Marry to Find Love
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Marry to Find Love

Marry to Find Love
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Marry to Find Love Comics Online. [Author: Hotread]
She's been married for three years without knowing who her husband is, yet...
"What do you call me?" He smirked, chest vibrating as his husky voice licked her ear.
"Wrong!" He pressed harder, sending sensations down her delicate spine.

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Im Always Right
wow jst wow i wonder people read this comic one sided...i mean cmmon ..fl lead is not the only one that has feelings right...wt about ml...he's feelings dont matter? i know people wany to ship them as soon as possible....but u should not look at them from only one perspective...u want ml to act lovey dovey? how? why?
u clearly dont see the situation here right now...

she was clearly the one who wanted divorce how is ml supposed to act when the one he loves wants divorce..its not easy for him to act lovingly...what if not matter what he tries they eventually ended in divorce?
he doesnt want to let her go but also dont want to invest too much because in the end he maybe the one who gets hurt...and lot of people saying ml should not take her for granted...i mean wtf where did he do fact fl should not take him for granted ..during all their time together i can clearly say that he's the one whose investing in the relationship...and also he knows that there is a guy fl used to may be past ..but its still there...waiting for the divorce..

and in this situation fans are blaming ml for being cold?
someone : dang its about time someone finally said it and u couldn't have said it better
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Jana Rashwan (AGM.)
I don't understand why everyone feels uneasy when they both care for each other and they 0 uneasy too when they fight? Why can't they be together, why? Because Su mo is not as good as him? well, he's not an angel, you know.. And they abondoned him the sec they knew he was disabled and when everything was clear and they knew he isn't they change their attitude and acted like nothing happened.. I don't understand these people really, and who's side is that doctor in? Is he gay or something or he likes him? He's not okay with him living the FL and he's not okay with him loving that girl (the one in black) and he doesn't like anything the ML does whatever he's doing caring for her is not okay and throwing her is also not okay.. DOCTOR, I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU! PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT.. ARE YOU A GOOD PERSON OR A BAD PERSON, YOU'RE GIVING ME HEADACHE
Im Always Right
wow fans ...hating ml..without no reason...why cant he have dinner with a female friend when fl can have with male friend..
and hes too do u expect after female treated him during all this time u want him to simp forever...hes got hes own life...he has his own feelings....he did everything to keep the marriage together but fl keeps pushing him away.. even after setting traps to see fls real reaction..she said that it was only an act...after destroying his hopes do u expect ml to go after fl...and im fcking iritated by fl wtf is wrong with her why cant she admit her feelings...

and im really dissapointed in fans mostly do u think ml desrves to be treated like that by fl...he tries evrything for her...but she pushes her aways...its literally hurting him..he cant force her because it will only escalate firther..moreover he cant act like a lover now because she wants divorce not him..
boruto uzumaki: nice comment 😊😊😊
hi guyzz: wow your so good in putting comments...
you should write some stories
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