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Stay with me !

BAD NEWS GUYS. .. there are some bugs with Mangatoon.. and they are being solved right now.. so the update time is being delayed.. yeah it sounds pretty crazy but we need to wait for s while for more updates..
please don't forget me..!
thank you
Well, this is a personal opinion only away from the position of the main character in the story, any woman in the world if she attend an occasion with a man, especially if he's hare husband will not act so cold in such a position, this is contrary to the dignity and pride of the woman.
🌸ola🌸: Her reaction to a woman flirting publicly with her husband on a public occasion in front of the eyes of people and become spectators with them as if it does not concern her, I did not like this behavior.
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Harshita Kalwar
hey !!! it's freaking damn good .... I've started reading this novel today nd I like it very much nd I'm requesting u plz plz give us a upsfree
author i beg you please update the chapters please please please update update update please
Jyansiz: I can't.. aah so heart wrecking to say that. Mangatoon needs to fix its some bugs or else I won't me able to fix
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Author you are soooo good please update more 😍😍 a request from 02 years child (ie 20😂😂)
French fries vs Mary the painting
Roses are red
Garry's rose is blue
This novel is awesome
I love reading it too
French fries vs Mary the painting: No problem
Jyansiz: aww thanks. .
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I am seriously in love with these 2 characters
please update more chapters...
Purva Charaya
sometimes I feel really very sad for our femalr lead...
I mean no one understands her.
btw I have really become a fan of this marvellous story.
keep updating please
Jyansiz: sometimes I hate myself for making story so melodramatic..
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pls update more!! New fan! Very excited! Good job! Pls update!
I'm reading this chapter for 7 time I guess. I can read this novel over and over again without getting bored 😄😄
lovely me😘😘😘
go Stella you can do it...😍😍😍
Purva Charaya
love it. my human nature made me to ask you for more...............
but the same time I realized that you are also human not machine.sorry for bothering. But I really want more.
Jyansiz: yeah... right
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Deng Hansepi
just feed her Stella
Purva Charaya
love it and always want more
French fries vs Mary the painting
If you think your fake wife is horrible come see me😈😈😈
Sugan Ashok
updates please waiting eagerly.he is upto something
I think he will kiss her in front of many people 🤔😘😍
The decision is correct, if she is sacrificed out she must take the money offset on who has happened to her and not who is not worthy.
🌸ola🌸: 😍😍😍💖💖💖
Jyansiz: aww you are the best! thanks for reading
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Jinal Shah
update more..
can you plz update fast
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