President's Shy Kiss
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President's Shy Kiss

KaiYuan Comic
President's Shy Kiss
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President's Shy Kiss Comics Online. “One million for one night. Who will?” “Ten million for one night!” Feng Lingye, a powerful man in the capital, had his eye on her. She could do nothing but retreating one step after another in face of his aggressiveness…However, a sudden car crash led out a huge conspiracy…She brought her two cute and talented kids back six years later in an attempt to find out everything, but she met him again.

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vilenueve rey.
i love the story but it end so quickly. its not like im not waiting the story to reach the happy end but the story & art became more predictable but also out of place. first the artwork was really nice, the story was cool & exciting. but the longer i read this, the story became boring & 'to pushy to find an end' u get what i mean? i have so many questions in my head rn. i appreciate the author for make this story, but i've just read the comment section & many people admit that there are problems with the art & the story. pls dont judge me, i just want to tell my opinion
One good thing about this office issue is that enemy is visible rather than it’s not, back then before I was “let go” from my former work place, everyone was quiet about all the work issue.

I was still there, I can feel the tensions but no one is brave enough to confront, until I was out of the my work place and I was suddenly told someone got into rampage rage.
Hannah Caye Canata
hey for that girl who dumbped them I will curse you to strike by lightning 10 times and hope that you're soul will burned to hell and maybe you can have an appointment for the God of death,just make sure to invite him to your death 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
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