Blood Type Love
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Blood Type Love

Blood Type Love
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Blood Type Love Comics Online. Have you ever considered human blood is a premium ingredient for winemaking? Have you imagined blood according to different human races have different aroma? Modern vampires are no longer in lack of human blood, what’s more, they’ve begun pursuing a certain taste. Humans who owns sweet and tasty blood can exchange things they want from vampires with their blood. From Napoleon to Hitler, from Albert Einstein to Elvis Presley, whose blood are all listed in wine vintage chart, nevertheless, there is one girl living in the modern era who has the most aromatic and unique blood type which attracts not only mosquitoes but also vampires.

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Civ Alonzo Cruz
I knew it. He was a half-bred vampire, that's why he can eat both human food and vampire food and can be sick too.

He was a human slave with a special palette before and was adopted by a vampire. He was made into vampire and let him grew and built the Kingston winery. The elder brother that was mentioned before was a foster brother who lost his sense of taste. Moustache guy is his adoptive father. The portrait of a girl in his house is his sister Hai Yan.
I really pity him 😔 when he finally found his own "home", he lost it in a blink of an eye. and he need to suck his lated beloved blood because he need to survive to get revenge... and now his handsome face is really ruin because of the fire 😔 but I'm glad he become a good guy now but still... 😔
The reunion's so... Pft! Sorry!! Just when things are getting serious, Yuan smacked Thomas with wood (resulting to a bump), William jumping on to Max and the rest are just too HILARIOUS because of the freaking chibis, damn it 😂😂
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