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Schemes of a Beauty

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Schemes of a Beauty
I think the author did not express well the sorrow and hatred that the mc should bear. I think the author wanted to express her deep love towards him which turned into hatred because he reneged on his promise. After all, she loved him to the extent that she fought alongside him in war and barely survived it, and he discarded her after all of what she did for him. These are what the author had failed to express. The author should have not compress all these in just one chapter or a few illustrations. I know its not easy to draw but if you really want to tell a good story, one must painstakingly put effort into it. Im someone who believes that if you want to share your abilities to other, you should do it with your utmost effort or best. Why? Because as an artist or author/writer, it doesnt matter whoever made/wrote or thought of it first. It was who whom made it exceptional. Who cares if it was a rip off if it was excellently made. TBH, I had read lots of chinese novels with the same plot. But why I dont get tired of reading the same reincarnating-and-seeking-revenge plot? It is because these rip offs were well-thought of. They have substance. Although they are lacking and have plotholes but they were made with effort and heart. Yes this story is made with effort but it definitely lacks heart - a heart to tell stories. Well, this is just the first chapter tho. I dont know what lies ahead.
Nandita Bordoloi: its it like a prelude of a novel. a glimpse inti the story. you cant expect a whole lot in the prelude. But I agree, emotions are required in any form of art.
Sybil Black: that's so true??? I'm screenshotting this your opinion is really relevant
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I like the ending already. Thank you to the author for completing season 1. Happy that season 2 is coming but If you ask me the ending is quite satisfactory already. Better than most endings on this site actually. I am afraid that the next season will just make things too complicated between main characters. You know unnecessary misunderstanding/fights between the main characters. That would ruin an already good story for me. If season 2 came hope the main characters stay as they are. True to each other. I like how consistent the ml was Towards the fl. There were no stupid hindrances between the 2 main characters such as amnesia... Sometimes when character relationship's going well, authors insert such scenarios. Stretches the story but ends up ruining it...for me that is. The author made strong characters from beginning and a good story line. story had a good flow. Character progress was good. Needed more romance, but ok nevertheless. I am all for the romance so i am truly grateful to the author for creating steady characters. They had faith in each other. Trusted each other and cared for each other. Also love the extras at the end. For me it's well done. Thank you author and translators.
The FL character reminds me a someone I know. She's impulsive and not naturally calculative. She is straightforward and honest and in her perception as long as she she knows the truth, she will speak up. She gets frustrated at injustice and immediately wants to remedy the situation. Unfortunately she will have a long road ahead battling against her own personality and character. Luckily she has elder Mr Ye to force her to slow down and think of the solution so she doesn't charge in and speak and make a fool of herself making accusations with no evidence to back her up.
It's alright to have a female lead who is this type of person. She will grow and learn and hopefully remain a straightforward caring person.
I Fell In Love With The Characters
i dont understand the relationship within her family now...Im very confused can someone explain thing i know is that her mom is the main wife ...
Gureishī-san Ms. Gracie 😘グレイシーさん : yes that's what read it's funny because tho the aunt tried to kill her karma caught her in the act 😏
I Fell In Love With The Characters: i kinda get what you mean now after reading the story again basically the two were blood related but at some point her aunt saved the FL's mother before so after her aunt's husband died her mother took her aunt and her child to the family as such the aunt and her child was very jealous to the FL's mom and the FL so they wanted to take the position of them as the wife of the household and young basically
-the FL's mom is the main wife
-her sister the b*tch is just a cunning fox aiming to be a wife
-her child (the b*tch cousin) is the young lady as she deceived the family with her acting
-the FL the real young lady of the family
i think that's about it
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Abeke Christopher
I don't understand why they are wanted by the government. Didn't the family already find the aunt guilty? I have been confused by this story from chapter one. It doesn't seem like anyone has a brain.
Gureishī-san Ms. Gracie 😘グレイシーさん : I know right?? but it has something to do with that letters that she told her daughter to take to the government I want to know what was in that letter
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why they call brother to their lover or husband before marriage it's so weird.....its fells like they are marrying their sibling........
miuhoa: it's just the literal Translation. in Asia we call people who are a bit older big brothers and sisters . while the younger once are the younger brothers and sisters. around the age of your parents will be aunts and uncles and so on. ^^ it has a broader meaning than brother and sister in other languages.
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Medi Mustafić
This has got to be the most poorly translated comic I have ever read. The broken English is so awful that most of the comic doesn’t even make sense. Author if you decide to write another season PLEASE have it translated and written by someone who knows how to read and write proper English so that people even want to read it. There are so many grammar issues that the context makes absolutely no sense
Katrina Gajdzik
switch men, if you have to marry someone might as well be a charmer, cant be worse than the jackass.
Priscilla Okyere
A for sure love makes you happy and safe but wealth makes you feel insecure and surrounded by fake people and thieves 🤣🤣
Khushi Begum
hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahhahahahahahahagahaagaggaag servers you right!YOU DESERVE IT!
Abeke Christopher
I don't know what is going on. I don't understand why the mother's sister lives there. And I don't understand why the mother is an idiot.
Katrina Gajdzik
Is it just me, or does EVERYONE ALWAYS know how to dance, except perhaps the bad guy????
Look like the mom is getting her memory back... I guess she’s was hurt and lost her memory so the sister lied that she save her... no wonder the mom always let the sister get away with stuff because she believed that her sister safe her... 😡
I don't understand the modern world scene🤔
ayuchan: hmm... me too.
Ame Uchiha: that must be sneek peek for season 2
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Marlisa Zuelaikha
Author doesn't want this comic to be end early... I am a little confuse about this episode... modern version?! Seriously?! In my opinion, author should not end this comic too early by create some plots about their married and then they had a daughter.. after that, their daughter grow up and this time.. about they in modern version?!.. Oh please... I want to know about many problems that in the previous episodes.. I know the problems about third prince had been solved.. but other problems not had been solved yet.. But if the author wants to continue create plots about the previous episodes, its too late.. it also would ruin the future episodes.. So dear author, please keep going on create new plots and stories about male lead and female lead.. I am always support your masterpieces wish you good luck!
Bhavna Sharma
please make another story with same character in a modern time and also there can be lot of scheme but there should not be any sepration and not sister snatching sister husband plot
frozen daffodil
I'm just like oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooh! you need to just stop, can u Just NOT step on our gowns YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN
Khushi Begum
I love is already.I wanted to kill that Jin.(Why choose the name Jin .....)
Abeke Christopher
Why is the aunt pregnant? Didn't the FL make a poison to make her infertile? So confused.
Kevi Kubli: She spilled it before she finished making it.
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what is the meaning of touching or kissing the hair
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