Bloodthirsty Man: Trapped Bride
Romance / Fantasy / Unscheduled

Bloodthirsty Man: Trapped Bride

Bloodthirsty Man: Trapped Bride
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Bloodthirsty Man: Trapped Bride Comics Online. It is said he becomes a vampire on midnight with a full moon, sucking blood of women to survive. It is said he has married eight times with each one of his wives died or went crazy in less than a month. It is said he needs to suck young women’s blood every day to survive. However, she is his ninth wife. Could she survive his strange game? After she met him on their wedding night, she found that what had been said in legends were not just legends.

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Hottest Comments
Soumik Dan
finally over and had happy ending ,i envy them so much and it turn outsome character in these series are so bad especially family always treated Fl bad and had to go through such thing it horrible at last the xue er became good ..but fl really suffers so much for the one see loves ,I wish them together forever ♥️♥️♥️
love is very amazing I am very happy just want to remember this story forever... I just want to smile and reading this story I feel like I'm in in a sweetest dream that I don't want to end............
anjali..💝: yeah...
ShiwaniGiri Shi-hope: really
total 2 replies
Park Ji Kyo
This story is totally weird from the very beginning when I started to read it it makes me confused a lot till now I wonder how its going to an end🤦🏻‍♀️
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