Honey, please love someone else
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Honey, please love someone else

Honey, please love someone else
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Honey, please love someone else Novel Online. I got married and now I’m cheating on her.
Why am I cheating? Well we had an agreement.
But now I am falling for her.

A story with less misunderstandings and more awkward situations between two people. Read the story to find out.


The cover art isn’t mine

Credits to the owner


Thank you for reading. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes. if you wanna read rest of the chapters visit Webnovel to read my story and vote it if you can

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I'm rlly touched that stella and theo have such a bond between them...its like, when I'm reading this story, it almost as if its unrealistic....but to be fair, I'm sure great people like that do exist in the world, who just wanna live their life in peace, in love with their partner... but then there are always people like adam, and vanessa....who cant tolerate other's happiness...I kinda pity those kind of people, who are not able to live their life in peace, upon the influence of other people... everyone has their own problems and concerns but we all have to deal with them ourselves, we can't take out our anger on others. all of us come across obstacles at some point in our life. no one can ever have a "perfect" life. theo and stella, and not just them, their whole friend group, is full of amazing people, who understand each other, and are there for each other. I'm thankful for that in this story. also dear author, I love how there is always a quote or two in the story...and the one about how humans are not god, and never will be, but we can become devils...I think that's really true, we are never perfect, and never will be...we all just try to be the best, have the best things...there's a saying, "we never get what we want, so we strive for it forever, in that process, we lose sight of what we actually have" that is becoming a devil, a person who doesnt care at all about what they have, or what they can do...
Cotton Candy:
wooooooooooowwww!!! author, fighting! love you
Suzy~: r u hating it?
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DrSudipta Bairagya
I don't like the concept of the ml had multiple sex partners but fl had to be virgin.. N whats wrong with ray? He is far better choice for her. This dude is really loving supportive unlike the ml. Nothing good about him to fall in love with him and when he fell for her he acted like a jerk whereas fl never interfered with his life so the main thing here is be submissive then u l get attention from ur husband who the hell needs that??
Asina Farooq
Woa woa its totally diferent like she not even felt jelousy or angr wao cool girl shuold have heart like that
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