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At Your Service, Kitty

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She picked up a black kitty with a huge diamond by chance. But is it really a kitty? With her bathtub occupied and her foods stolen by it, how could she warm the bed for it every day? It is acceptable because of money. How come the kitty shall slink? One day she found in panic that the boss of her company wears a necklace with a diamond just the same as that of her kitty.

MangaToon got authorization from Yuanqidan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - zaixiachanshiguan:miaowangzaishang,zxcsg:mwzs
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hi my name is Alfiya or u could saniya
I am not new here I have seen many mangas
I am a girl , a tomboy
I play free fire
I was on tiktok
I am an army ( not army force , a Korean band BTS fans r called as army )
I know few more bands of Korea
you all can comment which band u know if I know I may be friends with you all
n u can comment like this in my comment section ( in this manga or other of my comment ) n introduce you to me
I am not a stalker
I am a 11yrs old girl
see u bye 💞💟💝💗💖💕💓
sorna lakshmi: I love him too🙌💜
Jasminjk : me also😍😍😍 jk is my bias😘
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guys check out my comment before this god I predicted it I have powers am I a vampire wait but I like to drink blood once I drank it when I was small I got a paper cut so I drank the blood it was quite good it was hurtful it tasted like steel wait I am a robot now I'll ask my mom that she is robot or am I adopted , no no I am not gonna ask idea I will just hide everything like slippers belts broom ,wait I cannot cut her hand of and hide it its good that I keep it a secret guys u all have to also keep it a secret taste your blood and say if it taste as iron that would mean we r sis yay I have a sis , wait I have a a sis already which is irritating , I will stop talking or else you all will get bored of me hahaha bye guys luv u author 💓💕💖💗💞💟💜 purple for v Kim taehyungh or taetae fairy only army know this.
MESMERIZING HELL: hey ashmeet I like jimin from bts
Alex : hi I am from Delhi I am army too NYC to meet you i like jungkook I am 12 my name is ashmeet
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Well done Author-san and Editor-san! Though there were so many fast forwarded things that I didn't see it coming, the plot still went sooo nice. There should be story for miss Ma and sheaden 😊
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