Woo Me, Properly
Romance / CEO

Woo Me, Properly

iQiyi Comics
Woo Me, Properly
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Update on Wed, Sun
Woo Me, Properly Comics Online. It can be tough to be an ex-soldier's wife. Strict rules, bossy commands, and means of nighttime punishments that are "way too creative." she wants to leave, yet everything about him seems to have become a habit that she simply cannot discard.
Well, before fully admitting she's 100% satisfied with this marriage, she has only one request to her TOUGH, UNROMANTIC and INSENSITIVE veteran husband:
Woo me, properly.

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Sophia L
Damn... just because Chen MeiYi didn't tell you that she was married to Nan LuXiao you don't need to act that way. She had a reason she couldn't tell you, and when the right time comes I'm sure she'll tell you about it. And in the previous episode thinking that she's getting close to your current crush (Cui Xu)... she's not, she's already married... she doesn't see him like that. They were catching a little kitty while waiting for you to come. And besides, she knows you have a crush on him.... she supports you, so why can't you support her back? Just confront her about it, I'm sure she'll explain everything and yall can be friends again. Sure, I overreact a lot to things too. But you should try to understand/confront the situation and stuff before making an assumption. Gee it's always gotta be the purple heads ruining everything. If she and that blonde chick team up and ruin my ship.. imma kill them both
Sophia L: Aw, no worries. I've had that problem before as well, where my comments wouldn't disappear after deleting them. Thus making me comment again and again. It could just take a while for it to be deleted (or not), I could still see that the comments weren't deleted.. so I was like aye whatever, I give up lol

But anyways, all your comments are gone. . so no need to worry :)
gibin prince: I give up the past hr I was literally deleting it and it was getting deleted too, don't know why almost the same time stamps come I mean I have seen it like at least 5 times already O_o which is weird
•́ ‿ ,•̀
total 11 replies
Ooh! Nice! So they were once comrades in arms during Military Training. Nan Luxio complimented Jin Chuan's fighting skills, while Jin Chuan complimented Nan Luxio's shooting skills. They also agreed to bring their girlfriend or wife to the boxing center/shooting range. Which they had actually done, Jin Chuan brought his ex - girlfriend Chen Meiyi, while Nan Luxiao brought Chen Meiyi as his wife. However, they didn't bring them togerher but took turns. I wonder what had happened between them tho........
§ïňëĕ ß@řű: thank you so much...

Just concentrate in studies....
All the best to get good scores
❆ĸυroyυĸι黒雪❆: Oh alr. I'll try to read it during the weekends. Bc I have to focus on my school studies during weekdays......
total 3 replies
✯.:。. 🎶cнaммaĸ cнallo 🎶.。:.✯
Exactly what's going on? She's the legal wife of Nan LuXiao and moreover she also admitted that she loved him. Was she just flirting with that jerk? Wondering what will happen if LuXiao comes and there will be a great misunderstanding.
💗💖💚Anime lover💖💗💜: if he come in he is going to punch him
total 1 replies
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