Schemes of a Beauty

Zuoan Comic
First, if Feng told his men to protect her from getting in trouble it's because she is impulsive (see her desire to intervene). 2nd, she should not to trust too much the 7th Prince because he is also have some attraction to her. Her mother is useless: she wants her daughter to help her husband 😡. didn't she forget that it because of HIM she and her daughter are in this situation!? She should support her daughter instead being a Big burden for her!! I want to slap her too much with her stupid thoughts!
Gaby Garabiles
a poem for this manga

How i thought you loved me so
I never thought you'd let me go
you told me you would stay
Just before you went away

But as you left me all alone
my heart just couldn't take it
a smile i put, but i just couldnt fake it
now i realize we are not meant to be
coz i know you never really loved me...
leon: wuwu im kinda touch(even thought im a man)nice poem i even cry a bit
cookiebun💛: so beautiful 😭😭 it kinda remind me of my older sister love life that bastard i ill kill him
if he ever show his monkey face to me 😤😤
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Sophie Ng
They’re kinda dragging the story out a little too much. I appreciate that they aren’t going fully into the romance but it’s doesn’t feel like the original story I read in chapter one. Like sure you don’t always want that romantic story but I’d kinda prefer it over this right now. My brain is hurting trying to understand this lol
The 3 rd Prince is an idiot and doesn't see that the trap that our FL and Feng I'd almost set up for him and that his lost is near. "Big Lady of Gu's family"?👿 go see an optamologist because you seriously need one!! People seeing as daughter of concubine jealous of the real lady of Gu's family that's is our FL.
Haah... what do you know... it happened as I thought it would. Secret letter always fall to the wrong hand.
What on earth going in her mind I wonder? It’s a huge secret secret but she treated like a junk letter and RAN AWAY with no exact explanation to him.
No character development whatsoever even after she lost her both brothers and mom went crazy.
I thought she was a warrior surely she knows how to treat secret letter properly??🙄🙄🙄
Vivina Chi
I swear if this mother does some stupid shit again 🤬😡 Your husband goddamn cheated on you and you still have feelings for him. YOU DIDNT LISTEN TO YOUR DAUGHTER SO THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE NOW
MB_DIARIES: i can tell u from experience that women like the mc's mother exist
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Ueah she is a big lady... A big lady for being a thief, whore, schemes, ill nature and so on.
Hei, she just snatch the letter, or I saying she robbing it, if I were the postman, I will took her to security and watch her hand choped!
Min Yuri
Can someone take the time to tell me what’s going on, I’m a little (a lot) lost I have no idea what’s going on. Like from the time where her and her mother had to run. After that I have no idea what’s going on....
unknown: me too i am very lost after that part too
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😌 HAHA!!! their plan is going so well !!!😁 Feng and our FL are destined to end together 😁!! They using them (3rd Prince, cousin, Prince Wei ) to make them pay for using them for their own benefit 😈. 3 rd Prince doesn't see he is digging his own grave 🤣
Dark Rose XOXO
that green haired witch really looked like she's pregnant or even fat serious isn't that one of the best thing about that comic even the authors find a way to insult the bad guys by making them hilarious
Oh !! Our FL is so smart! it was her plan to use her cousin to make people know the 3rd Prince's scheme. Her plan succeeded to half because this dumbass of her cousin went to Prince Wei and the 7th Prince is having a discussion on investigations on 3rd Prince with the emperor??🤔
Itachi Uchiha
I’m still waiting for the romance in this story and at this point I don’t know if she’ll ever find someone sense she really has no interest in anyone
So Governor Mi was also 3rd Prince' chess piece😒. Our FL was right to prevent Feng from 3 rd Prince' greedy appetite and now he is doing with intelligence to use this opportunity to cut 3rd Prince 's Alliance 🤔. So everyone will learn how 3rd Prince is an evil person 🤔 but for me I don't trust 7th Prince and Prince Wei
Halley Joseph
She's the big slut of the Gu family just like her mother
memer: her mom will only give up that title till the day someone brutally kills her
mina 81: Because her mom would have to give up that title and I don’t think she will give it up for a long time lol
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Gothic Jasmine
Why does this manhwa progression is making me disappointed?!!🙄🙄The MC was badass in the earlier chapters but as of the late chapters, they were crap as in she became weak and annoying🤯😡Not recommended, better go read other better manhwa than this😞☹️
evil cousin: I will see how you will lift your head up lady Gu ever again after you have shamed yourself 😈😈
Me: ...🙄🙄
lady Gu: 💃💃*appears and charm everyone*😊
evil cousin: YOU...😱😱HOW COME *faint from shock*
since when did she become the big lady of the gu family?🤔 well I know she has the title but her behavior is nothing like a lady😣😣
Rimuru Tempest: i know right???
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because everyone tell her no and to stay out of danger, it makes her wanna do it even more hahaha
but oooohh Lord Feng has a love rival, 7th Prince Haha.
Gabrielle Waltower
I ship both of them he is so much better than his brother. Now they both join forces and crush all there enemies and take revenge........ I'm sorry got a little carried away😏
Gabrielle Waltower: LOL Thank you😂😂😂
KILLTHISLOVEARMY🗡️🔪♥️: Gurl you did not carried away. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU😤😤😤😤😤😤
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Aigo.. Mommy~..
Did u already seeing how ur husband doing so many bad thing to you and ur daughter... How can u still want to save him? I dnt want to say u r dummy.. But.. 😅
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