Surrender Now, Sweetheart
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Surrender Now, Sweetheart

Surrender Now, Sweetheart
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Surrender Now, Sweetheart Comics Online. It’s heard that the son of the most powerful consortium is cruel and relentless with all his rivals, but with her, he is totally different. He sees her as his heart and he can give his life to save her...
And it’s is said, in the end, he got married to another girl...

MangaToon got authorization from Fanciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Vacki Alumni
I am so confuse last episode Wasn’t she fighting with that ugly witch And now it skipped to the male lead and female lead being together and somehow he knows about the baby and she forgives him so quick when he tried to kill her dad and locked her up against her will and now they r getting married so quickly

And I don’t like the grandpa Because he said that he only cares about the child not her how can someone be so disgusting and say that just because they’re getting something out of it ,like really?

And to me it’s funny at the fact that the author can’t even draw its own comics but has to copy from others that work so hard and you’re not even trying to at least draw or even hire someone to draw for you but you copy other peoples hard work I just find it hilarious

But I’ll stick with this comic just on the fact that I just wanna see how it takes off from here maybe they’ll approve in the future and maybe start the comic over again This time with a better storyline and actually drawing the people and to just stop jumping ahead when we don’t even know what’s even going on because it’s really confusing
Infy@#$&: Yeah My brain just thought it was a flashback then...IDk
Vacki Alumni: Other comics and if you go back to the first ep and zoom in on one of the characters you can se that it’s been copied and half the time they r always in the same position lol
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I'm à 케이팝 addict~
So I'm clear! The art isn't the authors (maybe some part of it is) but the 'Mr. Chen' is here is the ml of another comic the art is totally matching and Everything but did you notice this author actually grew moustaches on him? and then in the next panel they were not there..and then the fl changes from time to time. This isn't a real comic of the author it's a copy of others. And then one more thing how come there isn't any storyline? like heck she just gets injured in this whole freaking story and her child is already killed two times! This is what we call a shitty writer and a shitty comic!
Seriously?! Am I the only who wants to slap this stupid annoying MC?! She’s the one who’s been constantly saying “brother brother” then when she sees someone kissed him she f*cking called him a bastard and player and such. And she keeps saying how she doesn’t love Xiao Mo and keep only wanting her damn brother who has done nothing so far to be there for her. When she was in danger and when she was sick it’s always Xiao Mo who rushes to her side to help her. This actually made me wished I was in the manga and slap the hell out of her. I rarely read any novels/mangas with annoying/stupid MC but when I do I actually wished I was in the story so I can slap the living hell out of them and wake them up.
Seian Grg: yeah I agree
Book in your face: I rather read Twilight this story too fast doesn't make sense like she got pregnant it only a couple of sense her stomach still flat it should be showing in 6months almost close to 9 and the story sound the same as the billionaire one
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