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At Your Service, Kitty

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She picked up a black kitty with a huge diamond by chance. But is it really a kitty? With her bathtub occupied and her foods stolen by it, how could she warm the bed for it every day? It is acceptable because of money. How come the kitty shall slink? One day she found in panic that the boss of her company wears a necklace with a diamond just the same as that of her kitty.

Manga Toon got authorization from Yuanqidan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - zaixiachanshiguan:miaowangzaishang,zxcsg:mwzs
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✨オタク✨ mother like daughter! 😍.. Ohh,,,, if soda cake is so tricky too, like mom... Not only her mom but her dad as well!... Its gonna a perfect family! 😍😍.. Ohhh... I've been waiting for a part of the story like this! ♥️
✨オタク✨: Hehe... 😁😁.. Its okay,,
Sorry, late reply
🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: i also woke up late 🤗🤗
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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨
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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: ahh. ang layo po pala natin 😅
Yon Yon: Compostela Valley po. Part nang Davao Region😻
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I also gets trapped by the cute puppies like this
Vaishnavi : it's about a girl who is like cursed but saved by a God who then protects her when she faces danger... n continue.... try it it's good....
Vaishnavi : vacations.... OK enjoy....
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