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Devil Games: Guidance

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Badly humiliated by him to pay her father’s debts off, she thought she was in hell. She hadn’t expected that it was just a beginning and a magnificent revenge. Who on earth was sinking in heart?

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Jimin's Blue Mold
I skipped to the end after chapter 34. First few chapters were nice but then they started with that RPG shit again. I don't know if it was revealed anywhere (if it was then I'm sorry) but what's the relationship between that student who committed suicide and the ML? Is it personal or is he playing god of justice?

He's your typical asshole ML who accidentally falls in love with the FL. At least he's better than some other overbearing MLs who torture the FL mentally and physically.

The FL on the other hand is weird. She agrees to be his slave/maid so her father's company can be saved. Alright, she's sensible unlike those who constantly make trouble for themselves and get hurt. The ML's attitude changes very quickly but still she decides to run, run with HIS child in her belly, goes to France and starts painting, marries her senior classmate who's in love with her just to give her child a father. That's selfish, I know a child needs both parents but that's not how you are supposed to do things, she never cared about the guy's feelings. He takes care of her and her child for 4 FRICKIN YEARS yet he gets blamed by Jisi for stealing her. Yeah it's his fault for loving her, following her and offering himself as support for her but he doesn't deserve such treatment.

So strictly speaking the storyline is so-so, maybe not even that good but way better than many other shitty C-stories out there.
nobody UwU: just saying
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Vaishali Sharma
It's not necessary to give a patient the exact blood type that they have. 🙄 In this case if the patient has AB- blood type and the hospital has a shortage of it then the hospital personnel can still transfuse O- (which the hospitals usually tend to have in a good amount), or A- or even B- since the patient has A antigen and B antigen. If the hospital is lacking all of these (A-, B- AND O-) then the hospital must be really shitty and the mc definitely wouldn't take her woman to a shitty hospital! 😉 Agree readers? 😉Much love to all of you😘❤️
Hello Kitty 😽: agreed 👍
BTS▪️Blackpink▪️Twice▪️TXT: Oh well, I didn’t know all of these... well bye🙃🙃🙃
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Alina Oppa
All night long there was a girl's yawns and her iPad's charging running out.
blar7789😙: yea,so what comic u reading now am bored
Alina Oppa: OMG really??? You're the kindest person who has ever never thought of me as selfish. 😊😊thank you for not misunderstanding and understanding this. Hope we can still talk normally like we do.
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