Schemes of a Beauty
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Schemes of a Beauty

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Schemes of a Beauty
I think the author did not express well the sorrow and hatred that the mc should bear. I think the author wanted to express her deep love towards him which turned into hatred because he reneged on his promise. After all, she loved him to the extent that she fought alongside him in war and barely survived it, and he discarded her after all of what she did for him. These are what the author had failed to express. The author should have not compress all these in just one chapter or a few illustrations. I know its not easy to draw but if you really want to tell a good story, one must painstakingly put effort into it. Im someone who believes that if you want to share your abilities to other, you should do it with your utmost effort or best. Why? Because as an artist or author/writer, it doesnt matter whoever made/wrote or thought of it first. It was who whom made it exceptional. Who cares if it was a rip off if it was excellently made. TBH, I had read lots of chinese novels with the same plot. But why I dont get tired of reading the same reincarnating-and-seeking-revenge plot? It is because these rip offs were well-thought of. They have substance. Although they are lacking and have plotholes but they were made with effort and heart. Yes this story is made with effort but it definitely lacks heart - a heart to tell stories. Well, this is just the first chapter tho. I dont know what lies ahead.
kingcat: i agree with you on the lack of emotions in the beginning but as i kept reading that changed yes there should have been more hatred expressed in beging she was used and thrown away her step mother and step sister wanted to take her home ,her family and her livily hood the man she loved didnt love her . however i think the author did the best in his or her ability to show how the main character got back at them yes its not grand but i was satisfied with it and at the end the main character gained more than she lost in her new life she gained a family a loving husband and ahem😼 an adorable daughter i liked this stroy for what it was .the revenge was what i came for but it was not what the type of revenge i wanted but the ending ? the ending was good i think author wanted to make the main character give up on revenge and find happiness .after she didn't kill her old lover who betrayed her
Xini: And not to mention the translation is of the worst quality that it makes the story even poorer.
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I like the ending already. Thank you to the author for completing season 1. Happy that season 2 is coming but If you ask me the ending is quite satisfactory already. Better than most endings on this site actually. I am afraid that the next season will just make things too complicated between main characters. You know unnecessary misunderstanding/fights between the main characters. That would ruin an already good story for me. If season 2 came hope the main characters stay as they are. True to each other. I like how consistent the ml was Towards the fl. There were no stupid hindrances between the 2 main characters such as amnesia... Sometimes when character relationship's going well, authors insert such scenarios. Stretches the story but ends up ruining it...for me that is. The author made strong characters from beginning and a good story line. story had a good flow. Character progress was good. Needed more romance, but ok nevertheless. I am all for the romance so i am truly grateful to the author for creating steady characters. They had faith in each other. Trusted each other and cared for each other. Also love the extras at the end. For me it's well done. Thank you author and translators.
Although my naughty self would want to enjoy doing the deed but in such a time period, a woman should protect herself before marriage especially. Every choice ones make is like walking on thin ice, so its smarter to leave options open. Following your passion can be satisfying in the heat of the moment but doing it the proper way can merit your entire lifetime.
Angx. laa
The story isn't told very well, it skips over "minor" scenes and this really effects the story telling of the story as it's also confusing. It makes me wonder if the author is being rushed
Did she got entangled with every prince and got attention from none in her past life...Coz first she said she loved that purple haired Jin then the other prince got close to her to maintain his status and now the ML and FL were a
I wana know how Qing Feng became the Ye's eldest son since he is the son of Marquis Wei. and why are they still at ye residence?
wtf happened to her shitty 'sister' and his brother? 😧😧😧
Stefani Cane
what a coincidence, here I'm reading his confession, while listening to shut up&kiss me by Reese Madyon on spotify
seriously,I was thinking kiss each other
Why do i have to see this weed head more more than FL? Her sick mind and alien colors annoys me. It's like she is the main character. I don't like it.
Wth do they keep changing their names?! Gu Yan Xi-->Gu Yan Cai and Ye Qing Feng --> Yan Qing Feng. There is no consistency and people who aren't familiar with Chinese names are easily lost.
Tania Constantine
Sureeee... Your Admiring the flowers dressed as that, girl find a better excuse, even by 4 heard old baby sister can do better, work on tant okay
is it just me or the drawings looks kind of different?? Well if it just me I really dont mind just give me a nice satisfying ending.
RedJ: I think so too, that is different. But whatever.
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Keirra Thomas
I like that this type of bird actually exists and the parents of the original eggs raise it even as it is an adult
yo :v
The problem is that the mother never took her children as a priority when she had to support them.
Alina Oppa: The mother is super weak she needs to man up
Meroko Kouka: yes.she is too stupid
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Tania Constantine
Okay 😡 that's just rude how dare you push her 😡😠 if you touch her again ill take your arm and rip it apart 😡😡😡😠😠😠👿👿👿😈😈😈
Angx. laa
Is their a chapter missing? why did the story skip the exposing of the stepsister and younger brother?
I have a feeling that the season 2 is somehow connected to the modern world that Ye has dreamed about
YuYu ❤❤
Her mother is stupid.Her daughter is clever and stronger.
Amparito Orozco
Beautiful 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 great story. Just amazing. That ending... couldn’t have asked for anything else.
it stuck on my mind like the fudge it's so disgustaaaangggg
anime_ master: oh my god he said i’m cumming
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Blossom white
The FL's Mum is too stupid, sorry to say it that way but that's thé fact.
una: shee is a fool indeed. thats why she cant survive before. so helpless
Meroko Kouka: agreed
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