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Horny Prince: Charming Princess

KaiYuan Comic
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I must conquer you, woman! The wise and cruel prince was about to have sex for the first time. It was a story of a time-travelling agent and a awakening genius. It was also a story of a horny prince and a tricky princess.

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Ha Yin
Whaaaaaaaaaat?! The story feels incomplete and rushes. The female lead still doesn’t know that the 4th prince was the one who saved her. The 4th prince doesn’t know why his wife fell in love with first prince. And the purple cloth(?) is too mysterious. And how about the magic book? Also why did the 4th prince keeps sending money secretly somewhere (remember how the house steward mentioned it). In addition, she’s supposed to be a legend (remember how earthquake happened when she was punished earlier) but no one found out till now. And there’s not much interaction btwn our main leads that can make the fall in love with each other. And why does the female lead hates her father? So many unsolved problems 🙄
CODE: M💝D💝3💝8💝3💝0: i was just asking the exact same questions
Vinomica:'re right...same questions for me...🤔🤔
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you know what...i think the author seems confusing with its own story... there soo many things that didn't explain clearly... At first it said she is an agen in her previous life, but then she wandering around at night become thief and kick bad people (what exectly u want become, princess? 😑). Until now she didn't know the person that saved her is 4th prince, she only know it's the elder prince 🙄. How about the magicbook, other magic stuff and her kungfuu??? what that 4th prince aiming about at early chapter?
what the! come on to much question that not answer. Ying didn't know that her savior is her husband. how about her business to show that even women can be capable to things her husband doesn'tknow about it. what happen to those? and much more, what happen to jade amulet, and purple plumage. and the kong fu master, and there a chapter show she remember hong kong. what happen to her third sister and six sister. who really the guys with a scar in the eye. so mysterious story that can't answer those.
Rune: yes i think that too.. from beginning the story seems not plotted rightly.... and many scene/conversation that confusing
Sirius . ೄྀ: this story was poorly written, hence why many questions were left unanswered.
total 2 replies
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