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Keep Me Company, Your Highness

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A cute girl from the 21st century traversed to an ancient cat . Why did they watch and arrest the cat ? What secrets does she/it have? The crown prince meets the cat girl in a special way. The unique romance story of they two begins in suspense!

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Maria Belliveau
What the heck? Really? Seriously? It's her, he doesn't recognize this witch and his woman..ugh, I have to remain calm, just cause he doesn't remember, that was the bull crappie deal he made to see her again, but come on! can he have a spark of memory?
Maria Belliveau
He came back with no memories of her, Ugh, this is frustrating. I want to be mad at him right now, but I can't blame him if he doesn't remember anything. I hope he could remember before that witch princess gets a hold of him again. I don't get it, how the two of them where able to come to the future with their memories, and Qi Zhan couldn't, unless that guy in the masked robe lied to him, because Qi Zhan did promise him anything just to see his woman again. I so can wait for next week..
Coco Cookiss
Princess Shaorong Mush Used some Tricks again..
Maybe The Man That Can Rotate Star is Working with Her..
Damn.. I just Don't Like Her.. 💢😤😡
She keeps Ruining My Ship.. 🤬😡🤬
Erza😍: which episode please??? 😫😫
Coco Cookiss: Of course it's princess Shaorong..
She fakes pregnancy and giving birth before..
Now she appear to be the Woman the ML is searching too..
Mush be some of her tricks..
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