My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend

Ji Guang Comic
My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend Comics Online. kissed by a rogue on one night, and then I was kidnapped by a handsome guy to a strange place…what a bad luck! What's more unfortunate, I was arranged to study in a noble while violent school by that guy, who is the biggest leader of the underworld...

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School life
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I hope the manga will come to the end already it’s really long and it’s just not making any sense it should like skip years like 3 years later or sum and eachen is with mike and Suri and wind have their own kid already cus this is a really good manga don’t get me wrong but it’s really long and going off track a little:/
Seri Miranda: WAIT... im only at episode like a hundred something... WIND AND SURI HAVE A KID!?
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Yin Min
WTF. Another trouble? when will it end? IT'S BEEN 452 EPISODES ALREADY. We want THE END. It should end anyway snice it's too complicated and ML gets uglier and uglier. I really miss the beautiful drawings of the first few chapters.
Don’t know what to say about this chapter, it’s just too short really. Does anyone know if the raw version of this one is completed? This feels like it’s going on forever with useless drama. This comic should’ve ended a long time ago IMO
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: That’s your opinion I personally think they’re just dragging this story out as much as possible.
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: It's been shit for so long...
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