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Girl, You’d Better Give In

jusme nasan na? yung scar? yung alaala? aba! nabitin nanaman ako dito ha! tsaka diba highschool palang sila? megaad! mahaharot itong mga batang to
Monty Blanc
what the faking hell didnt even revealed the scar sheez i know the message is to let go of the past and face the future but it doesnt justify half the plot tsk tsk tsk
Swadee Fajardo
Another cliff hanger 😕😕😕 but i love the story i was hoping that the author will release another season to let him know about his past and for tess to be accepted by his parents.
Dhanneth Dhanneth
Well guys, we all know that after every wedding is honeymoon/love making. Then the scar would be revealed and they would be more than happy. The end 😂
!OO% V baised❤✌🏻
any one knows KPOP here??
!OO% V baised❤✌🏻: cute..
beronica: I am an Army as well as I like exo 💕💕
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Maikhio Phomai
what happened to the silly girl and the scar on tess back??? is this the end?
Lheatriz Allana Guillen
what???? he will never know that silly girl and tess are the same person?
Rvee Vinzie
just for the teddy bear?? come on don't fool us🤣😂🤣😆🤣😂
Cha Eun woo's cutie wife 💖🌹: 😏😂😂😂😂
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I hope the pink girl is a good girl so that we could pair her with the red hair😂
Adrianne Marie Real Lasdoce
author her husband doesn't know yet that his wife Tess his future lover was his beloved pass I can't sleep because I want season 2 I want him to know that Tess was his silly girl
is it just me or the art change now it's ugly
Mubarik Mumuni: we want the episode one art. who is with.
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Cha Eun woo's cutie wife 💖🌹
I wonder how much pens she have to buy per day...😏😂
bedosone2 - ROBLOX
Ye know who’s behind this? His parents. I wish his dad would just tell him everything.

And I wish he would just look at Yuri’s back. She probably doesn’t have a scar, and if she does, it’s fake
I liked the first episode’s art please bring it back
!OO% V baised❤✌🏻: hey..are u a bts army..?? right now i am actually listening to boy with luv...
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anime lover4life
And the manga just got sweeter
PrinCess 🌞
oh god its so funny..n the fight begins
Little Mi
Woww....Falling in love like a Star
Kathy Saavedra
Author i think you forgot to reveal her scar and she's her
Monty Blanc
wth happened to the art ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Keith Khulit
What happened to the scar thingy?????
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