President's Shy Kiss
Romance / CEO

President's Shy Kiss

KaiYuan Comic
President's Shy Kiss
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President's Shy Kiss Comics Online. “One million for one night. Who will?” “Ten million for one night!” Feng Lingye, a powerful man in the capital, had his eye on her. She could do nothing but retreating one step after another in face of his aggressiveness…However, a sudden car crash led out a huge conspiracy…She brought her two cute and talented kids back six years later in an attempt to find out everything, but she met him again.

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Hottest Comments
For once manga finally makes the lead woman have a lot of money before she finds a man
(Mochi): this story is awsome I love it also if anyone want to they can check this story out called The nerd secret 👉😱😱
Jiya Singh: agreed
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GOSHhHhhh His Golden eyes are staring into my soul * nosebleeds* 😅😍

Ayyy btw the ship is starting to set off, I repeat the ship is setting off!
💎Cyan Tamer💎: 😏can say the ship is flying in the air?~
Brenna: Me Too
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Sigh.... I'm so tired of these rushed endings. The author just decided to leave at least 2 subplots in the dust... We will never know about the bracelet connection. I guess we're just left to hope they all live happily ever after even though our girl isn't even sure how she feels about him. I really loved her character's wits at the start of the story, but she just ended up as another cliche silenced FL in love with the ML--all her doubts were wisked away simply by being married. 🙄 Sorry everyone, new flash--IRL marriage and kids don't fix all the 💩 that's wrong with your relationship! 🤦‍♀️😪
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: I wish we knew what happened to it! That entire part just disappeared from the story. 💩
darkmask pheonix: wow I totally forgot about that ......what happened to the bracelet ?
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