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Ex With Benefits

Jeon Lykha
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"It doesn't have to be real, we can just play pretend. As my EX lover."

/ dropping if ex' name gone wrong /

In which the casanova plays along with the girl's lie in exchange of dominance.

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School life
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Are you for real right know ?? You actually made a novel about BTS 😂like why 😂 y‘all sasaeng or what 😂 (I didn’t read it but the drawing from Jk looks good 👌🏻) I mean you can be a fan of them, I‘m army too but some fans just take it to far I don’t mean this author, just like those crazy wicked and twisted fans from BTS and after i saw that there is a novel from them It just reminded me of them
LittlePiig: most people write it for entertainment! :) but i understand ur opinion, dude ur so right some fans needa respect privacy to idols.
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wait...the character in this novel have similar name with the 'possesive brother'....if they are...I found something confusing..because in the possesive brother Jeon jungkook was already finish the college..even he become a CEO from a big company...and the age gap between him and tahyeong are quite a lot...asumting that tahyeong was the same age with his sister johyuun...
Anonymous: okaaaay...thank for ur explanation...So, I can keep reading this novel with cleareance my mind from the previous one...But if I may suggest...perhaps you could use the different name to avoid this kind missunderstanded...
Kevin Likes Cake: Hi! Uhm, this story and possessive brother is different from each other. Others would think it's a sequel but it's not. It's a different fiction but same characters I've used. I hope it clears out your frustrations. ☺️😙
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Nikey Kamei
season 2 pliss.....hope that there is little less of that sxx scene next the next season....pliss make them get married.n hve kids of their own....thank you ...see you again in the next season
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