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Flash Marriage

KaiYuan Comic
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He was raped by a woman in a blind date by accident. Who is he? He is a young man from a powerful family in the capital, attractive to young ladies but leading an honest and clean life. Who is she? She is a disfavored daughter in a wealthy family. He said to her, “Marry me and the marriage is your best protection.” She said, “Neither will I be used by you, nor will I love you.” He smiled, “But I love you indeed.”

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Shen Shen Candido Jarme
since at the beginning i can't understand why they have a gap.. it is because of ziyi feel no bady care him nor love him? but why he want to do a brother why he don't be happy for his brother i really didn't get it
Ely Placencio
I love it, I had to read it to myself in English because in Spanish it didn't come out but I didn't know that I expected such a beautiful ending I would like it to be real life that there is a love so I have no words to say wat I liked this manga good work for the creator of this romantic story that continues to create stories so thak you very much for making this manga.
Laura Lei
OMG I totally did not cry. There's an invisible ninja came into my room and cut an invisible onion.
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