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President' Shy Kiss

KaiYuan Comic
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“One million for one night. Who will?” “Ten million for one night!” Feng Lingye, a powerful man in the capital, had his eye on her. She could do nothing but retreating one step after another in face of his aggressiveness…However, a sudden car crash led out a huge conspiracy…She brought her two cute and talented kids back six years later in an attempt to find out everything, but she met him again.

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Writing from the future

My first for this story. Let’s start with the art, the drawing will continue to be “downgraded”. Drawings are not as in depth as before.. I can’t even recognize both Larson and Willa. Haha!

Let’s continue what will happen next. Before I write that, I wanna spoil one important point first. Larson’s grandpa already knew both Evelyn and Chasen are his biological grandchildren as he did DNA report with theirs while he was taking care of them because Willa and Larson need to go outstation for business. However, he didn’t tell Larson the truth but he did hint to Larson to ask him to go after Willa. However, Larson didn’t get the hint but his grandpa has his own plan.

Magical Hand: Do you know why he become her cousin's fiance? I can't understand it
SSamir: I can’t wait for his face when he knew the truth. How dare he accused her just because of she investigated him, which rightly so. He said he loves her in the past and the father of her children! Of she’ll investigate! His vile words and his attitude of dumping her in the middle of nowhere when it’s raining, I hope he’ll remember it well when that times come. Don’t he dares ask forgiveness then. She endured a lot by herself. Raising kids without support from anyone is not easy. On the side note, SpoilerBean, do you know why he’s engaged to her cousin?
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A random, poor girl here ;w;
Ah. Both of them as different opinions about each other. Like Willa, she wants to forget. Larson, he wants to know. Well then, I'll speak in tagalog now:Ngunit, kung ang ibang tao ang ayaw sa her/him, ay ito ay isang isa pagkatapos ay panig ng pagmamahal? O hindi? Ito ay sa halip mahirap para sa isang tao na ang pagiging hurted dahil hindi niya naalala sa kanya. Ngunit Nangungulila siya sa kanya... Ngunit pagkatapos ay muli, Bakit ba niya gustong kalimutan ang tungkol sa kanya ngunit siya ay nasasaktan? Kung bakit niya gustong malaman tungkol sa kanya pero hindi niya alam kahit naaalala? Nang sinikap niyang IPALIWANAG ang nangyari 6 na taon na ang nakararaan, stuttered niya. Bakit hindi niya hindi nasabi ang buong pangungusap nang nagkaroon siya ng pagkakataon? Bakit hindi niya sinabi? Naniniwala ako na sabihin ang gusto mong sabihin. Ito ang nakakalito sa akin. Sana naiintindihan mo.
A random, poor girl here ;w;: Hello po Mikaila
mikaila maroto: hello po
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Angelica Rubio
Guys did you guys remember the bracelet that larson francis gave to her. That cousin took it. I think she will use it to be with larson forever. Im scared if that will happen.
lemurloki: Unless he only remembers flashes... then he might credit the wrong girl because of who is wearing it.
Fallen01 : @Raven M I hope so.....If he remembers everything then he’ll leave her plastic cousin just lick Barbie a plastic
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