Horny Prince: Charming Princess
Romance / Historical / Completed

Horny Prince: Charming Princess

KaiYuan Comic
Horny Prince: Charming Princess
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Horny Prince: Charming Princess Comics Online. I must conquer you, woman! The wise and cruel prince was about to have sex for the first time. It was a story of a time-travelling agent and a awakening genius. It was also a story of a horny prince and a tricky princess.

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Heather Mckinnon
Honestly it was a waste of money.... it was a good story.... when it wasn’t rushed through. I don’t know why half way through the story it’s started being so jumbled but she I paid for it I finished read (hate wasting money). And honestly the end wasn’t what I thought it would be. That to was rushed..... way way rushed. There was many things left unsaid, such as the jade pendant, purple plumage, why the 4th prince was sending money out, who the female that came to visit him was, or if bingying even started to love him.
silver fox: ikr.... I mean come on please this is not a story if it will end up just like this 😑😑😑
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Siya Jain
so if that's the original copy....then the yellow book was the additional book made by her for her I guess......by the way did she write that whole book down once again!??!!! I mean there ain't any Xerox machine there....
Ruum Rainz
ow ... father playing a crippled role again... everytime i read a novel there always is one character which boils my blood "an all round crippled father"...m not sure but still hope this one is not that crazy as the last novel i read....
But still the novel goes extra well with characters like that...
mini: Hey sorry to bother you but can you please read my novel named Ceo's Man. it's a story about Woman ceo in search of true love. I hope you can provide some of your precious time to read this novel. Thank you
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