Devil Games: Guidance
Romance / Completed

Devil Games: Guidance

Devil Games: Guidance
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Devil Games: Guidance Comics Online. Badly humiliated by him to pay her father’s debts off, she thought she was in hell. She hadn’t expected that it was just a beginning and a magnificent revenge. Who on earth was sinking in heart?

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Hina A Horani G
nice comic and its good that everything is clear between ML and FL in the end and now they actually confess their feelings to each other and they both are happy together, so nice ending...!!
Hina A Horani G: but when he realize he fall in love with her, then he don't abuse her, even he take a blame for lots of things that he didn't do it, and even he help her, so i guess what he did in the past he learned his lesson after losing her so that's why then he become a better man and even in the end he's ask for forgiveness to her, so i think he deserves the second chance ...!!
LittleTreasurexJason: Uh because I wouldn't see my friend marrying her abuser as a happy ending either?
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this logic doesn't make sense to me that the Mom doesn't want her daughter to call another girl mom but when the guy said that my kid is calling another guy dad she kinda gets mad
Chiamaka Nnamdi
dude writer must you be a pervert before we understand... bossy president is no like this
虹膜厕所: Bossy president is kinda cool lol hahah but this one is nice too
total 1 replies
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