My Underworld Boyfriend
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My Underworld Boyfriend

Ji Guang Comic
My Underworld Boyfriend
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Ayänő Męlçeu
interesting story
Antenaina Soamiary: Y’a it’s a good story.
zrechd1: just wondering... are u still reading?
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Wow finally for waiting for so long I was able to read my favorite comic. Thank u mangatoon ❤️😍😍😍thank u so much
Your precious Lil' girl ❄≧ω≦
This one has a nice story line... I mean so different from others! Thanks Author!😍😍😍🤗🙂
Hide: haha its good
Chihara Studios✔: hello, please check out my novel "The Thread Of Happiness" maybe you will like it, thanks
total 2 replies
Great story......waiting for more episodes🙂
use me 🦄 0🦄Q🦄O🦄K🦄E🦄R
Yeyy finally this comic got up i used to read it on daily manga and i couldn't find it but now it's here!!!!!!! 🌍🌍🌍🌍🙈💞🙈💞🙈💋💘💕
a piece of your mind
it's finally here😍update soon please💕thank you Mangatoon ❤
How can you curse, misbehave, hurt someone you love?! I mean where is the trust? And you are free to flirt around as you wish( even if it is some fake acting stuff) you just go ahead and slap the living day lights outta the girl you love? If this love story still continues them I better stop reading it!! 😡😬
I will prefer that yellow headed guy over this windy😕😑
Edlyn Lopez: Agreed 😢😤😤
Sittie Asrimah Malaco: I agree...😭😭
total 4 replies
i can figure out eachen ultimate plan! Im racking my brain trying to figure out his actual motive.. I know eachen wants suri to be as far away from the war that's about to begin so dragon king doesn't hurt her because she is winds weakness..and if she is out of harms way, then WIND can defeat dragon king easily
is anybody else thinking the same as me?
what else am I missing?
V. S
any one from India....or any Indian ARMY..
⭐~cOoL_mAGic_C~⭐: I am from Hyderabad too
Akhilesh sharma: me too
total 38 replies
what i love from this manga, they all are very straightforward, nothing hidden or mysterious that can make everyone keep getting misunderstanding of the FL or ML, always explain what should be explained, not dragging a problem for too long..
zya cat izku
she likes NICE PEOPLE THAT DON'T KIDNAP HER and blushy nice stoft boys
-Madz-🥀: Lol I said that I said : she likes guys that are boy-ish don’t search her info online wants to get to know her PERSONALLY SOMEONE WHO DOESNT TRY TO GET TO KNOW HER ONLINE and someone who doesn’t follow her everywhere!
ShinLong: that's what I was gonna say
total 5 replies
Wai Feeb
Why cant real life boys cant be anime boys
Anonymous: My thought exactly. 😅
𝑟𝑎𝑡🚬: closest thing is bts
total 8 replies
Alice Synistal
I also feel It s inspired by Hana yori dango, instead in hYD tsukushi cant stand tsukasa violence and he changes for her in a good way. And she always refused his money, dresses, furnishment. She s really more independent and less interested. Here she accepts the villa !!
DeFrost: my head is spinning 😖😖...these words are confusing!
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see, this is why i loved this manga very much, straightforward, always explain so no one important could be misunderstanding, nothing hidden or mysterius so no problem getting dragged for too long
Angel Blackwood: mystery causes drama and drama is what makes story so exciting. But I get your point, I hate it when the main characters fight and argue.
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u guys dont u see!? Wind and Claud are doing an intervention!..the only way Suri can get off the drugs is by going cold turkey!!...she needs to be like this so the drug gets out of her body!.. They are doing it for her own good
Shin soon-ae
this comic used to have a different name .......

not to sound rude but ever since I stared reading with manga toon this comic has not been complete ...what the hell are you still drawing
🖤Qian Ye🥀: I wonder how long it takes for them to Draw 😑
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well I accept it but if it was more like next generation story or something .
it is already the marriage between them but if this was story of there children's teenage school time it would be awesome.
Suri: grandpa! This IS none of your business.
Teacher: I'm only 35 years old...
Adorable V: I can't bweathe
Galaxy heart: I know right
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Mia / bei wei wei
now I want reaper back too look nothing is imposible even eachen who died 45 chapters ago is back to life please bring reaper back too with a memory loss he will be a good guy I promise everyone
Charlize Jen Marinas: IKR just why do I also like reaper too hahaha lol but ikr just pls let him also be back to life
John Imman: so true please come back reaper , and be a good man this time
total 2 replies
They don't even change clothes! I mean don't you have clothes stuffed in the closet that r so damn one in million kinda expressive? Or don't you feel yaak! Damn dirty wearing them the whole time 😕
Melodie Solomon: I realized that wind and cloud have always the Same clothes on
total 1 replies
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