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Girl, You’d Better Give In

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Tess, a common high school girl, ran into a genius boy at a nightclub and kissed him accidentally! That kiss reminds him of his disappeared lover… what’s the relationship between the nightclub girl and his sweet lover? During the search for the truth, a big conspiracy finally uncovered…

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School life
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hoping this is not the end, there was still a whole story where "silly girl" is actually Tess, he needs to know and we readers r willing to wait for that but if this is the last episode then I must say I'm really disappointed that the story line didn't continue cuz I waited so long for these 2 new episodes
YoongINyourarea: QUFX99
Phoherbst16: I agree
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CelestialxDragon Productions
What.. Le fudge..... just happened!?! That ending was so rushed, it looked like they wanted to end the comic so badly that it made a short cut just to finish it! >~< like seriously they were only dating for a lil bit apparently that’s enough time to get over a life long love as well as pronounce her the love of his life even tho it was only a lil while ago that he had left her for a girl he believed was his long lost love.. alll without finding the truth about silly girl??? What was the point of emphasizing their meeting as kids if ya were just gonna throw that connection away! Like if he doesn’t even know that she’s the real silly girl then what’s he marrying her for? He obviously doesn’t know her past all that much Becuz he couldn’t put two and two together. In conclusion I don’t think 68 episodes was enough to explain everything.
I HATE LIN HAN (Trampled by president)
another suck ending...HE DOESNT KNOW THAT SHES THE SILLY GIRL YET!!!CMON and I feel bad for that red head guy..actually this was my fav manga until in gets locked and no updates..I didnt expect it to end like this !😭 and is that really tess?theres smth wrong with this..why do I feel like shes Yuri Jiang instead cuz tess doesnt behave like that ! srsly , what happened to Yuri Jiang ? theres so much question unsolved , pls this cant be the ending , author
that girl that plays uno: same
Suparna Maiti: I guess author forget to draw the scar to rush the ending. and as for behavior that is to learn the truth. but if your guess is right. I am not gonna read S2 if it comes. I am tired of these unsolved ending.
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