Billionaire's One True Love
Billionaire's One True Love
Billionaire's One True Love
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Romance / CEO / Urban romance / Tragic / Modern / Fated / Bossy
Author Name: SNAP

Life is always melodramatic to me. I went to the hotel to help my sister catch the adulterous couple, but was almost raped by my "brother-in-law". It turned out that the man wasn't my brother-in-law, but an overbearing CEO! He wants me to be his maid, but don't worry, I will not be attracted to his beauty! Because I believe that the one I miss so much will marry me after he returns from his studies. However, once again, I feel that fate is playing tricks on me... MangaToon got authorization from SNAP to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 38    /    (3035)
 Updated to Chapter 38 
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maid for a year
you'll get her pregnant
she'll leave
then reunited again.
then happily ever after.

hahahha idk almost every story is like that.
Serena (Newbie) BLINK: lmao 🤣🤣🤣 you just told the future of the comic
Annie Mannie: 'glutton next door' 'a world ruled by cats' 'a chance to cherish' 'she may not be cute' and many more
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See y'all in hell☠
Story in a nutshell

1) She's gonna become a maid and he'll have her cooped up inside his house.
2) Cliche bathroom romance, where he'll ask her to help him to wash up and she's gonna fall on the bathtub/ML.
3) Some mistress's gonna come and play dirty.
4) Both will get separated due to some misunderstandings perpetrated by the mistress.
5) Girl will flee to some Country A,B,C and there she'll meet a guy whose only role is to get rejected in the end.
6) Then will come back along with a kid.
7) Kid is going to have an IQ greater than Einstein's.
8) Ml's gonna meet her accidentally somewhere and offer her a job as a secretary, where he'll harass her and force her to become his woman.
9) Finally, she'll accept his love and reject the 2nd male lead.
10) All three will live happily. THE END
Lakshika Sharma: wow its just like i am reading all manga. at one time😅😅😅
Annie Mannie: Barney from himym?
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Luckily nothing is happened!!! She is quick handed and save herself!!! Good Girl!!! You are really a tough girl!!! 👏👏
Moonlight GODDESS: Tsubaki i have Seen you in every manga that i read could you follow me back
Army mafia: Hey which manga haven’t I seen you in
total 4 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Ye Qianran!!!
Firstly cheated by her Ex!!! Secondly lottery tickets she didn’t win even 200 Yuan!!! Thirdly she got herself a drunk!!! 🥴 fourthly seducing Chengxi and made him feel horny then going to sleeeeep!!! Hahahahaha our FL is so damn hilarious one!!! 😂😂😂
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yeah your right! They don't seem to know they're seeing me because they're everywhere too! 🤣
melody: everyone be like hey I see u in every manga.....
me thinking ......tsubaki must be seeing you all too🤪as u comment her/him.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😌

total 8 replies
girl next time dont/stop mending other business ok?
AJ: Yes😂😂😂😂😂😂
Army mafia: Ohh been there
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she's his made for a year
he will hate her
he will torture her
she will love him
he will love her
he will cheat on her
she will go and live in other county
she gets pregnant
he realize that he love her
he keep finding her
she have a good life without him
her kids want a father
she will meet him again
he will know that he have children's with her
they will have a marriage contract
they will fall in love again
he will missaderstood her
she will hate him
she fall in love with him again
🎉then happy ending🎉
Serena (Newbie) BLINK: lmao why y'all telling future of the manga 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣
evil Angel💕: u know everything 😂😂😂
total 31 replies
The Dog is sooo Cute 😍.
Lia: u r right
AnimeGoose: screw ml and fl, the dog is way more interesting
total 4 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Girl Don’t spend too much energy and time on that Cheater BF!!! I think his feelings for you is already changed!!! What a Pity!!! Luckily She is a tough and very cheerful Girl!!! I know she will be fine on her own!!! 🥰
hushna vommi: yeah right I also see him everywhere
J 13💙: right his every we're
total 11 replies
😂😂😂 though I'm ugly my bf calls me beautiful 😂
that's why sometime i think he is using me 😂😂😂
it's good that he doesn't know that I use mangatoon.
But...I really want to know when he reads this comment of mine what he will react?

😐😐 Actually I don't believe in relationships 😂 If not for my parents

not bf he is my fiance though I don't love him or care about him😥😥😥

Fu*k life ....but I really don't want to get married.
Yun Hee: and I think I will be forever single
Yun Hee: omo same I am just single because of BTS
total 31 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Told You Girl He is a Cheater!!! Your BF is so damn Cheater!!! Wanna punch him in the face so badly!!!
Lia: u r right wow i do not think about that
Tsubaki Tsubaki: kk Are we really? 😅
total 3 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
What the hell Qianran!!! After all this EX is good brain washer huh!!! Qianran’s brain washed by EX!!! I don’t believe this EX at all!!! Once he cheat on her there would be second time for sure!!! Silly Girl Qianran!!! 😒
sarita behera: and l took her as a strong fl
corny unicorn: I like how you said "ex"
total 11 replies
Kaname ❤️ Yuki
Good Girl!!! You don’t need this kind of trashy EX!!! Just leave him alone!!! You must be deserve better than this shit!!!
Me: if someone is born in same time and place it means they are siblings idiot
lilpudding: dude ur in every manga u know?
total 2 replies
Why does the dog need a big bed?
🕷️🍻🔸Karen🔸🕯️🕸️: Follow me if you want I follow my other account
Alex: yes if u want
total 17 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Wahahaha Gosh Qianran still talking about that dagger!!! Hilarious girl 😂😂😂

Don’t ask dumb question Chengxi!!! She will fall in love with you sooner for sure!!!
+_+Ms.Mix^_^: Yeah totally !!!
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Exactly! 😁
total 8 replies
if she is ugly then i am a... potato
Lia: my sis and bro called me potato
♡∆|¶Gamer_Ashces¶|∆♡: But I am not Potato whyyy ...... I want to be potato like u ahhhhh hmmm
total 13 replies
I’m betting this Tianqin (fl’s bf) prob cheated on her and didn’t want to come back to her. 🙄 men do be like that.
Annie Mannie: women do that too
V: Yes mostly cheating. They always reason out it’s so far you aren’t here I’m so lonely nye nye nye 😒🤣
total 7 replies
Della cat🌺 🐱
he says he is gay? lmao and mostly all the mls says he is not and try to clear misunderstandings 🤣
Della cat🌺 🐱: good example 😂
Annie Mannie: 'glutton next door'
total 4 replies
Tsubaki Tsubaki
Wahahahaha that dude touching Chengxi’s down there!!! 😂😂😂
Super Yaoi action lol 😝😝😝
Truthfully our Chengxi is not a Homo!!! When are they recognize it anyway!!! This is so damn annoying when they’re thinking on their own Chengxi is Gay!!! 😂😅😂
+_+Ms.Mix^_^: Hahaha lol yeah
total 1 replies
Good that she managed to ran away
but feels like he won't let her go so easily 🤨🤨
ꪑỉకꪖƙỉ ᨶꫝꪖ᭢ *ᵒᶠᶠˡⁱⁿᵉ*: okey..😍😘
🌊Shining👒Stars🌊(ARiNa.Z)٭: Okay, let's see🙂🙂
Will be waiting for your comments 💗✌️
total 14 replies
Aspen Jade 🍻
...she thinks he's a gAy😅🤣
Annie Mannie: reminds me of strong girl bong soon
Annie Mannie: doesn't seem like it tho
total 8 replies
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