President's Shy Kiss
Romance / CEO

President's Shy Kiss

KaiYuan Comic
President's Shy Kiss
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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President's Shy Kiss Comics Online. “One million for one night. Who will?” “Ten million for one night!” Feng Lingye, a powerful man in the capital, had his eye on her. She could do nothing but retreating one step after another in face of his aggressiveness…However, a sudden car crash led out a huge conspiracy…She brought her two cute and talented kids back six years later in an attempt to find out everything, but she met him again.

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Hottest Comments
Disha Narjinary
Husband, Wife and their children have same food taste.
Maggie sakurajima: This was amazing!!! The art is great and the end was the best I have ever read❤️❤️❤️
spread_your_wings: dear can you check out my new novel 'death is the only ending for jereks'
total 3 replies
thank you author! the story was beautiful. hope you continue to write more stories like these :):):)
LOL_: the Female mc is suppppeeeerrrr strong eventhough his boyfriend forgot about her its very motivating!!!!!
Essentail-Needs: Cherry on the top! Perfect little ending might I say so.
Just hope there season 2 tho, but at least I hatch 2 hour worth of ads for this soooooooo.
total 4 replies
wait wasn't vivian flirting with Willa's husband
the handsome caring president

there is no competition though since he only has eyes for Willa. :3

also there is at least one relative who likes her which is interesting,cause maybe he loves her so uh
Yoli72: al love so mush
Aimahashmi50 Hashmi: Jinx
total 2 replies
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