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Keep Me Company, Your Highness

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A cute girl from the 21st century traversed to an ancient cat . Why did they watch and arrest the cat ? What secrets does she/it have? The crown prince meets the cat girl in a special way. The unique romance story of they two begins in suspense!

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Time Travel
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Maria Belliveau
That witch has gone to far taking her brother as her son and trying to trick Qi Zhan again, this witch is so shameless. Qi Zhan will never love her, even if she had a fake son. Where is Xuemo? It's been yrs now, and seems like he has not found her. if anyone will have his baby it will be Xuemo, cause she's the only he's slept with. That evil witch princess is getting on my last nerves, to go this far for someone who will never love her. She's in idiot. This is what happens when you try to take someone that doesn't belong to you. At the end his heart will alway belong to Xuemo. So can't wait for next chapter.
Elthon Dumapit Francisco
We already knew the baby was fake. Everything about this literal witch is fake. Give us back our female lead and continue back to the main plot! How long is the author going to drag this? I'm literally feeling dizzy just looking at this b*tch!

Boy, don't fall for it! You've done worse in your amnesiac state. Don't lower what's left of my opinion of you. I'm still willing to ship you two only because her Ma sacrificed so much just so you two could be together!
Maria Belliveau
Ahhhhh, I'm so mad right now, they want to accuse her as pushing that witch princess. Really? Xuemo sacrificed so much including her mom to help them and her love , and now they want to kill her. Qi Zhan, this is the woman that you love the most and you want to lock her up and interrogate her. The only think she has to go is your word of trust, but your throwing that away little by little. She never lied to you, upset going back 300 yrs ago, but you figured out and she didnt lie about it. I bet if he locks up Xuemo she will lose all hope in her man, and she will be like you all are trying to make me an escape goat including my love, so duces. Seriously Qi Zhan your being played, wake up. The enemy is waiting for the right time at the full moon. to snatch Xuemo from you. She asked you, and the only thing you can say don't ask, you'll tell her when it's over. Qi Zhan doesn't even trust her enough to tell her the truth, he's supposed to love her, love overcome all evil. He should have told her. At least she will know what she's dealing with instead of being brainwashed by the enemy. I really don't know what to think anymore. If anything if her man doesn't fix it and she leaves there era is dump and he will lose Xuemo forever. I definitely wouldn't blame her for leaving.
Joe Kuyper: I can't believe u know how to spell the names
Maria Belliveau: I get what you mean, but they are suppose to be a team, no lies. He actually didn't tell her what's going on, but yet she still trusted him. She's always been honest with him and told him the truth no matter what. I believe that was one of the reason he fell in love with her. He should be like screw you witch, I don't want to lose my woman and still tell her the plan, that witch doesn't have to know. Plus these this dude that is after her of some reincarnation of his love that looks like Xuemo.
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