Marry to Find Love
Romance / CEO

Marry to Find Love

Marry to Find Love
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Fl: please do social distancing
Me: Do you have corona
Fl: Achooo
fiya dennis: hi. if you have time please read my chat story titled the wall between us. thank you
destiny : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Su Mo should have ask Zehuan about the paper. They are really lacking communication between Husband and Wife. She is assuming about everything herself. All she had to do was ask and talk it out directly with him. He obviously doesn’t want to divorce her. Omfg Zehuan seriously should confess his feelings for Su Mo so that she can stop thinking too much..
hunnydeedy: Seriously!! ML if you in love with your wife you should tell her your feeling. Don't let her keep in the dark.
Destiny: how can she ask about them? she has her pride too..
better to leave themselves than letting other people thrown them away..
Long zehuan needs to speak now rather than getting angry.. useless ML
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Pretty sure there are security cameras in the office... You are only making it easier for everyone to incriminate you🙂
dtctvghst: some cameras have night vision so yeah
keen bani: no lights I guess. its enough in the story for the villian to be safe
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I mean... You could just ask him directly do you still want to divorce me? It's been 3 months. 🤦 But no gotta stare at some pile of papers that an assistant "dropped". I'd even tell him, "I saw your assistant hurriedly bring it to you" ... If you can't communicate then your contract marriage was going to fail even without the divorce paper flying around on the floor.
🍓Berries🍓: I know right‼️😖
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I wanna eat noodles too the way that kiss was too smooth..ha ha
Shreya Singh: huuiiiiiii
Aikawa Shokora: right*
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Ritska Lowe
Are you serious Hengyuan what do u mean by 'Su Mo You' do u think u have the right to, while Su Mo liked u all this time, u show up with her then flaunt your relationship and now u got such a shock when Long Zehuan called her wife, u don't deserve her if u liked well now u lost your chance
Ritska Lowe: Exactly
they holy bitch: i know right he had his chances
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[♦•Jimmie•♦] ❥ [♦️•Zachary•♦️]
What "su mo you" isn't you already have a girlfriend 😑😑😑
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Beauty Pinky
Sob 😭 couldn’t she just asked about it before running away? Anyway it’s the famous saying “ if you love someone set them free, if he comes back he’s yours, if not it was never meant to be”. 😞😞😞
Beauty Pinky: He could’ve have asked too but instead jumped to conclusions , way too cold, let him find out the hard way 😞
admong: If it me i will spit at his face and leave by the way that was not the first time
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AN Privado
So you wanna resign and you’ll be his wife
what if he's her husband hehe
Girl In The Rain: that's will be interesting
Jenika Fernandez: he's her husband
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she flirted with a man or a man flirted with her? girl dats different
If the idiot man didn't want to divorce her, he shouldn't have left the divorce paperwork in his desk for her enemies to use to hurt her. And he should SAY SOMETHING if he doesn't want her to go.
Rejana Ray
I don't think that the Ml is dumb enough to leave her alone in his office simply 🙃🙃
Grace Alfred
She is behind the kidnapping
Very sure all her evil plans wu come to naught
Grace Alfred: Anything is possible as long as u get wat u want
lemurloki: Maybe she didn't count on grandpa being in danger OR she wanted to swoop in and save grandpa herself to further earn the ML's gratitude and suggest to him that Su Mo staged the whole thing OR she was willing to sacrifice grandpa so the ML would blame Su Mo.
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I am having a feeling that this president is her real husband
Chelley: I think yes it is
Kim Jae Beom: he is it's written in the description
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Oh noo... there's gonna be misunderstanding...🥺

but why do we have to wait so much for the next chapter...
oh dear author.. we really want crazy updates..
social distancing my dudes
Imma beat yo ass😃🔪🍑: Ughhh you got me
(☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞Gotcha: Oh! Wait mask required!!!
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Ritska Lowe
He's right she won't be labeled as a mistress but definitely the wife
Sarah Wade
I don't know if anyone agrees but I think the story has a good story behind I like the characters but I'm not liking how it just skips a whole bunch of stuff like it goes from one thing to a different thing I would like to see more but maybe with the story that actually goes together not skip from one thing like are they even together I don't even know like they just like oh I will love you now and blah blah blah and then she gets kidnapped like I don't get it
grandpa's so cute...😂😂 and funny...
but shouldn't we have more of long zehuan and su mo?... I miss their interactions... 🙁🙁
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