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Being a Substitute for President's Bride

KaiYuan Comic
'Cause you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go
Oh oh oh no
And you let her go
Oh oh oh no
And you let her go

Sorry I just thought of this song but it fits the situation
Anonymous Reader😎😎: Oh ok now I get it
ΔTHΣΠΔ ;) GΩDDΣSS: Hi tomu sis
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twinkle twinkle little star
l want to hit her with my car
throw her up a cliff so high
hope she break her neck and die
twinkle twinkle little star
thats what the readers wish and l😊😊😊
Pinky_yu: this lyrics make my day ♥️
Preethi Siva Saravanan: what a lyric 😂😂
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Tangela Reynolds
that's your problem, right there. you are not taking her feelings into consideration at all. she is emotionally unstable right now. when she needed you you were more concerned about marrying a girl that abandoned you and you all seem to have forgotten that she didn't wsnt to marry you in the first place. her step mother was the one who come up with this stupid idea and you agreed to it. you forced this girl to marry you then treated her like she schemes to get into your bed. now after all this you wont leave her alone. if you really want her back give her time to come on her own.
Venisa Loh: Peace
Ria _: BECAUSE HE REALLY ASSHOLE!! Sorry i getting mad
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Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia: YAY!!! NEW PERSON!!!!
Pinky_yu: Me too
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Hannah Loyl
So they're just gonna forgive Ling Long just like that after those shits & craps she had put them through for more than 10 years???
Like lying to his face by pretending to be Xiao Xiao, attempt murder Xiao Xiao, make him divorce Xiao Xiao, Kidnapping her, make him lose 100 Millions Dollars to that creepy kidnapper who hurt his eyes by pretending to be kidnap, make they lost their first baby, drugged Xiao Xiao's grandfather, comploting on hypnotising Xiao Xiao's brother and lying to him, kidnap their children and others evils deed she does and they JUST GONNA LET IT GO JUST LIKE THAT???!!! WHAT THE HECK??!!
heivwikajjo: Hehehe happy ending at last.... The grandpa is so smart hahahahahaha....
hardeyhash: For the sake of Zhu Ye I think it's good that they forgave her
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It will be end in chapter 143
At their wedding... before that Zhen yu will give Xiao Xiao a letter✉ that Ling Long will not disturb them anymore (Ling Long will become good😇) Zhen yu loves Ling Long like his brother loves Xiao Xiao and they will go to travel the world 🌏 so they can't attend their (Han tung & Xiao Xiao) wedding 👰
And that purple hair guy (I forgot his name😅) will end up in the prison cause after being good Ling Long will betray him
So our hero & heroin will get married 💒 and live happily ever after 😘
🌜lunafreya🌛: that's nice plot how i wish everybody got what they deserve...
Julia: 😆😆😆😆😆😜
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The one that knows
It’s all fake
The kidnapping, wanna know why?
Because Ruo’s sister acts just like the Aunt from “I always Love you”
She acts all kind at the beginning but then shows her true selfish self at the middle and then tries to make peace at the end end
Also she’s the one who ‘accidentally’ pushed Ruo off the flight of stairs.
And her sister is the wanting attention type
(Not like it’s a bad thing) but what’s not good is when the attention seekers do horrible things to get attention. In the end they get attention but not the type they want. So her sister... we all know the end result

But this all could be real and I’m just over reacting and... stuff
Rose Frost: i wss thinking the same thing !
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The one that knows
Wait... when did she have the baby?!
Like dude how many years have passed?!
She’s still in her 2nd or 3rd month! (first trimester of pregnancy)
This story is going too fast...
this is the fault of those who kept saying “CRAZY UPDATE CRAZY UPDATE!!”
well we got our crazy update and it isn’t good
We now learnt our lessons to not rush the creator!
The one that knows : Well anyway it don’t matter I’m rereading the whole thing to understand what’s going on and if I still don’t understand then.. that’s my problem
The one that knows : But there’s this scene in a chapter where Xiao Xiao was sitting in a ferris weal with a little girl that looks like her as w child
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I’m your host for today’s tea
5 years later and they didn’t seem to age a bit
Well that’s the power of mangas
Going back
We see Our Main Character has two children and I’m sure we know who the father is😏
But wait one has a blue hair?!
Where did that come from
I’m your host for today’s tea, signing out
jennnnn: that child's father is a blue hair right ? maybe that's why .
❤️: Yeah😢😢😢😢
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joy chua
i can feel ling longs character. she was eaten by loneliness and sadness. She Loved Zhen Yu very much and she just want to make zhen yu happy thats why he help him to have what zhen yu wants tho she doesn't want it. until she realized that even her parents doesn't really care about her but suddenly zhen yu left her and she thought he died in his illness and her reason on matching up with sili is to have revenge for zhen yu... Ling longs story circle around Zhen yu... so dont be mad at her.. She just Love whole heartedly.
The one that knows
Xiao Xiao: “Grandpa, how come you are here?”
Me: first of all, great your grandpa with a hug and ask if he’s ok then Ask for his presence
Second, I once tried running down the stairs with high heals like you, and it didn’t end up like how I expected... I fell hard
My mama was in the kitchen and all she heard was a loud *THUMP* *BOOM BOOM BOOM*

Manga and anime characters are so lucky...

Girl don’t ever give up! Never give up (I know I said this like 2 times but still!) and make him lose his mind over you when you leave!
Tangela Reynolds
technically she is not your wife. you married xiaioxaio not pingan. so legally she isnot your wife. but I bet you're feeling guilty now. all of you left there leaving those kids alone with a comatose man with no one to protect them when you knew there were dangerous people out to hurt you. I still cant understand that logic. then you kept them there longer than need be for unimportant reasons. again. because you were only thinking about yourselves. are you even really worried about the children. I think she is right. every time she gets involved with you trouble seems to follow her. he should just leave her alone.
cmyteddy: it doesn't matter what name you use as long as you're the same person. otherwise you can get a new wife by getting a new name wherever you go. lol so your logic doesn't apply.
Chutiya 10 million: What an idiot you are i totally disagree with you
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òümâïmã 🇹🇳💙🇹🇳 ( كيف نشفى من حب تونس)
finally he acts like a real man, lover and a carrying father❤❤
òümâïmã 🇹🇳💙🇹🇳 ( كيف نشفى من حب تونس) : I am from Tunisia and my mother language is Arabic 😊😊 nice to meet you
Joueria M.S: I was born in Oman But I'm an Indian....I'm a muslim
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Kimiko Hana Susanto
is it only me who realized that the dad said:"WE CAN LOSE LING LONG TOO😂"
Instead of "WE CAN'T"
Joueria M.S: Hey u guys r chatting....... awesome
Kimiko Hana Susanto: ? What do you mean?
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anime fan
The maid is the best
Invisible: Yeah I was thinking the same thing pretty much all maids are the best the nice ones at least. They don't get a lot of recognition, though.
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S. J. Evans
I wonder if he had morning breath
Princess_brie12: Lol now to think of it he probably did 😂
Lemon.piie: This comment just killed me 🤣🤣🤣
And then to stop it off you put the emoji 😂
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so did anyone else skip multiple episodes and came straight here, because they were frustrated with them all?? or just me 😳 honestly i didnt even know they rushed this ending cos i couldn't stand reading from ep 121 to here. all in all everything was rushed 🤦‍♀️ and translation made it more confusing, also so many plot holes, but im glad i finished this
Keneda Piroli: me to lol
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@Gaiyo_Forever UwU
pls read till to tha botom , someones jelouse because his wife is with someone eles,Well let me get this to tha point hey you boi if you want to marry another girl why bother to marry her from tha start and now your jelouse bc your wife is drunk and someone is thaking care of her wile you flirt around her sis i know she said it dosent matter but are you stupid to belive that i mean she loves you so inst it obsuse that she zo sad so if you dont want her and want to marry her sis dont bother to keep caring to her
im so angey right now cause thats tha same thing happend to my friend her boyfriend broke up with her to with our other friend but were still friend but her boyfriend that happend to be my child hood boyfrind wait till i get my revenge on you so boi if you dont love your wife then why bother care for her while drank when you so to be wife is there am i rigth hoomans and if your reading this til to the botoom your a paitint guy
Sassybich: Whaaa?? I don't get it XD!
☀️MidnightSun🌟: What does everything you wrote mean?!
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Alina Oppa
Wolfie Day: that's so right😂
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u guys are getting the story wrong the reason. Y he does not remember the color of the eyes and the face is because he was blindfold because uncle han the guys who captured him did something bad to his eyes so the time when xiao xiao was briing the bread to him he was blindfold so she won't see his eyes so that y he don't remember her eyes or face ......period..............
Wasssup FriEnDS: Yea that’s right. He did have a picture but he probably took it after he took his blindfold off and thought ling long was xiao xiao. Bc she had blonde hair and xiao dye it to pink. So he didn’t remember.
blar7789😙: no he don't
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