Devil Games: Guidance
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Devil Games: Guidance

Devil Games: Guidance
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Devil Games: Guidance Comics Online. Badly humiliated by him to pay her father’s debts off, she thought she was in hell. She hadn’t expected that it was just a beginning and a magnificent revenge. Who on earth was sinking in heart?

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Hottest Comments
Elizabeth Dunaway
How dare you ask for compensation for raising his daughter! You stole his right to raise his daughter himself along with his life moments with her! There is all sorts of wrong with that! The fl didn't want a some other woman to raise her daughter (which wasn't ever going to happen) so out of fear of losing her daughter she did exactly that to the ml! Now the ml's daughter calls someone else 'dad' and the ml missed out on her beginning stages of life.
Elizabeth Dunaway
She is a hypocrite. She doesn't marry Jisi because she thinks he doesn't love her and wants him to be able to marry someone he loves but doesn't want her child calling someone else 'mom'. Yet here she is marrying Yichen, not out of love but for the sake of her child which takes away his chance to ever marry out of love. Plus she had her child calling that person 'dad'.
Elizabeth Dunaway
Did the story change all of a sudden? They look like teenagers, the fl acts sexually aggressive instead of her normal shy and confused attitude, the ml acts shy and confused instead of his normal confident attitude, and the fl is suddenly saying that she isn't going to marry the ml when all this time she has been saying that she will.
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