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cloud dosen' t love any of them except abby.when he saved abby.there is one more girl who had child with cloud.Cloud wasn't aware of that.when he saved abby and then hug her at the same time that girl came and she had his daughter. It breaks abby' s heart. she leave him and go to the another world.Now cloud becom deviasted.He realize how much he love abby.He was tired beaten .he tried to stop abby.but abby look at him and then baby.she leave him.After thet the girl who give birth to daughter come and asked him if he ever loved her.He rejected her so she leave his daughter to him and gone.After that moon water started to take care of baby.Cloud new why she is doing this because she love him but cloud rejected her because he didn't love her.As compansation he give her throne.And leave everyone behind to search for abby in another world.He entered in another world and find abby. they become couple. The reason abby leave him because of heart break and also for his daughter she new how dose it feel like to be another womens daughter.she dosen't want come in happy family and become third person who beg for portion of love.In another world she told him that she wants to find herself and become stronger.They enter in school.Abby started to become stronger and cloud was helping her and waited for her.Abby wasn't confident before.But now she become stronger.I love Abby's character so is in novel.
r.k: kurt argita I have read novel he rejected every girl.he may be like her.But he only love Abby.that is the reason he rejected her.even moon except the fact that he loves abby and given them blessing.What ever cloud is trying to be stronger so he can save abby.
thegirlwholovemanga😍: what? where we can read it?
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Anonymous: anjing nyampah
Anonymous: gila anjing
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sam rexso
this post is for die hard Abby fans...I think u have a misunderstanding here. cloud went there not for rainmist but it was for her father whom he owes for helping him in his previous life....and some how end up in this deep for his 2nd wife it's not confirmed yet... cloud and might break up in the future..... just u wait horny Abby fans on rainmist bt supporting Abby.... nothing to say just enjoy the comics instead of complaining about the plot... thanks to people like u complaining about little shits like this gd comics like this always screw up with plot.....we need a strong minded witter who will write his story in his own way instead of listening to their shitty complains like the write of Naruto...Who has a backbone.....So far I like this author work and the story have great plot 👌 plz don't screw it while listening to their shit write it on ur own way mr. author... eagerly waiting for the next update....😻😻😻
i am Jin's wifeu : I just hope Abby is fine i feel bad for her
Stress by mountain of books (Dark_Clan😪Elder): yah , I've watch it ... and the next gen was a total disappointment .. boruto I mean
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The Beast Fire has taken over cloud Chu.. If I’m guessing the Phoenix Fire is going to be stronger and fight back with cloud in a mental battle to take back over the body. If my guess is correct he should be able to breakthrough from this because he would have the beast Fire under control with the protection of the Phoenix 😭
Ryan Kriller: It’s called plot armor
Mohamad Hatal: Plot armor
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Overlord Anonymous
ahhh i knew he wont kick the bucket. he, like many that came before him, is blessed with the most ancient and all powerfull divine treasure known through out the realms.... Plot Armor. truly a formidable treasure indeed
Louifey: Too true and too funny 😂😂😂😂
Loli World: Yup and enemy have more godly plot armor is someone gonna save him or run away jutsu
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Read this my fellow readers i am now debating with the author please support me....

i dont want to offend somebody
but... i really dont like seeing cloud kissing other women his lips is only for abby you know.... cant you realize how abby is suffering and now your letting others kiss you dong you wanna know how she feel knowing that his lips are already touched by many woman... man where is your dignity... it makes me feel it sucks that the leading man is trampled by many women.... you deserve to be called unfaithful husband
Alongba Anar: harem is good
r.k: you are right he is only for abby.
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Abby has probably been brainwashed by those ice people now
Servant of El Shaddai13
I don't get so some of you commenters with the constant chant for a character to die. why? let the story flow as the author wish, we are observers/ listeners to a tale told a taleweaver not judges to to past versict
kingcat: am an emotional dude I can't help it. its just proves how good the story is

I regret nothing 😔
Nicholas. CEH: Well played... I meant well said.
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Waffy the Panda
That guy saved MC's ass. Yet another year full of lesbian gang bang for Abby....
tommy king
Why is she so caring now after making him eat that worm which was as Good as killing him as he needed the beast fire to kill the worm. But now she’s worrying for him doesn’t make sense
Semidang Rinduh: based the story tell Wan Chu's first love was her, she is Moon.
indeed she love cloud chu since they were kid.. they caring each other even present.. Moon pretend to be hatred caused her pride.
And story about them interest me more and sorry have to say i like this couple than Harumi.
marvin weish: And also she wants to be the one to protect him.
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Is he like, Cloud Chu himself but in a different time or another personality?
I mean like, he did time travel at the start so it could be a different time. But then it could be himself but not himself because of a spirit control?
Alina Timungpi
Cloud Chu is almost similar to Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail season 3 episode 32
Ravan: yey I am all fired up
after seeing this comment 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥
lazy_koala_0w0: A FAIRY TAIL FAN!?!!? OMG 😂 IT CANNOT BE!!!!
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ugh ... im done ... what about abby ...yeah yeah yeah i get it he can have multiple wifes ... still it kinda ruined all his big talk about his feeling for her ... all this just because Abby isn't around, hes suppose to be finding her yet hes busy taking care of the thot with the nice tits ... to the point of fantasizing about Abby's face with that one's body ... its a fine line between love and lust 😕😕😕 dunno if im gonna keep reading now, was really enjoying it until this heifer
Donald Duck: It because you like abby, but many reader not like abby too, she's just plain ordinary. Better go with moon. Every one have their own taste in girl so complaining and stop reading judt because it doesn't suit your taste is ridiculous.
Whitesun gaming: it's cloud go back to episode 176 and see what's he calls himself
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"Romantic Prince"
oh sh1t he is regaining conscious of his original power from back to when he was still alive..his body still weak to handle the conciousness of his original power back then thats why he is losing control of it
Crimsim knight : Actually I think it's the Phoenix that merged with him 🤔🤔
THE TRUTH: Is this a spoiler?😍 or common sense?
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Kenan Mekonen
Junketsu Hibari: normie😂
Abel Hidayat: he's putting the worm stupid, not just kissing her
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Jake Campbell
this shit is so slow on release now I barely feel we are moving along in the story anymore
Jake Campbell: lmao obviously wasnt using the word shit in a literal way but a meaning of this thing and on the note of telling me to make my own I cant draw but I've had plenty of friends who could and a few would make there own and they could do 12 pages by hand in a couple hours the only thing that took up time was coloring and that problem is no longer there if done on a computer which these guys do, also as a consumer it's always okay to want more it would actually not be good if there wasnt a lot of people saying it's too short cause in a sense it's like saying you dont like the work as much if you're not begging for more releases quicker so go somewhere else with your comment telling me to draw one and take my comment as me liking the work to the point of me not wanting to have to wait any longer to be able to continue reading the great story line that just feels slow now since they no longer release as quickly as they were for a very long time
6xxZxxTxxPxxIxx4 #no x: don't call it shit how about you draw one
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grrrrrrrrrr i really hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate YOU!!! YOU'RE SUCH AN UNFAITH FUL HUSBAND!!!! YOU DONT DESERVE OUR ABBY AND NEVER WILL AND NEVER BE WITH HER EVEN IF SHE IS DEAD.... SUCH NASTY ATTITUDE CANT BE WITH AN INNOCENT AND PURE GIRL.
David Verzosa: yeah stop reading it if you dont like it its not like the author is forcing you to read it right and dude youre not the only reader in here to say that you dont like it just dont read it idiot
wacks: nah i just dont like his attitude in these parts
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Jericho Alipio
Well we all just have to wait and hope the chapters would change in length making then longer instead of halk everyday update.
Black Queen
Aya you people don't understand he was putting the same little worm Moon put inside him inside her but lady Rainmist really is something trow yourself on a married man even tho he doesn't want you .
Alongba Anar: yeah even 10 o6s ok
Shiro 白猫: u know that people from the past can marry more then 1 girl right
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