Second-to-none Adoration
Romance / Fantasy / TimeTravel / Supernatural

Second-to-none Adoration

Second-to-none Adoration
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Second-to-none Adoration Comics Online. [Artist: Xiaoshuixuan/Producer:SJCC]
Snatched from the modern world to the ancient period of warring states, an ordinary girl finds herself in the position of Helen of Troy—monarchs, dukes, and countless men in power would wage wars just for her.
She must escape from that tyrant of tyrants as quickly as she can.
However, can she really make up her mind to leave him without turning back?

MangaToon got authorization from SNAP to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Byeol XuFeng
Oh my gosh!!!! This comic is sooo interesting! One of the most interesting ones I've ever read. Well, this emperor needs to think before acting. He'll just lose the love of his life by doing this, but I guess he'll never admit his mistake since he's a king. But my theory is that in this time of despair FL will encounter her boyfriend somehow, but as he doesn't remember her, he'll also take advantage of her for his kingdom. And the fight will just begin! 🤯
Also, I really want to see the other character, that of a snake. He looks so interesting as well 🤔😈✨👌
Bella: lu nyasar server ngegas lagi wkwkwk
Lu kgk knal gw: bacot Kao kontol
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The queen Anni
I really missed nefertari and sese from Pharaoh concubine. Where Nefertari was the treasure of Egypt with golden hair and pure blue eye while as here she is the treasure of the country with golden eye
Gyaaru san~THE SHIPPER: Yes. That happens at the end
Manami Inoue: but he was reincarnated right? as a prince in the present and still remembers her..even the other characters
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ok for the people who don't like the FL, like what do u expect to do too? just let your pride go like trash? y'all she doesn't want to do it then she has the right to not love him, give her time. like put yourself in her place you get threatened to get you family killed, although they're not in the same world. but now if they were in the same world now you get your family killed and expect yourself to still love the person that killed your whole family. she is doing the right thing. but he is just acting spoiled or sum sh*t.
Lmfao_144: Oh I haven’t yet seen that. I am currently waiting for it to be updated until 100 episodes so I won’t have to actually wait when there is a cliffhanger.
Ureoczn Sun: yeah I agree with you.but In upcoming episodes Zane becomes very cruel and male lead takes his whole kingdom to protect female lead who is kidnapped by her 24th century lover ( present dynasty's other prince)The story will take a complete u turn in upcoming episodes
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