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Girl, You’d Better Give In

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Tess, a common high school girl, ran into a genius boy at a nightclub and kissed him accidentally! That kiss reminds him of his disappeared lover… what’s the relationship between the nightclub girl and his sweet lover? During the search for the truth, a big conspiracy finally uncovered…

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School life
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Dya Madu
someone explain me why in every koreean manga there's this scene where the ML buy pads for the FL and there she goes '' oh how can i not fall for you" like is Something sooo big that he did for her yeah is cute and carting but not romantic ...maybe is just me but i would not like o guy who is not even my boyfriend buying me pads for my period i'd be very embarrassed actually ..It is just me then???
itshida: every japan manga have kabedon
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Aphrodite Fire
I think during their honeymoon,that...(ohh.i forgot his name again) okay.So while during their honeymoon,they will touch and see each other body,and her husband see the scar and the wife will tell the story behind it and the boy will discover that she's silly girl.And they will have a child.Hahaha!😹😸😹
Coco Cookiss
Damn.. I'm Not Satisfied At All..
At Least Make Him Realized That He Has Found His Silly Girl.. 😤😤😤
How Can It End Like This?? 🥺😭🥺
Many People Is Not Satisfied With It..
Me Two~ 🤧😢🤧
I Need Season 2 Now..
😍ASTRO✨_AROHA💜_#😘CHA EUN WOO💖: i think that silly girl is our fl TESS......
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