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Bloodthirsty Man: Trapped Bride

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It is said he becomes a vampire on midnight with a full moon, sucking blood of women to survive. It is said he has married eight times with each one of his wives died or went crazy in less than a month. It is said he needs to suck young women’s blood every day to survive. However, she is his ninth wife. Could she survive his strange game? After she met him on their wedding night, she found that what had been said in legends were not just legends.

MangaToon got authorization from Yuanqidan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shixuelaogong:cuojiaxinniangxiuxiangtao,sxlg:cjxnxxt
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her outfit is the outfit of an ordinary villagers, I'm sorry but hope nextime if u give a name like CEO of a big company give some good outfit that will fit the name..
I don't know how to draw but it's just a comment on being fit to what and where u at...
this is the end?!
oh well it's ok...
actually I got it through end I understand a bit..
trying to understand the whole story but it's just a mess...
mess because there is someone who made it so messy...

if u know/learned about reincarnation in Chinese you can get the story so easy..

Lord Yan,do everything as he can just to save his son's life and health,if u r a parent u will understand him,he love his son very much that he can even switch his life just to save him...

thank u for this story author,though it's messy but u did a great job...
Ronisha Ronisha: thank u fro this story author thought it's meessy but u did great jub....
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i watched this movie i forgot what it was called..😅but i do rememeber that the family lived in the past their only way to not die(bcuz theyre in the future) was their eldest son to marry and sacrifice his wife to their "mother"where the mother takes the wifes body By "sacrificing" her so they can live MUCH more like this mangga?
Monty Blanc
doesnt he have to be rehabilitated first for being vegetative for 8yrs? cmon your body's been relaxed and bedridden for 8 yrs and you can move without difficulty?
Graduate On Time: good point.. i thinking that too.. however manhua always make your logic become questionable..
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