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Being a Substitute for President's Bride

KaiYuan Comic
This manga is extremely confusing as it changes plot and art several times. It seems like it was written by more than one author because certain chapters have information that contradicts past chapters.

Also, the author doesn’t go in deep with any character. We never truly know the full story of any character. Like they just disappear and appear throughout the manga and you don’t really get to know about them.

The pace is also odd. We don’t get deep in any character but we do get scenes that occur too fast. An example is when the female lead gets in the hospital because of blood loss or a delicate operation.. she is able to leave the hospital minutes later.

Another point is that the change of plot is constant. It doesn’t stick to a main plot. We get he married the sister he didn’t wanted, but he wanted revenge of the house for tricking him. Yet he knows the other girl ran away. Still the story is mainly about female lead leaving him and all the unnecessary drama to lie and avoid him. And then drama because they both have so many antagonists.

Honestly, I felt this manga had potential to become something better. But the lack of deep, the constant change of plot, the lack of explanation of what is happening, the rush of scenes, and the lack of logical situations made this a mess.

In the end this is a story without a real plot that has constant unrealistic scenarios that make this hard to enjoy.
Anime _lover😁😁😁😎😎😎😍😍😍: true,i dont know what the authors problem are,but i think its better to ditch the story and tell us readers sorry i cant continue rather than continuing and ruining the story and giving us hopes and wasting our time and the coins,of course😭😭..
argh,out of 50comics(i think)that ive read,5 only were the good ones,usually i dropped the others becoz the plot was going nowhere,the fl/ml was toooo stupid/weak😁😁✌️...etc
mangafrvr: this mostly occur on comics that I've read here in manga toon, some are just so extra but those are why most of the readers read them... i also get your point, yes! but generally speaking your right, and it's probably because thats whats holding it together. 😉
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Cause youre in love

I know how if feels cause my parents died when I was 10 and then I had to go and live with my uncle and aunt and their daughter was my age and her bestfriend was a guy and the three of us would play together and be happy we were inseparable and then I liked him but he liked my cousin and she liked his brother. So then she ran away with his brother at the age of 25 and I had to get married to him. And then when she came back after his brother died. I felt so sad cause he was in love with her even tho we were married and had 2 kids. btw I'm 35 right now. He loves me and cherishs me now and our love is pure so don't give up Xiao Xiao
ItsJust_Me💋: Actually on my side story, it’s about my best friend, he said he loves me but I only treat him as a friend, My mom and aunties would bully us, so in the mean time, I guess I also loved him back, we even exchange rings, promising not to loss it, but last June 3, I had to go back on my hometown beacause of school, he even said that he will wait for me to come back , but in the remaining days and months had passed, my feelings for him just faded away, and eventually had a crush on a basketball player. But I’m just a secret admirer, But still, I felt sorry for not keeping my promise
Padoru: I wish you for happiness with your kids and your husband "today and the future"
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This comic is nice. I like it very much but it didn’t represent some matters clearly. Like what happened to zhe yu, where did he go. Why ling long end up with that. The most important it didn’t show that ou Han ting knows that he promised to marry with ping an not ling long. And the gong family matters why was she in ling longs family and her brother another one.
So it’s a bit confusing but it’s a happy ending.
haist fl so innocent and naive after all she still didn't figured out her sister's personality, she doesn't even love herself or respect herself * smh * then, she still waiting for a man who doesn't give her respect... wish she just went away on her own this way she could still preserve her little dignity...
i really don't get the logic of guys wanting a revenge but only venting it out on one innocent person and directly to those people Who owned them🙄🙄🙄🙄

and girl pls!!! he never even did something for you to fall in love with, for you to fell for him so fast!

or did you guys met each other as kids too?!
Now why the grandfather only cares about his granddaughter and not grandson. Why the brother doesn’t know where his sister is if she’s with their grandpa. And if he’s not the real grandpa why is she behaving so normal like they know each other and grandpa also knowing her past. Lots of things are not told here.
Yashmin Shin Langeban
ohhh😍😍they live happily ever after😂i will miss there story i hope it can be watch in t.v or doing it in actions to be seen i hope someone will do a movie/series/stories with actions and characters.😍
Male lead like this deserves to go to hell!!
Also weak female leads doesn't deserve even to go to hell..
Just resist against him gurly..
carlo jane
story not so bad bt it's a bit mix up some parts I don't understand bt anway I already read it so it doesn't matter
Abi Abi
It is already bothering me the many laps that give this story !! They have been like 20 chapters without seeing each other !!
navya sharma: yep sis you are right
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No juice: Then. Never read the author's work again if you've wasted your time reading this.
Twice😘blinks😋: then why did u read full??? if u r saying this to everyone u couldn't say first??? u r so........
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The male lead deserves the sister. They are both the same type of awful people.

He asked her to marry her and he still wants her! And she even contemplated marrying him. That shows how they don’t care about their wife/boyfriend. Yet they get jealous and want their partners to stay?!

Completely selfish of both of them!!!
Stupidity: Perfect
Twice😘blinks😋: ya. they r awful people
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Wait gurl..
Are you really right in your head????
For all that he did, you actually love him??
Just go to hell.!!
Am I the only 1 thinking that this is super duper confusing and the story is not nice?
Priya Sarkar
i love the part when the maid said him to be gentle ... a woman can feel the pain of another woman ❤
@ to all of here asking her to stop blaming him:

He hasn’t apologized at all for his actions. He was a jerk during their marriage and he didn’t treated her how she deserved to be treated. Yes, he can change but she is allowed to be hurt over what happened. After all he was a reason of her pain.
mooniiegirl: Yes, he can do that. But she is still allowed to move on and find happiness without him. If someone has hurt you so much even when they realize they messed up.. you are allowed to say no. Especially when they say nothing and they never apologize.

Also, better way to sort out things is through communication. We can’t read minds and understand feelings. Actions can mean different things too. So having a conversation with someone is the way to resolve issues. However, the person has the decision to forgive and let you in.
Serenitia: I am so sorry to go against you because a man with true heart loving a woman will not show their feelings, though words..... they believe that action speaks louder than words he is obviosly doing everything he could to rebuild what's broken and prove he will do better through ACTIONS......
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They are both terrible people.
Girl run away from them so fast!! You deserve a man that will love you and only you. One that will appreciate the tiny things you do for him and will remain loyal with you! Someone that won’t ever call another girl’s name in bed nor someone that will call you a substitute.
Twice😘blinks😋: you are really something,😏😏😏 I kinda like it
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However worse they all are..
but my heart skip a beat in this chapter
Priya Sarkar
when fl said " ever since i was young I've gotten used to being neglected " ... some how i FEEL that
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