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Honey, please love someone else

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I got married and now I’m cheating on her.
Why am I cheating? Well we had an agreement.
But now I am falling for her.

A story with less misunderstandings and more awkward situations between two people. Read the story to find out.

*No violence*


The cover art isn’t mine

Credits to the owner


Thank you for reading. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes. I’ll try to update it as much as possible, if you wanna read more updated chapters visit Webnovel to read my story and vote it if you can:)

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I just dunno what to say.... You made the other girl in Theo's life such a nice girl that I can't even hate her for an excuse to express how awkward I feel in this type of relationship. She is so nice. I won't feel good being friends with my bf's ex lol😂😂😂
I just can't forget their lovely dovey time when married Theo was in relationship with Regina.. And Stella have to act like a third party, making food for them while they were enjoying their good time in his room. I KNOW!!! That they were fake couple!! But in future they won't be fake!! If I were her I would always feel jealous and awkward whenever I will recall this... 😨
I wanna know how will she recall all this...
Are everyone okay with this kind of friendship??
Or am I very immature?? 😱😱😱
Nusrat Tanjia: yeah yeah. you are right. again an again he will do immature things. which is awful 😞 just see.
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I wish this jealousy lasted long. Wait!! I want 2nd male lead!!! Maybe her boss will be the 2nd male lead? And make Theo jealous hahaha 😈😈😈
I really want this to happen. Atleast she should try other guys before she get settled with Theo. Lol😂😂😂 It always made me mad that she used to entertain his gf in her own house where he used to have sex with his gf 😱😱😱 It is very awkward situation. And we dunno her pov. Maybe she liked Theo at that time and didn't want to spoil their friendship ?? It will be even more awkward and sad😢 2nd male should exist!! And she should date him too!!
Sehun is Awesome Sila 😙☻
hello ~ for those who love this comic u can read it on webnovel it has already been uptaded up ro chap 45 !! so dear readers go on u will be positively SURPRISED 😂😂
Sehun is Awesome Sila 😙☻: ☻sometimes i just want to chill out with the anticipation of ups but it keeps pestering me so i found out abt wb and so i wanted to recommend it to more ppl 😊
anyways i think it s hard enough for u guys ( authors ) to uptade such great chaps in no time...i mean if it were me i wold ve probably abandoned after 1 chap 😂😂 any furher ups wouldn t be in sight 😀😀
ShilohD: I have posted the chapters here but it’s still not being updated here. As you can see 😩 they’re still being on review
Anyway thanks for being patient
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