Schemes of a Beauty

Zuoan Comic
The mother is useless. She doesn't seems to understand her situation. She needs to be strong and protect her daughter. She needs to stand by her side. Master Feng, thank you for rescue your girl😎 They need to investigate on the aunt and the cousin😡!!
R: I think the mom is aware of her situation. She’s just in denial with her situation :’(
Maddery: That is the kind of person she is unfortunately.
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Oh her mom finally opened her eyes !!! She was dumb for not trusting her poor daughter who was doing her best for protecting her. The aunt and the cousins are slut who should die. Feng please come and save your wife😣
Miss Anime
She doesn't mourn or even bother to look sad after his brother's (Ning An) death. I don't get it, is she heartless? She is his sister, they must have at least cared for each other. I know that in the past family bonds were different but aside from family bonds, you would feel sad for a dead child. I don't understand how she can be so happy just after the funeral. I kinda don't like her now...
Sami ❤️: First, their time is different from our own so I think she expressed her sorrow by avenging her brother by exposing the murderer. Second, didn’t she already know someone was gonna die due to her time traveling and I think she was emotionally not ready to mourn since she mourned enough in her last life (maybe her goal right now is revenge to save her family).
Miss Anime: But after someone's death+funeral, you wouldn't be happy go lucky immediately. I know that they weren't so close, but not even a regretful thought, not even a single frown? At least show respect to the dead. :(
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Let me guess: this the place where the mother was saved from being drowned right? Hence her weird reactiob.
Mavikelebek: ouraybe just they couldn't kill her and said " of let's act like we save her. since she is stupid we can use her"
Maddery: *reaction
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God her mom was really annoying me with her “she saved me I owe her” and didn’t even give a shit bout MC. Took her a god damn 46 chapters, literally half the story to actually open her damn eyes.
What is the point of being reborn and know what will happen in the future yet you are unable to do nothing. Come on, innocent people are dying and guy things he just killed his little brother. That is just sad.
Eve: Exactly. She’s so powerless even having been reborn and knowing everything like wtf. May as well have not even written the story
Zeref dragneel: Her rebirth is like useless cause i think that she just made it worse and i pitied the one who got poisoned and I wanna kill those two especially her cousins mother shes too evil to be called mother!
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How did they become wanted people again? Does it me the murdering stepmom and the crazy stepsister have control of the family now? If so doesn’t it mean the main character wasn’t able to prevent disaster from happening to her life again? I mean it’s a different kind from her previous life but it’s still a major issue.
Miena: Not everything will happen the again from her past life, it’s possible that due to her changing some stuff in this life it has altered almost everything. Such as her mother not dying yet.
Atorx Uvakou: Now instead of her being dead, her whole family will die. Reason ? That guy with selfish intentions blocking her way and trying to make her love him.
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irene mallana
also, "you need to shows your enemies that you're better than them" can't be used when you're being chased by the palace bc your ho stepmom wants to end your life after making your family miserable for years
irene mallana
why is he so useless? seriously this whole thing was pointless. we just got confirmation of what have know for like five chapters that the witch is trying to kill the woman and nothing has been done to prevent it??? like this whole plot has being going for some chapters and now it's plain boring since no one helps her to avoid the murder of her brothers bride. I'm just tired of it.
trudh. az: I think both of them are pathetic. why didn't they try to stop the little brother. sigh. it's gonna end inregret .
Silver Twilight: I don’t agree with you cuz if I was in that situation I wouldn’t know what to do. Would you know what to do?
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Wasif Fariha
I have never seen such a coward and confused mother in this life . mothers always supports their children no mental word and she is depending on her own daughter to save her life seriously?🙄🙄🙄🙄
Maddery: She happened to be one of those stupid mother unfortunately. I seriously pity our MC for having such a mother 😑.
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vitamin D
the mother seriously pisses me off, to what does she freaking owe her sister? she's long laid that off letting her live there and stealing her husband. if she doesn't stand up now if not for herself, at least for her kids who are the rightful first son and daughter of the family who have done no wrong.
Atorx Uvakou
"Barely satisfied" with the outcome?!! It's too far from barely it's horribly disappointed lives were take and the solutions were simple, stop the kid, fix the prescription. Elder brothers wife still alive and younger brother not poisoned for confronting the witch. There are other chances to expose her, or just kill both the witch and small witch in an accident trick.
Min Yuri
Why do I feel like she’s gonna get away with this?????? Like her father probably won’t do shit to her💀smh🤦‍♀️
Crystal Nguyen: In the next couple chapters she gets taken away so she does get caught but whether or not she gets away with it later on is unknown to me
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hopefully they gonna caught her still in the same state from frist panel and punish her for doing that before marriage as a shamefull act for the family 😂
tolu oyeyinka: @dils nah that green head is the daughter of that prostitute that slept with the mc’s dad. The green haired bitch’s dad died
wolfmoon: I hope your right. I what to see this blond hair bitch get what's coming to her.
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so, the aunty and her daughter (Tang) actually planned to kill xi'er's mother but the plan failed and killed the aunty instead?
I don't quite understand the plot....
Nourelhouda Saadi: No, the mother of that bitch tried to kill the little girl (female lead's mother) when she was trying to drawn her, she fell as well and got stuck in the herbs which lead her to be drawned KARMA
Anonymous: I'm getting lost as well
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BAHAHA LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER her mother seduced gu yanxi's father and now the daughter made such a pathetic move she even lose her pride just for something worthless
irene mallana
I don't feel sorry for the mom. for years she took other people's side instead of her children and now they are in big trouble, but I hope she can get better
I kinda pissed on how he stopped her from getting that wrong prescription from her useless little brother but then again it’s also the little brothers fault for not listening like come on don’t waste your second life doing useless shit and hanging around the prince trying to stop you
.: You should also try reading freaking romance
.: Hahaha yes it’s the best it’s hilarious
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Alyssa Rivera
I am not sure her eyes are even open at this point. But this is the first time where I see a mother in the story not trying to protect her daughter.
gi gi
him: *looks down and sees her face between his legs*
me: *perverted mode activated* kekekekekeke me likey the way things are going ԅ(≖‿≖ ;ԅ)
Boiii: Soooooo me
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