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The child really died, when you get down to root causes, from his mother's spineless willingness to expiate her own guilty feelings(a guilt stage managed by her sister) at the cost of her family's well being, her children's rights, her children's safety and ultimately her children's lives. All that matters to her is how she herself feels about that long ago incident and what she thinks she owes her husband-stealing, lying, vicious, murdering b*tch of a sister. What she owes her children? Not even on this overcooked noodle's radar. IF she had been a RESPONSIBLE mother who actually NOTICED her children's feelings, her little son would have come to HIS OWN MOTHER FIRST with his suspicion and he'd still be alive. But could he go to a mom who would IMMEDIATELY take his aunt's side, NO MATTER WHAT? Poor little guy. His father wouldn't look out for him, either. NONE of this tragedy would be possible if either of this child's parents gave a damn about anything other than themselves and their own selfish feelings. Mom wallowing in self indulgent martyrdom and Dad filled with lust and the desire to indulge in it at the expense of all else. The harp seal, who only sticks around 12 days before abandoning her still needy pup, is a better mom. A grizzly bear, who doesn't help his cubs at all but who has in fact been known to EAT them, is a better dad. This story's parents SUCK.
Ritsu Hussain: You sum it up perfectly. these characters are so depressing that I had to stop reading it.
And it doesn't look like the stupid and selfish woman learned her lesson at all.
Mamie: well said!
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Lili CN
I think it depends on the behavior of the other person a lot! Relationship is all about trust and respect! If I trust my partner fully, other people’s interests in him only flatter me since I’ve chosen well! Also, having self-esteem and knowing I’m good enough for him! ( he wouldn’t choose me if I wasn’t good enough in the first place). As long as we, as partners, we give that feeling of security to each other, trust, respect each other, and don’t respond to those outside actions, there is no jealousy! If that line of trust is broken... it’s really hard to repair what’s destroyed!
don't wanna be rude but it actually depends on the people if they look good together and are handsome I may cover my eyes and secretly take a look at them, if they don't look good together and are handsome I'm just gonna walk away, if they look good together but ain't handsome I'm gonna be like well at least they look good together and walk away but if they don't look together and ain't handsome I'm gonna run away the fastest way I can no offence but that's is something that even if I want I can't change I hope no one get's offended but I can't help but think like that so I'm sorry 🙏🙏
B and D. I wanna become skiny and also I wanna do my best with my studies because I wanna make my parrents proud of me and be able to get into a good university and be successful so taht I can take care of my family and be able to guide a good life because if you're not successful life can be pretty hard and I know that because I watch my parrents working everyday and voming back home very tired with a lot of pain in the legs, arms and back so I hope that after I become successful my parrents won't have to work anymore and that I be able to also take care of granpa and granny
:)♡I~love~comics~♡💗: hope so thank you 😊😊
Kioshis: I do hope you’re successful in life! Don’t forget why you are doing it and you will accomplish it 😄
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As I shouldn’t judge others....I would hope that both parties know what they are getting themselves into...straight or otherwise, be wise about your relationship so as to ensure any others around you two aren’t hurt by decisions that you make/made. Live a life that is true, responsible and authentic....too many broken people out there ... get into a relationship only if you have what it takes to stay the long haul....
I’m rereading this and I still don’t get how she died and why in the latest chapters she was saying she was basically married to the guy she’s with now but it wasn’t out of love etc. unlike now when they love each other. It’s so confusing cause it’s not the guy from the first chapter at all so how did she end up being married when she was reincarnated soon after to the younger version of herself.
Milly Fine: they all have extremely weak constitutions, getting a cold back then meant death. plus she lost the will to live in that lifetime
xxxsrhxxx: i just start to read this, but reading ur comment make me feel a little doubt, do u think its worth to read?
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Vanessa 🌺 virginiensis🦋
I was in a relationship 5 years ago. But now I am blissfully single🤭. So in my opinion and experience from sides, if you are obsessed to the person you are in relationship then it is evitable and somewhat normal to be jealous but it is the fact to understand that you can't possess that person wholly to yourself.
So I would partially consider B as my option😎...
Fl :
she DIED
but that doesn’t mean she CAN SOLVE EVERYTHING IN A FLASH
the only difference is that she KNOWS THAT SHE CAN’T TRUST THIS PERSON OR THAT ONE
and we want it too
but we should stop thinking that after she timed travelled by some miracle she became a genius and knows every solution to every scheme her enemies are thinking of cause till now everything she solved was something that she experienced

Just Me
Everyone keeps on saying that the FL is stupid but keep in mind that the people around her had stopped her from doing anything. She warned her mother and tried to stop her multiple times but was scolded instead. She warned her brothers as well but they wouldn't listen to her. That other guy also kept things from her that prevented her from being able to help her brother. And let's not forget the fact that she had no idea that things would escalate that quickly since she can only prevent the things she knew would happen.
InnocentPanda: And I thought I was the only one who thought this way
lemurloki: At last, a rational and fair opinion.
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Definitely B for me - both for him and also for me. Even if my colleagues, friends or superiors don’t have their other halves present all the time, I am watchful and respectful in my behaviour. If my man can’t be bothered to do the same, then he isn’t for me.
well looks is what attracts me at first but if the charakter does not suit with me then it's not worth it. I always am cautios so i test the person for a while before considering to open my heart. Money is not really important to me, i find it more important that my partner has a job. It does not matter what kinda job as long as it is not something illegal
Lili CN
Let me see if I got it right! There are two nations, one is whatever they are in and the other is Wei. In previous life the fl was engaged to the young brother but he broke off the engagement for the cousin. Then the cousin left him. The fl git engaged to the prince of Wei nation and helped him get close to third prince of this nation and eventually become the crown prince. But he also left her for the cousin... Is that correct?!
Fujoshi and a Otaku: Idk...
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I’m kinda confused, wasn’t the female lead in love with someone else in her previous life and her step sister stole the guy from her? Then she died and was basically reborn to her younger self. I’ll have to reread this from the beginning lol.
Lauren Capps: Yes that’s right.
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So she didn’t die but time traveled. Ok, that explains what happened but not what’s going on in the latest chapters. Plus, the guy she supposedly like and engaged to is definitely not the guy from the first chapter.
Dara D'Angelo: it is the same person though I noticed they change the eye color same with the cousin in this episode at first she has purple eye but in the last panel she have kinda brown like eyes
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am just gonna say this now straight couple or gay couple and girl i hate public affections as a single man its makes me sick how dare they show off their relationship infornt of me its like they're rubbing it in my face 😒
It's Anna
I don't get it. What was her accusations??? How did all of them got marked as wanted so fast?? What exactly happened!!!

The lead girl... Obviously she could save them! Now not only she's in danger, but also lost 3 lives! It's like nothing! She could easily save Miss. Lin and then avoid the rest as well only if she took Lin's responsibility and called in a better doctor to watch her nothing of these would have happened... It's like all these lives don't matter at all....
It's Anna: Of course those are new to her. But think about it. She saw them all happen in front of her eyes. She didn't even have a doubt or anything. She was sure anyway that those were happening. She doesn't have any head piece or anything doesn't mean she doesn't have the smallest amount of money to call in doctor or even then proper medicine. She had the MC by her side all the while. And even if she didn't do so, she could at least suggest to do something secretly. The MC was with her all the while. And then again, though new experience and all, I don't believe she was so "shocked facing" them that couldn't bother to think of a way to save the innocent people when she even knew HOW... At least Ms.Lin!? She was so damn sure! Yet she waited for her to die and make her aunt's plan go right till the end. Showing how dangerous and vicious her aunt is one thing.. But I just thought it was too much. That's it!
Mamie: if you think about it though, the FC has literally no spending money whatsoever! she doesn't even have proper jewelry and decorative headpieces to trade for services. so there was no way that she would be able to get any doctor to help much less buy the proper medicines. Also, another point is the fact that this wedding is literally new to this particular lifetime, it didn't occur in her past life due to the fact that the aunt became the lady of the house after giving birth to a son! Even the poisoning of Ning An didn't happen in her past life and the only reason she was able to get someone to check his body is because the aunt became careless in her "sure victory" and confident that the elder brother would foot the blame of killing his own younger brother. All in all, I can totally see why she is unable to save these lives simply because these are new experiences that she is unable to guard against properly.
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Chiaramonti Hecate
wow what a stupid mc 😮😮😮 shes the stupidiest mc... cant even solve it by herself , how can she take revenge when shes this stupid. easily relying to others what a let down
hey writer.... take this note because i'm a wirter too....
i don't know what you focus about... i actually expect it's a love's already chapter 63 you have to focus to the couple and avoid using a complicated word because not everyone is have a good english....
Aesop Carls
no one dare mess with so what I'm also like that to a bad person.........but I will not hunt innocent........just don't get at my bad side cuz I'm creepy sometimes
hahaha how fake his brother he said that he dont want the marriage but the way he reacts when she died and blame his Younger brother is not really connected
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