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My Underworld Boyfriend

Ji Guang Comic
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kissed by a rogue on one night, and then I was kidnapped by a handsome guy to a strange place…what a bad luck! What's more unfortunate, I was arranged to study in a noble while violent school by that guy, who is the biggest leader of the underworld...

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School life
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this is becoming tiring
I don't say the story is not good anyway I really appreciate it a lot and I know it takes a lot of hard work to make a chapter but seriously author please if you want to lock the chapters at least let us read in more than 3 seconds I mean please if you can make the chapters longer it would be good for all even though it takes too long to be released a chapter should be nourished with plenty of events like the reader would say "wow so much in a chapter I'm so excited can't wait for the next chapter! even if it takes time to be released I'll be waiting and encouraging the author" well instead of begging the author for a longer chapter or daily update at least... if you know what I mean... sorry if you feel offended but I really mean no offense and seriously this is the first comic I started reading when I installed mangatoon and I'm very glad to read it every time it updates so keep up the good work! and if I ever bothered just ignore my comment I really mean nothing but to express my pleasure ^_^
RedRose: Thank you
Red Eclipse: yeS I agree with you
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ahh...idk.. its soo sad..i loved this was my FIRST story ever..and i liked it when there was some romance and claud was still young and Eachen was still here with his brothers.. this story is too long..and now i dont feel like readingbit anymore.. when this story was almost me it was heart warming and i always dod wait the new episode..but now there is some random stuff..and so fast is everything going and the art is not the same when i started to read it.. idk author im kinda dissapointed.. sorry..its now like a war... im really sad bc it was so good and now soo bad
Meteor Garden❤
Seriously what is the story?????? I really really cant get where this is going so many days past but there is no progress it's like even the author doesn't know what's next.. may be killing time by doing kidnapping episodes ,, No offence I am not being judgemental here but I just dont get this, This comic In the first few episodes were too amazing to be so boring now it's that I expect very good content from this comic..
RedRose: same here... alas...
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