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Being a Substitute for President's Bride

KaiYuan Comic
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Her sister ran away with other man the day before wedding, and she became a substitute to marry the guy full of anger. On the wedding night, the handsome guy said without emotions "please fulfill my wife's obligations." She was called by her sister's name when taking off her thin clothes. But she did not know...

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twinkle twinkle little star
l want to hit her with my car
throw her up a cliff so high
hope she break her neck and die
twinkle twinkle little star
thats what the readers wish and l😊😊😊
Chainsmokers: 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼
Zusie Mae Mahinay: best song I ever heard
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Trisha Mae Pahamotang
What happened to the other characters? Just a tip for the author. Don’t use many characters in one story if there isn’t a planned ending for them. The boy? Where is he? Why did it suddenly skip to the wedding? How bout xi zi li? Xiao and hanting didn’t really talk about their relationship, how come they suddenly got married? The story plot is very confusing and it will affect the readers perspective about your story. The characters attitude were a mess. The sudden change of plot was a mess. The scenes escalated too quickly and there wasn’t enough explanation on how things happened. Like why did xiao and her brother got separated? How did she get into ruo family? Why was hanting blind before? There are so many things that needs answers. You should always consider the facts you put in your story. It’s okay to put blank spaces if you have a plan on making a story for those characters.
Trixie Nicole Fernandez: ahh so nice to kid they promised that they well marry now it's really there Marry wow happy ending but I want more
Izshtar: I completely agree with you! Like wasn’t Li Zhe Yu sick and dying? How did he live? And why did Xiao’s brother not join her when she was taken to her grandpas home 5 years ago? Did it answer that? Many more questions left unanswered
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Christianne Joy Cortuna
Wow Han Ting, do you honestly believe she needs money? Are you that dumb not to feel her sincerity for everything she has done despite of harsh words you said to her and reminding her that she's only a substitute bride over and over again? You don't deserve her 😡
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