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Girl, You’d Better Give In

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Tess, a common high school girl, ran into a genius boy at a nightclub and kissed him accidentally! That kiss reminds him of his disappeared lover… what’s the relationship between the nightclub girl and his sweet lover? During the search for the truth, a big conspiracy finally uncovered…

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School life
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I wanna ask you something.
I have a crush who keep looking at me every time he see me, I know he likes me even his friends know this but we have never talked to each other.(he doesn't tell me maybe beacause he is shy🤔) Here comes the question.. Do you know what should I do to get in a realtionshio with him? I will be very happy if you help me😣💕
Moto Motos cat says "skurskurt": Hyhyurrfk say hi he says hi then kiss him Purrrfect
ymerej-kun: @Dns

you came out of nowhere and just started giving opinion on everyone's comment😂. Didnt know you could have a hell lot of time reading all of this😂
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what the heck i was like the guy in that rushed to the girl like flash but in my side she had never liked me because she is scared to fall in love then get hurt so i gave her space then fewer days she left and i saw her photo in social media with a boy that she calls her boyfriend i cried everyday because of that now the guy cannot give her enough money while i get my salary 3x what her boyfriend gets now she wanna hget back to me but i refuse because broken heart cannot be fixed it can only be covered
Is this the ending 😤😤😤. Where's the part that he realize that Tess is the silly girl?

Also in the panel when her back was turned I didn't see the scar, where is it? This can't be the ending, if it is I'm so disappointed and upset.
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