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My Underworld Boyfriend

Ji Guang Comic
wow it's getting more and more interesting 😱😱
pratikshya: yes😊😊😊
proud to be an army😚😚
JIMINSSI : Yeeeeeeee

Army-nation always on the top
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Akarine Chan
why I am falling for mike tied hair look😍😍😍😍😍😍😍?
pratikshya: okay😊
Akarine Chan: I will see😏😏
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Akarine Chan
😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑this woman
Sana 😉😉: yeh that's right
pratikshya: why are you still awake it's about 1 am in UAE right ?
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•Just me💜
I wonder.......What the Hell wind is doing with that stupid bishhh!!!😤😬
Chelsea Smith: took me so long
Zeenat Zahan Zannat: R8 😠😠😠
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First thx for the update but plssss don't stop the daily update because every manga that I read and they updated than it will stop like pure girl,boss I will kick ur ass and a lot so pls don't stop it
toastwiththemost: well they can only update it as fast as it gets released by the creator
Zeenat Zahan Zannat: yeah u r R8😔
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Yeshmin Eva
why um feel like mike loves eachen???
Serenity White: I do love me some gay content
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i just wanna SLAP that woman!!!
It's Mike's hand!
F.U: I know it because of the Chinese version
frostyyoko: sorry to get the facts straight but if it is Eachen he'll kill suri cuz he was drugged 💉 or he's already dead cuz he was drugged 💉
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Akarine Chan
I was so deep in reading this comic rolling down and down and don't know how fast I read all ten chps and then disappointed that no more left chp I want more its getting interesting😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭the graphic is so beautiful even the bodyguards damn are looking so handsome with beautiful outfits😍😍😍😍😍.good work author keep up😋
Akarine Chan: nice to meet u😉
Fab's: Me too
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what does she do when she has periods?🙁
noone: Emma has point
Emma: Although I agree with you
*me trynna act smart 👇*
After some theories I have conducted that the smell of blood from injuries and the smell from period blood are different and she specially gets discussed from blood that comes from Injuries because of when her parents had died.
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I smell BL like a reporter smells news😁
Chloe Lan
ooooohh damn they boys hot as f***
Chloe Lan: they cutie pies
Rose: ikr*
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E L A ☁️
I wann cry. Cause I know something that happens in some chapters after this ... :(( I’m at chapter 400+ soo :(((((
E L A ☁️: Eachen dies again
Idk what happens after... cause I’m waiting but he gets shot again :(((
toastwiththemost: what happened spoil me
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This hoe better not kiss wind. If he forgets Siri then ima flip
Lol! Mike wants to be the one that Eachen loves but he loves Suri. Mike is trying hard....UwU✨ Best of luck with Eachen,Mike.
Chelsea Smith: right aiiiiii 👏
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Black Beryls
What's wrong with that woman ?? 🖕
Rose: she is a bitch
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Sarang sakura
so I sipped many ch bcoz of d coins. is she prego?
badhan islam: she is
Sarang sakura : suri's friend I mean
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Omg he handed handkerchief so she won't puke over him again!!!!!!!yaah so thoughtful mr.winsor
Sam: I ship them😻
k̫i̫k̫i̫-c̫h̫a̫n̫ i̫s̫ a̫ u̫n̫i̫c̫o̫r̫n̫: wat do u expect!
he's her future husband ~😉
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suar ki bachiiii😂😂😂
Rabii: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
mazz ifi: mast gaali
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"Give me back my first kiss" 😂😂 This girl acting like she's rock lee from Naruto 😂 she should avoid alcohol
_Kimmy_: @ Karina Acevedo the kick to the face 😂😂 was on point she most have gotten some training from Guy sensei
Karina Acevedo: I was dying cause that's who came to mind 😂😂😂
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