My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend

Ji Guang Comic
My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend Comics Online. It all started from that night, when she was kissed by a hooligan who seemed to be chased by mafia. The next morning, a handsome man kidnapped her and sent her to an elite school, where she ran into the hooligan from that night again...

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Li Qin is working with Reaper or Danest. I think Wind knows about it and is just acting he said "The one behind all this is...... YOU!" He was talking about Li Qin. Just think about it she comes out of no where at the same time Reaper does and she says she admires Suri when she doesn't even know her, (It's her first day at that school!) She didn't like Wind Winsor and likes Reaper alot at first? Only to not to draw attention. Then the Comany had problems, Wind & Eachen were out of town plus Claud went to save his kidnapped gf(kidnapped by Reaper)No one could take care of the Company. So of course Suri had to. That gave Li Qin time to get a lot of rep. Then the robbers came to the school and were mugging "Danest"(Reaper) but the one who told Suri was Li Qin. So she to save him not knowing he was the one needing saving, which he did not he was the one who injured Claud. She almost got stabbed and Danest ended up "saving" Suri' s life. So she would be forced to take care of him because of her personality. That gave Li Qin time to take over Suri's spot as the top person. Then Li Qin "magically" gets on Wind's good side and Suri "accidentally" sees them right when she came back. At the lunch room they were "flirting" in front of her "not knowingly" so she went to the roof top where she could see every thing that was happening at the front gate, and guess who "surprisingly" showed up while she was in her grievance to watch the "show" with her? Reaper!
cloud sky
The two siblings have been suffered from terrible and miserable life and their mother has the same experience as well she went crazy because his love ones (LAMBERT) who was the father of Wind was killed by (SAM) the father of Reaper so she couldn't love (REAPER) back through she only seen him as the son of a criminal. The two brothers have lived in brutal and traumatic way of living, both of them has a different kind of stories. Eachen, John, Lisa was been in horrible death it was so heartbreaking most especially Eachen which had big role in the story and one of the supporting male lead. You could say you hate Reaper because he is brutal and the antagonist on the story but and some part who would understand why he doing all this sh*t, but I'm moved by Reaper because deep inside he has a good heart. I loved the ML and the FL because they had a great roles and even the supporting leads as well.
i feel him when my girl bestfriend got drunk she punch my lovely nose kick my ass then one time she wants to kiss me too close but i dodge and hug her instead i carry her all the way back to her home the next day she wake's me up and slap me ahe said im pervert i slept in her bed next to her because im so drunk too but after a few minutes she kiss me on my cheek and she said sorry for slap i said its okay after that i went home then a few days later she said she's going with her older sister back to their house on pampanga she said when she came back were going to watch movie together but after a month i can't contact her then one day someone told me she's dead she hit by a car while she was on the way home from grocery i am so shocked heard that until now😔 its been 5yrs. after the accident but until now i missed her so much sometimes i feel so empty somethings missing inside me i think i missed her and at this point i can say that im inlove with her too bad i dont have the chance to admit to her personally that i love her😔 so if you guys fallen for someone say it dont make the mistakes i did
Viv Reddy: you should not give it way bro it's the to find yourself
~ 🌈 ~: well that's aquite big note
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