The Last First Love
Romance / CEO

The Last First Love

iQiyi Comics
The Last First Love
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The Last First Love Comics Online. Four years ago, a relationship full of regret, four years later, a reunion that should have never occurred.
Like a hedgehog with its spikes raised, he says hurting words he does not mean. Like a canary trapped in a cage, she has nowhere to escape.
In the name of being bound, they embrace again.

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Hottest Comments
There are just so many things wrong about their relationship ever since they “got back together” I’m saying it loosely because she didn’t actually want to get back together with him, but did so in order to pay for her grandma’s hospital bills. Their relationship is extremely complicated because they don’t communicate with each other about their problems. They’re both too busy getting angry with each other instead of trying to come up with a closure.

Honestly though, she should’ve never lead the poor guy on while knowing she is the ML’s woman. She did agree to it in exchange for the hospital bills, but does that justify the ML putting his hands on her and hitting her? NOPE!! This guy needs to understand that she’s not just his “stuff” and that she has feelings and a mind of her own, too. Maybe he should try to at least understand why she reacted that way INSTEAD OF HITTING HER!! 😡 HOW DARE U HIT HER!
I thought they had this badass close af relationship?!? Each other’s first love my ass. Yr first love is like a best friend, they even lived together?! You never told him yr mom passed away nor did he ever bring it up?! I really enjoyed the art style and layouts of each chapter, and I love the colorist if they’re separate from the main illustrator (the muted color are 👌🏼 very watercolor-ish...) but now the story is starting to SUCK.

So much potential down the drain.
you are such a jerk, how can you do that you just broke her trust by doing that and you are not even sure about her past experience and you pop out of no where clamming her and you did that to her when she was starting to open her heart . you really need to get your brain check up
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