Devil Games: Guidance
Romance / Completed

Devil Games: Guidance

Devil Games: Guidance
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Devil Games: Guidance Comics Online. Badly humiliated by him to pay her father’s debts off, she thought she was in hell. She hadn’t expected that it was just a beginning and a magnificent revenge. Who on earth was sinking in heart?

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this is so wrong, so so wrong. I am so mad about how this manga is going, the bad guy suddenly is portrayed as the good guy without him going back on his wrongdoings and actually changing and the guy who devoted his life to her suddenly she "doesn't wanna be forced" to do it. Sis he is your husband. I hate this and I hate that I know they eventually end up together
k2: I like your spirit 😊 you accepted both god and bad comment's and trying to improve your self that's something every body can't willing to accept . as for the story this is my second time reading it I really love it ❤️😊...
siam lagoon: same to me.
i hate stupid fl and love the comics that include strong female.
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I love myself
It's the father's debt why is his daughter paying it for him there is totally no logic
I love myself: Well that sounds logical 👌
cassingles__: it would hurt him more
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To be honest I hate the ML...but if you think about it he must of suffered a lot because of what FL dad did I admire her loyalty and love for her dad by taking responsibility for what her dad did
Prateek Shubham Samal(LALTU): One kind of worst and illogical comic that I ever had read.
Chihara Studios✔: Hello! We are currently making 2 novels. One is called "Thread Of Happiness" and the other one is called "Your Name" (yes, from the famous anime movie) if you want, you can always come down and give us feedback, maybe if you enjoy it, you can even like/ subscribe, we need criticism too, so we can improve like the rest of the authors, thanks
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