Stay with me !
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Stay with me !

Stay with me !
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Stay with me ! Novel Online. "why did you go on a date with Van Dyke!"
he shouted right into my ears. damn this monster.. I guess am going to need a hearing aid.

"what's the problem with that! why do you care! "

he stepped a little closer to me, and I was pushed back to a wall.

"Am your husband! do you get that we are married! or do I need to spell it out for you huh "

I rolled my eyes. "it's a fake marriage, you can go out with that stupid girl but I can't go out with a boy? it's so unfair! anyway, we are going to get divorced within a few months. isn't that what you always wanted"

he smacked his hand on the wall. making my body to confide within the wall and his body.

"Don't show that attitude to me".

I bit my lips, I was tensed..freaking out like hell. I pushed him aside but no he didn't move he was the rock.

then he grabbed my waist and pushed my body against his.
" leave me!" I squealed

he kissed the crook of my neck "Never, never in a million years"

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Shanavas Kattil
Is there somewhere else where I can read this novel!??? Does anyone have any idea!??????!
Shanavas Kattil
author!!!!! are you alright!?????? If you are, then pls update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
author its been so long why aren't u uploading it.
😎crazy🙇: Sure i was just looking for a new novel to read.
Jeý: Hi! Sorry to bother you. Can you please check-out and read my novel entitled, "Black Section". Thank you!
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