Prince. The Mother is so fierce, she wants to cut her husband thingy. And that last part lmao “my father exploded” 🤣
Ameisha Simpson: you mean his "dick"
little deer💕: hey if you like chat story I have started my first chat story OUR WAY OF DESTINATION have look you'll like it 😊😊
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samiya tahreem
I wanna see their faces when she asks them to strip.
Zhianelle Mitzi: HAHAHA same
Reiko Mei: same..
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why rich ppl always try to solve everything with money😪😪

👉one night stand.. money😶😶

👉bump onto 😑😑

👉ask her to be his woman.. money😬😬

👉fake marriage agreement.. money😒😒

👉stolen first🙂🙂
with 10 million money
they can buy sweet little honey😝😝
D Babygirl: ikr, they're banks 😂😂🤣
BTS no.1and fuck_the_grammy💜: me too but I only want BTS ,TxT and Enhypen
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zash ash
nope.. your dad exploded something into your mom then pop!☄ you came on earth hehehe
kae serinuma is hella underrat: ur so 😇
🔥☠️devil boy ☠️🔥: Ik what do you mean I have very good knowledge about that hehe........◉‿◉
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is the ml her son's father or nah?
💞angel💞: Your right most people don't want Mr white to be her lover
alexarmantojk: I think most of the readers wants Mr. White hair but ig some doesn't, for a change
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Badass mommy’s cool decision!!! That was awesome revenge mommy!!! I really like her badass side!!! Such a cool mommy!!!
Now Mr Sheik’s down fall time huh!!! You deserved it old man!!!
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Hehehe ok 😁
~Tamako Mochizou: yeah well this is usually my habit 😌 I came to comment but got caught with others comments*hehe 😂
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Kaname Yuki
Our Badass mommy is kicking their asses perfectly!!! Hope this time you damn jerks know your place!!! Don’t think you can touch our badass mommy!!! Don’t dream on!!! After all mommy is Queen of the martial arts huh!!! Good Job mommy!!! I really adore you!!! 🥰😍🥰
Stella: me to
Zhianelle Mitzi: yeah me too!
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Aspen Jade 🍻
.."okAy pO,wAit here pO" 😅😁
Aspen Jade 🍻: ...ahEhe,KASALI ka pO😁🤣
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Lmao! After saving a badass female, the first thing she tells you to do is drop your pants after checking your pulse...What would you do??
YouDidn'tSeeMeHere🤡: I'll probably freak out LMAO
°K¡ja°: lol go on with your bad self 🤣🤣
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Kaname Yuki
Wahahaha when Mom took off Li’s clothes our ML getting jealous lol 😂
Looks like our ML really starting to interested in her!!! 😍
After all they’re make a deal!!! When all things settled He wants a favor!!! So What favor ML??? 😍
SHIP EMM...!!!!!!!! 😍😏😘: I don’t know~ 😏😏😏
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